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  1. Jeff_Johnson

    Wife gives the ok for BIG SCREEN!

    All the above suggestions are great but what's REALLY important is how you got the ok from the wife. Mits 65" owner with tweaks ala Matt, stunning picture.
  2. Jeff_Johnson

    Speaker setup on Yamaha RXV

    I'm with Thomas_A concerning there being no "Standard". Try different receiver settings, that's what they're there for. Try different frequencies and volumes on your sub. Play around with speaker position. Ultimately, your ears will tell you what works. Just remember to CHANGE ONLY ONE...
  3. Jeff_Johnson

    To go progressive or not to go progressive

    The extra $30-$100 it costs for a reasonably priced progessive-scan player is worth it. "Consumer Reports" just had its DVD player round-up and gave the Sony DVP-NS700P ($300) and Philips DVD953 ($230) progressive-scan DVD players their highest rating adding in the comments that each had...
  4. Jeff_Johnson

    Yamaha RX-V1 Owners, HELP!

    You've got a cold beer waiting if you're ever this far north Keith. Your suggestion worked like a charm! I'll pass this info on to my retailer. Now I think I'll try to get another A/V equipment lucky streak going. Happy Holidays to you and yours!
  5. Jeff_Johnson

    Yamaha RX-V1 Owners, HELP!

    After having an unbelievably long run of good luck with my A/V equipment, I now seem to be paying big-time. I upgraded to a Yahama RX-V1 three months ago and the left surround channel started to go out intermittently. Because the Yahama was part of a large purchase, the manager gave me a...
  6. Jeff_Johnson

    Yamaha RX-V1 vs RX-3000 vs RX-V2200

    I became a Yamaha junkie in the 1987 while stationed in Japan. I had a component system which included the Yamaha DSP-100, I believe it sold as the DSP-1 here stateside, and have been hooked ever sense (a little ancient history). I just replaced my V-2092 with the RX-V1 and am extremely happy...
  7. Jeff_Johnson

    Universal - "Grinch" Collector's Edition with P & S Only?

    Thanks for the welcome and comments. I do have to give Universal credit for producing the coolest packaging to date. The DVD case is a "pop-up" book. For those who have never seen a "pop-up" book, when you open the case, a stage with cardboard characters, buildings, etc. unfold and stand...
  8. Jeff_Johnson

    100 Posts Needed for TEEN WOLF!! MGM!!

    Count me in as long it's OAR. A DD 5.1 remix would be a plus.
  9. Jeff_Johnson

    UNIVERSAL: Status of Ridley Scott's LEGEND?

    I'm looking at my pre-order status on and they're showing a shipping date of 2 Jan with a delivery date between 7-13 Jan. We'll see how this holds up (fingers crossed). $35.60 with tax, S & H. If you can find it somewhere else cheaper, good deal. Happy hunting! JJ
  10. Jeff_Johnson

    Universal - "Grinch" Collector's Edition with P & S Only?

    Imagine my horror when I discovered that my Collector's Edition of "Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas" had only the P & S. It had Dolby Digital AND DTS, was absolutely loaded with extras and had the "Pop-up" case but no widescreen (not even non-anamorphic). What's next, Limited Edition...