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  1. Jeffrey_K

    Good for a laugh - Bent Polk Speaker Auction

    Don't forget that small whole (sic) in the one speaker. It can easily be filled to perfect condition lol.
  2. Jeffrey_K

    Another "Oldies But Goodies" Receiver Thread...

    I am running an Yamaha HTR-5560, does that count? It does everything I need and then some. I'm not such an expert that it makes a difference.
  3. Jeffrey_K

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Return of the King Extended Cut - Absolutely Recommended

    Hey, let's get on that part 2 review, can you! :D
  4. Jeffrey_K

    TOY STORY 3 (merged thread)

  5. Jeffrey_K

    BOSE Speakers?

    I got some BASE for sale...
  6. Jeffrey_K

    DVD Review *** Official HTF REVIEW & Discussion Thread: Star Wars Trilogy, pt. 1

    I just have one small observation: It appears in the cantina scene between Han and Greedo that Greedo actually shots first. That can't be right, can it?
  7. Jeffrey_K

    DD-EX & DTS-ES encoded movies listing

    How about the X-Men? I also think The Lion King is in 6.1 DD EX
  8. Jeffrey_K

    Cleaning DVDs.

    I don't recommend using a soldering gun....
  9. Jeffrey_K

    understanding 6.1/7.1

    My understanding is the DTS ES Discrete is indeed a true 6.1 environment. In "Matrixed" environments (DTS as well as DD) the receiver takes sounds equal in both rear speakers and puts them in the center rear.
  10. Jeffrey_K

    EW says: "Walt Disney's Live Action Films Sucked." Au contraire, mon hack

    I'm glad I read that. I wasn't aware that "Old Yeller" sucked. :laugh:
  11. Jeffrey_K

    Yet more pan and scan from good ol' DISNEY...

    Darby O'Gill!! Hooray, Hooray!
  12. Jeffrey_K

    HTF REVIEW: Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Complete First Season.

    Jon: Agreed. I thought it was as funny as "Seinfeld". 100% George, thought. :laugh:
  13. Jeffrey_K

    HTF REVIEW: Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Complete First Season.

    A great DVD. What upset me though, was that Blockbuster rented only the first disk. I missed episodes 7-10. :angry:
  14. Jeffrey_K

    Movies that promised a sequel but didn't deliver

    Breakin' III :D
  15. Jeffrey_K

    Is there a list of recommended components by price range?

    Tim gave the advice (unfortunately for those seeking help) that best sums it up: go to a store with a wide selection and listen for yourself. I was overwhelmed when I started, there are so many brands! For speakers the following are most talked about here: Klipsch, JBL, Acoustic Research...
  16. Jeffrey_K


    Yeah, but French? How many French speakers are there in the US vs Spanish? I'd be willing to be 3 or 4 to 1.
  17. Jeffrey_K


    A complaint and an observation: Complaint: Why not a Spanish language track? French and English only? Wha? Observation: It appears to be Dolby Digital EX. My A/V picks up a 6.1 matrix signal and puts out sound on my center back speaker. Yet it doesn't say anything on the box. Hmmmmm...
  18. Jeffrey_K


    Great review. My wife pre-ordered "The Lion King" and "Finding Nemo" for our kids a few weeks ago and that's beginning to look like a great move! I can't wait to try the EFHT track. Thanks for the great review.
  19. Jeffrey_K

    Newbie- advice required for HT under $1000

    Murthy: If you are looking for ratings, try They have user ratings from just about every piece of AV equipment under the sun. Good Luck.
  20. Jeffrey_K

    Where to get good corner speaker shelves?

    I'm looking to mount my 2 JBL S38IIs in the corners of my HT room. To that end, I'm looking for a pair of corner shelves to put them on. I've looked on the web for "corner shelves" and got a staggering 3800 web sites. Does anyone have any experience to share in this? Thanks!
  21. Jeffrey_K

    Placing surrounds...and 6th channel

    The good folks right here at HTF have compiled a list of the movies out in 6.1. Check it out: I have it bookmarked :)
  22. Jeffrey_K

    Movies to test my new home theater

    Thanks, Geoff, I appreciate it. I will look into getting one of these. I mean, $32.00 isn't much to spend to get the most out of a system I sank quite a bit in, right? "It's Lower-Orbital Propulsion Engineering, it's not Rocket Science"
  23. Jeffrey_K

    Movies to test my new home theater

    Geoff: No I haven't. I've seen it recommended, but am afraid I don't know enough about it to be able to glean any meaningful info from it. I've pretty much stood in the middle of the room the HT is in and used the receiver settings for each speaker until it sounded good. Are these things...
  24. Jeffrey_K

    Movies to test my new home theater

    I don't know why that didn't come up with my search. I tried "test" and "test my home theater". I guess "demo" would have been better. Thanks for the responses all.
  25. Jeffrey_K

    Movies to test my new home theater

    I did a search and didn't see anything so here is goes: I just got done assembling my new home theater and I'm looking for advise on movies that will really "test" it. In other words, movies with good surround effects, deep base (for the subwoofer) etc. All opinions are welcome! Thanks.
  26. Jeffrey_K

    Current JBL Speakers - Not What They Used To Be

    I have S38IIs for my mains and N24s for my surrounds and couldn't be happier. I don't fancy myself an expert in all music, but my movies and Classical pieces (along with a little Rock N Roll) all sound excellent from these speakers. I felt it was well worth the money I spent, your opinions...
  27. Jeffrey_K

    Need opinions about JBL speaker choices

    I have S38IIs as mains and N24s as surrounds in a 20x12 room and they absolutely rock. I use them for movies and music, about 50/50. All types of movies, all types of music. I don't think you could go wrong with any of your choices as you outlined them above. Good luck and have fun!
  28. Jeffrey_K

    DD EX question

    I have a question about Digital Dolby EX. My understanding is that DD EX is a 6.1 (matrix) format. My receiver a Yamaha HTR-5560, is supposedly DD EX compatible. However, I never get any sound out of the middle back speaker with DD EX movies. I've tried Monster's Inc, Toy Story 2, and Cast Away...
  29. Jeffrey_K

    Question for JBL Studio Series owners

    My S38IIs kick serious booty. I love mine.