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  1. JohnRyan

    U-verse anyone?

    Jon and David, I'm considering getting AT&T U-verse. I currently have DISH with Dual DVR, HD via antenna. I'm just wondering what your thoughts are after using U-verse for a bit. 1) Can either of you compare the quality of the standard def picture with that of DISH or Comcast (or cable)...
  2. JohnRyan

    Inexpensive 32" LCD for $500-$600

    I thought I'd update ya'll on the purchase that was made. Co$ had a 32" Envision for $499 after a $100 off coupon. This certainly swayed my aunt to make this purchase. As soon as she received it, we set it up. I must say that the picture looks teriffic as Comcast cable is...
  3. JohnRyan

    Inexpensive 32" LCD for $500-$600

    I have an aunt who is looking to replace her 25" Tube tv with a 32" LCD HDTV. She's not as picky as the rest of us are when it comes to picture quality. Let's just say she's been looking at brands such as Envision, Westinghouse, Vizio, and Element because they seem to be within her price range...
  4. JohnRyan

    DVD Changer

    My old Panasonic (CV-51) does and from what I understand the newer Panasonic (F87) does as well. I'm currently looking to upgrade my CV-51 and am also adamant in getting one with this same shuffle/random feature as well. I believe the Sony only shuffles songs amongst the one disc and not the...
  5. JohnRyan

    DVD player for Sony KD-XBR960

    Would you fellas know if the Sony 80V has the ability to play songs randomly among the 5 cds? Also, I have a dualdisc that has the music in 5.1 on the DVD side. How does it handle DualDiscs? Thanks.
  6. JohnRyan

    Need advice on a dvd player

    Bullion146 - I am laughing because I'm almost certain we have the same setup and in the same situations. I, too, have an older Panasonic 5 disc changer (CV51, I think), wishing it were progressive scan and played DVD-R because I bought the 50" Sony LCD tv (WE655) a few months ago. I've been...
  7. JohnRyan

    Clean the filter on LCDs?

    Just thought I'd run it by ya'll. I hadn't heard of such a thing either but wanted to verify this info. Thanks!
  8. JohnRyan

    Clean the filter on LCDs?

    Somebody informed a friend and I that these projection TVs have a filter that needs to be cleaned once a month in order to prolong the life of the TV? Is this true? If so, where in the devil would such a thing be located? We both just ordered Sony WEGAs (KDF-50WE655 and KDF-60XS955). Thanks!
  9. JohnRyan

    Component Cable Comparison

    I found 3 different component cables priced at $29-$49-$69, all about the same length. The $29 one is THX certified. The other two supposedly have copper wiring. What qualities should I be looking for? Would there be that much of a difference?
  10. JohnRyan

    Sony Grand Wega Problems, Need Advice!

    Jeff, From what I've seen here in the States the past few weeks, the new Sony KDF-50WE655 is about the same price as the KDF-50WE610, in some cases even cheaper. From what I've read and heard, besides the HDTV tuner being included, everything has been improved upon since the 610. I've looked...
  11. JohnRyan

    realdigital RD2200 22" widescreen lcd tv...worth it?

    Grace, did you contact the manufacturer directly to get that price? I wasn't aware that was an option! Hmmm....
  12. JohnRyan

    Shipping LCD TV...

    Has anyone purchased their TV online?
  13. JohnRyan

    LCD prices to drop in March?

    I just read somewhere that LCD prices should drop 40% in March and then an addditional 30% later on in 2005. Could somebody explain to me the theory behind this? What is special about March? Is that when all of the inventories are cleared out? Is it strictly because everyone is getting their tax...
  14. JohnRyan

    Shipping LCD TV...

    It appears I could save quite a bit of money by purchasing my 42" Sony KDF-42WE655 LCD TV through Has anyone ordered an LCD television online and has it arrived safely without any damage to the unit? Thanks.
  15. JohnRyan

    Help purchasing a widescreen television.

    Here is my 2 cents - From what I have heard, plasmas have the potential for burn-in and their life expectancy isn't as long as LCDs. I'm sure there are people out there willing to dispute this concept. While I love the pictures and concept of the plasmas, in the end when I'm getting ready to...
  16. JohnRyan

    Sony KDF-42WE655 vs. KF-42WE610

    Doug, presuming you have the 42" 655, could you tell me what the width is of the actual base that sits on the tabletop? I'm seriously looking into purchasing this TV and was trying to see if it would fit on the TV cabinet I have now. Thanks!
  17. JohnRyan

    realdigital RD2200 22" widescreen lcd tv...worth it?

    Grace, I have to say that I just returned from Fry's Electronics at lunch and happened to notice the Sony 42" KDF-42WE655 ($2499). Awesome picture! I thought it was definitely one of the better pictures in the store. Wasn't a big fan of the DLP screens. None of them were as good as the plasmas...
  18. JohnRyan

    Blinking picture on Sony

    Is the TV still worth anything? What could one get ($) if they decided to sell it as is?
  19. JohnRyan

    Blinking picture on Sony

    The picture on my Sony KV-32S15 blinks on and off (black screen every second or so). There is also a red LED that is blinking on the front of the TV. Is this a code of some sort? Any ideas as to what the problem is and how to fix it? What is causing this malfunction?
  20. JohnRyan

    DISNEY: Song of the South (or explanation why rights can not be sold)

    It's Disney's own fault that copyright infringement of this film has been and is occurring. How can they complain if the public hasn't been given the chance to legitamately own this fine film?'s all crap.
  21. JohnRyan

    CD Storage for 450 CDs

    If anyone else is interested, here is Steve's shelving... Thanks Steve!
  22. JohnRyan

    CD Storage for 450 CDs

    I'll post them for you. Just send them to [email protected]
  23. JohnRyan

    CD Storage for 450 CDs

    Steve, that would be wonderful. Thanks.
  24. JohnRyan

    CD Storage for 450 CDs

    Dave, that is awesome! What did that run you to build ($)?
  25. JohnRyan

    CD Storage for 450 CDs

    I have 400-500 CDs that are scattered hither and yonder throughout various shelfs, towers, and stacks around the house. I'm ready to buy just one shelf to house all of my CDs. I don't want individual slots. I just want a basic bookshelf type set up except only deep enough to hold CDs. I've...
  26. JohnRyan

    DISNEY: Song of the South (or explanation why rights can not be sold)

    Again, "Gone With The Wind" portrays African Americans no different than in SOTS. So what's the big hairy deal DISNEY??????? I've about had it with Disney. Show your support and visit .
  27. JohnRyan

    MGM - Please Don't Eat The Daisies on DVD?

    Has MGM made plans to release Please Don't Eat The Daisies on DVD anytime soon? Thanks!
  28. JohnRyan

    DISNEY: Song of the South (or explanation why rights can not be sold)

    As an avid Disney fan and collector, I would love to have Song of the South on DVD. Unfortunately, Disney seems to think that people are still sensitive to so called racial connotations used in the film. This is ridiculous. This movie is an absolute classic. I don't think there is anyone who has...
  29. JohnRyan

    Disney:flight of the navigator..please

    I'd so buy that movie!
  30. JohnRyan

    DVD request: Darby O'Gill - Disney

    I'd snatch it up in 5 seconds!