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    Looking for a CD player in the $300 range

    In that price range there are lots of good choices and few if any really bad ones. Personally I'm partial to Denon and Onkyo in general tho' I owned a Toshiba DVD player and loved it as well. (Denon is in the process of revamping their line so I can't make specific model comments.) When...
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    HDTV 5.1 surround sound problems?

    By your description everything is working properly in the sound system. Is this right: -- With a DVD you're getting output to the surrounds. -- With the cable box you're not getting much if anything to the surrounds. If so, then there are a couple possibilities. First, how is the sound...
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    Newbie - speaker locations

    Sara -- was your question how high _can_ you put them or how high _should_ you put them. The should part is opinion but the going opinion seems to be that ideally all the tweeters are at the same height or close to it. However, I have to say that I personally don't notice much difference for...
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    Shorter Cables

    I'm sure someone makes short cables but you'll end up paying a premium. But several suppliers make 3 footers at decent prices -- one example:
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    Passing Component Through A Receiver?

    The main advantage of routing anything throught the AVR is video switching at the AVR -- useful if you have more inputs of a type than the TV/monitor can handle. Main disadvantage is a potential signal degradation by going through the AVR when it isn't needed. Typical advice is to avoid more...
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    High Definition DVD: What is Holding You Back?

    In this order: Format incompatibility Price of the players Selection of players Price of the software Selection of the software If I go HD it won't be for at least a year. That's the minimum time I figure it will take for one format to win or another format to show up and threaten both...
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    Topic: Cable TV, DVD Player and my 37 in 1080p LCD HDTV... Help Please :)

    The trouble is the fact that you didn't buy a TV -- you bought a monitor. Now that's NOT necessarily a bad thing but there's no TV Tuner on board and that somewhat limits what you can do. Basically it means you have to have a cable set-top-box from the cable company but you'll need one anyway to...
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    Audio synch problems on HDTV broadcasts

    I've seen it occasionally with the Cox digital cable TV service. Technician's response when I asked about it added up to "...duhhhh...".
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    HDTV Antenna

    "...homeowner associations now have rules against outside antennas,..." All of which are now completely illegal. Because the OTA Digital TV & HD transition (and thanks(?) to the lobbying of the broadcasters) all such bans are gone.
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    Denon DVD-1920 - Opinions? Advice?

    The 1st generation of 1920's did seem to have more issues than the production runs that followed. I've got a 1920 purchased late last year and it works great. I may be a less critical viewer than some but I've got absolutely no complaints for DVD, SACD or DVD-A playback. Nit: I don't like the...
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    Thinking about switching from TiVo to Cox Cable DVR, any thoughts?

    Why are you considering the switch? Yes, you'll almost certainly be disappointed in terms of usability features. Nothing beats or even matches TiVo there -- but depending on what specific features you're looking for the Cox DVR might still be worth considering. Not to discourage you here...
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    Oldies but goodies......

    Wayne -- whoa... that reminded me... how could I have forgotten! There's a Sansui R-7 sitting in the guest room down the hall that still works just fine thank you, despite its circa 1979 manufacture date!
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    My Rant: XM Radio's greatly diminished sound quality. What to do?

    Anyone been listening to XM Pops (113) lately? To my ears, this one now sounds much better than I remember it and better than most of the channels. The S&V article about XM's 5.1 broadcast mentions that channel as one that's carrying the surround channels. Tho' I don't have a compatible decoder...
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    Oldies but goodies......

    Aw come on now, most of that stuff ain't "old" My HT is (a lot!) newer but my 2 channel audio system is built around an Onkyo TX-108 receiver that I bought right after it appeared on the market, '88 or '89 I think. It and it's Onkyo cousins (CD player and cassette deck) are all just as...
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    Receiver Shootout - Denon AVR-3806 VS Yamaha RX-V2600, Which one would you buy? And W

    Personally, I'd pick the Denon but that's strictly because I've had such good experience with their AVR's. Got to say tho' that both look terrific by specs.
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    Volume Stabilizer

    uh, guys, that's true if the problem he has is volume level variance within a track -- compressing out the dynamics helps there. But if the problem he's referring to is variance in volume level of one track to another, a dynamic compression scheme isn't the answer, is it? Doesn't he need to run...
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    My Rant: XM Radio's greatly diminished sound quality. What to do?

    Ron -- however much I might agree with you, I fear you've "seen the future" when it comes to XM. The mass market has never cared about sound quality and isn't about to start now. As satellite radio tries for mass appeal this result is, I fear, inevitable and it will get worse.
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    XM- A Quickly Sinking ship

    -------------- If you dont like Howard Stern, ask yourself, "What the hell is the matter with me?" -------------- Okay I asked. Ya know what? Absolutely nothing wrong with me. You probably could pay me to listen/watch that foul-mouthed idiot but it would be really expensive. You're welcome...
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    dvd player help...newbie that's all confused

    There are others in the price range but IMHO it would be hard to go wrong with the Denon.
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    Connecting video sources to projector through Tivo

    TiVo isn't intended to be used that way and I don't think its going to work the way you're thining. If your TiVo box has component out then its not standard Series 2 so it might be different, but I think my comments will apply. Anything hooked to TiVo is a source for it to record. Output from...
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    Time to cancel

    Doubt (hope?) it will get that bad but there's no doubt that it will continue to go that direction. Appeal to the masses is how you get the masses--more subscribers.
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    Newbie needs help

    You seem to be looking for someone who has experience with both of those specific items. Not going to be many such. You gave no reasons for your choices--what factors are important to you? You gave no indicators of what others you looked at. Okay, some input: just on the basis of brands...
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    DVD Audio Quality

    Spend some time reading the threads here and other similar forums and you'll gets lots of input. Everyone has their favorites but >>>>warning more heresy
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    Speaker Cable

    John G -- great link! Should be required reading. Not that I think it would end the endless debate!
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    What's jitter?

    "Jitter is the deviation in or displacement of some aspect of the pulses in a high-frequency digital signal. As the name suggests, jitter can be thought of as shaky pulses. The deviation can be in terms of amplitude, phase timing, or the width of the signal pulse. Another definition is that it...
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    Reception Help

    Sounds to me like there's an antenna pointing issue. Philly to DC is mostly southbound which if the antenna is low and on the rear of the car might account for your experience. Otherwise I can't think of anything that would account for what you're seeing. If you can, relocate the antenna and see...
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    Need a receiver

    Lots of choices--too many maybe. But another vote from a happy Denon owner. Of course, I'm also very happy with my Onkyo gear -- both brands are good. That price will buy you a decent unit in either line (and several other brands as well.)
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    Plasma TV Suggestions

    If price is the #1 driver then yeah. Personally, I can't recommend buying anything short of a fully HD capable TV since within its expected lifetime most if not all content will have gone HD. But as you've found the price is higher.
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    new setup

    Best recommendation to start is to read the FAQ here
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    TV off "but not really off"

    Unless the TV is plugged into the cable box there's no reason that the TV will turn off when the cable box is turned off. Or at least none that I know of will turn off on the basis of no input signal. It's wasting some power a might shorten the life of the panel roughly by that number of...