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  1. MattGSmith

    The Secret World of Alex Mack

    Yeah, no B&M's have it thus far. Borders, Barnes, FYE, Walmart, Target, BB, CC, I've checked everywhere. I guess I should have ordered it online. Anyone have any luck?
  2. MattGSmith

    Complete Full House Series coming

    I actually think the house set looks like one of those tissue boxes where they come out of the chimney.
  3. MattGSmith

    HTF Review: Beauty and the Beast - Season 1

    Can someone who has the set, post a pic? I'm interested in seeing the new packaging? And I wonder if more studios will switch to this much slimmer idea...
  4. MattGSmith

    OC Season 3--Missing booklet?

    Anyone else who got OC s3 today missing the booklet? There's space for one, and there are no episode listings on the case itself, so is it just me? Gord, heard anything? Matt
  5. MattGSmith

    Alias Season Five/Complete Series Sets

    Bestbuy has it listed for $219. Way way higher than Amazon. I say anyone wanting to get it, pre order it since there's only 40k being produced. I never pre order, but figured I had better in this case... Matt
  6. MattGSmith

    Alias Season Five/Complete Series Sets

    Okay, so Amazon already has it for pre order for $139.99 That's a steal in my book. Anyone think it'll go lower somewhere else? With only 40K made, these definitely won't last right?
  7. MattGSmith

    24 S5 Choose your cover!

    Thought I'd start a thread on this. posted a link where we can vote for your favorite cover, and whether we like the idea of them changing to thinpack packing. I haven't voted yet, but I for one think more studios should do this. I love that they are including the fans/consumers...
  8. MattGSmith

    Brisco County Jr: The Complete Series

    I voted for the cover with the red pictures in the background. Never seen the show, but seems like it sort of gives a better representation of the series for blind buys... Maybe for me??
  9. MattGSmith

    Anybody Receive Friends Complete Box Yet?

    Same. My check has been cashed, but no notice yet and no box yet. I'm guessing just keep waiting...
  10. MattGSmith

    4400 Season 2 in May!

    Right, after posting I realized 4 discs sounds about right. I can't wait for this. I actually enjoyed it more than the first season. They really did a good job of transitioning from a mini series to season show...
  11. MattGSmith

    4400 Season 2 in May! is reporting 4400 S2 on May 23! Four disc set, they even have artwork. I know I'm looking forward to this. Great second season. I'm wondering though, only 13 episodes on 4 discs? Doesn't that seem like too many discs? I dunno... Matt
  12. MattGSmith

    Vote for the "Rescue Me" season 2 cover

    I don't watch the show, but I voted anyway! :) I thought the first one with Leary falling was pretty clever...
  13. MattGSmith

    TV shows from iTunes NOT OAR!!

    Here's a question I've had for awhile now. When you download/pay for an episode, it only stays in your itunes folder on your computer right. It's coded so you can't burn the file to dvd, right?
  14. MattGSmith

    THE HTF TV on DVD Challenge 2006

    Just the other day, I was thinking my collection was way too big, but looking at some of yours, mine pales in comparison! :D Updated 04/30/06 Finally my list. Bold means it's completed ALIAS 1 2 3 4 ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT 1 2 DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES 1 FELICITY 1 2 3 4 FRIENDS 1 2 3 4 5 6...
  15. MattGSmith

    First Fame, now Kids Inc., I thought we had music clearance problems?

    Speaking of Fergie. I knew her when she was Stacy. I loved her on KI, she was my favorite. Hot then, hot now! I even have personal letters and pictures from her. I need to go dig them up and read them! I have a photo when she sent me when she was first starting her girl group Wild Orchid, then...
  16. MattGSmith

    New Lois & Clark Seasons are NOT coming out faster than a speeding bullet as promised

    YEAH! But it can be preordered and put the order slip in a box under the tree! ;)
  17. MattGSmith

    New Lois & Clark Seasons are NOT coming out faster than a speeding bullet as promised

    I concur. I love the packaging as well. I'm sure it'll be foil looking like the first set. I think I may have to put this on my Christmas list... Been watching the first season, and have been really surprised how well it holds up over time, unlike some shows.. I forgot how much I loved the show..
  18. MattGSmith

    HTF Review: Desperate Housewives - the complete first season - RECOMMENDED

    7 discs? I thought it is 6 discs... Anyone?...
  19. MattGSmith

    Whats Stopping Beauty & The Beast?

    Let's hope it didn't end up at Lion's Gate. They do a piss poor job on tv releases IMO. With one exception, Dead Zone.
  20. MattGSmith

    WB Get $50 Back By Mail ?

    I bought 5 sets of friends sets on one receipt from Best buy a while ago (All for friends, they gave me their proof of purchase)! and I just underlined each one on the receipt, and got my rebate last week...
  21. MattGSmith

    Friends Season 10

    Do we know a disc count? Hopefully they are still going with 4 discs like the previous 9 sets. Maybe the 4th disc will have the special features?! I do agree, I was hoping for black myself too..
  22. MattGSmith

    Friends Season 10

    Wahoo I'm good. It's a burgundy wine color!!!! hehe ;)
  23. MattGSmith

    Friends Season 10

    Unfortunately Gord, I'm sure the 10-15 emails a day won't stop! haha October and November are filling up way fast with tv shows. I should start saving now! Matt *An early prediction to the cover art. It will be Burgundy!
  24. MattGSmith

    NYTimes looking for TV on DVD interviewees

    I agree with what everyone has said so far. For me, collecting tv on dvd is just that, collecting. I think it is in our nature as human beings to enjoy and want to "collect" things. Whether it is toys, cds, baseball cards, or even dvds. I have my favorite shows. And I will buy anything related...
  25. MattGSmith

    The OC Season 2 Artwork

    Leave it to Warner to make fans happy! (And to always do a qaulity job all-round) tvshowsondvd They have posted artwork for Season 2, and it hasn't even finished airing! Love it. My sis will be happy about this. I like how they stuck with the same look as S1. Bravo Warner. *Now we just...
  26. MattGSmith

    Saved by the Bell S5 Cover OUTRAGE!

    Thank you Dave and Gord for your work on helping get the cover changed! All us fans are so appreciative. Who knew Lion's Gate would hear our concerns and actually come through and fix it? WOW! ;)
  27. MattGSmith

    Saved by the Bell S5 Cover OUTRAGE!

    Jessie and Kelly appeared in 12. They left their contracts/show after those 12. NBC was signed on for 12 additional episodes. The original cast filmed the graduation, then without Jessie and Kelly, they brought in Tori and did 12 more episodes. They originally aired twice on Saturdays. The first...
  28. MattGSmith

    Saved by the Bell S5 Cover OUTRAGE!

    Here is the cover provided to Elizabeth Berkley's head was cut off and replaced with Tori, Leanna Creel's face. She played Tori in 8 episodes. This is cleary seen in the following pictures. The SBTB community is up in arms about this. It's horrible. Apparently, someone...
  29. MattGSmith

    Desperate Housewives Box Art!!!

    Here's the early look for everyone's favorite housewives. I like the look. I'm wondering if it changes by September. It's very white!!! Desperate Cover
  30. MattGSmith

    The folks at Fox still haven't learned about their "24" mistake....

    Ron, You could watch the 5th episode you have taped, but my suggestion? Try to find someeone you know that taped the first 4. I've watched all 3 seasons when they aired. I missed these first episodes, luckily my brother taped them, so I just borrowed his. You could catch up, but it pretty...