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  1. Johnny V

    Southwest Ohio Alert: Spike Lee to speak at Miami University of Ohio

    Cool, thanks for the heads-up. I would definately try and make it if I still lived in the area. It's good to see a felow redskin redhawk online
  2. Johnny V

    The Survivor 9: Vanuatu Discussion Thread

    I noticed that too, but shortly after that scene there was a shot of one of the guys talking directly to the camera, and he had a "mild" Australian accent, not terribly thick, but noticible. He's obviously from the U.S., but maybe he just recently relocated to the States from "down under".
  3. Johnny V

    Why is DONNIE DARKO so popular? (includes DIRECTOR's CUT disc.)

    Has there been a release schedule for the DC yet?
  4. Johnny V

    Where should I cross-over my Atoms?

    ^^^LOL Thanks for the replies. I'm too lazy to try your method, Bill, but thanks for taking the time to post I guess I'll leave it @ 100 for now.
  5. Johnny V

    Where should I cross-over my Atoms?

    I just upgraded my HT to 4 Atoms and a CC-170 with an HSU STF-2 and an Onkyo 601. I was just wondering where I should set my cross-over for the sub at? For the time being I set it for 100 (on the receiver), but I thought I would get some of your opinions as well. Is there a way to tell where you...
  6. Johnny V

    Looking for a nice receiver for around $400, Found two, the Onkyo 601 and Denon 1804.

    Update: I finally got a response from Onkyo saying that CompUSA is infact an authorized dealer.
  7. Johnny V

    Some Yamaha Questions Answered by Yamaha

    Great info, thanks for sharing.
  8. Johnny V

    Mini-Review: Yamaha HTR-5760 Receiver

    Just trying to clear this issue up Also, does the 5760 have an adjustable crossover for the sub? I was looking at RX-V640 and that was one thing that I noticed it was lacking. Thanks.
  9. Johnny V

    Looking for a nice receiver for around $400, Found two, the Onkyo 601 and Denon 1804.

    Does anyone know if CompUsa is an authorized Onkyo dealer? I would assume that they are but I didn't see them listed on Onkyo's site. I sent them (Onkyo) an e-mail about it a couple of days ago, but haven't heard back yet.
  10. Johnny V

    HSU coupon?

    Thanks for the info Michael.
  11. Johnny V

    HSU coupon?

    Quick question for anyone who got this @ CompUSA...How big is the box that it comes in? Will it fit in a compact car (trunk or back seat), or might I have to take it out of the box? Thanks.
  12. Johnny V

    Summer School On DVD June 1

    Thanks for the "heads up". This is easily one of the most quoteable movies of all time. "Can I call my Mom and tell her I won't be home...ever."
  13. Johnny V

    ***Official A.I.: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Discussion Thread

    Phenominal read. Can't wait for tomorrow.
  14. Johnny V

    Onkyo SKS-HT510 - is it an upgrade?

    Hey! I was just wondering the same thing! Right now I've got a Kenwood HTiB (HTB-504) although mine is only 2 years old. Would these be an improvement over HTiB's in general?
  15. Johnny V

    What's the deal with New Release pricing???

    I was under the impression that you could always get New Releases at BestBuy, Circuit City, etc. pretty cheap the first week they were released. I don't buy that many DVD's so when I do it's usually of the "Blockbuster" variety (SW, The Matrix movies, Terminator, etc.) and I usually get them on...
  16. Johnny V

    The Godfather - Help me understand (spoilers)....

    "But I never knew until just now that it was Barzini all along." I could never figure that out either.
  17. Johnny V

    What are the functions of a producer?

    Yes, as I understand it, an Executive Producer is "the money man/woman" only.
  18. Johnny V

    Spike Jonez fans!

    Awesome, this will be mine
  19. Johnny V

    **Led Zeppelin DVD** Worth a blind purchase??

    Does anyone have any links to some online reviews? Thanks.
  20. Johnny V

    Moniter refresh rate problem

    Go to and look through the "downloads" section. There are a couple of utilities there that will fix that.
  21. Johnny V

    Film Discussion: Movie You Hate, and Things You Would Change To Make You Like Them

    ***SPOILERS*** The one movie that comes to mind that I don't hate but thought could be changed to make it great was The Truman Show . I don't know exactly why, but I was really disappointed with the way this film played out. I think what would've made this film extraordinary would have been...
  22. Johnny V

    Intersecting Stories. Please recommend

    Another movie that I think would qualify is Twenty Bucks . It follows the path of a $20 as it changes hands between people. It's a slightly above averge film, with a one or two particularly great scenes IMO. Oh yeah, Steve Buscemi is in it, I think, if your a fan of his.
  23. Johnny V

    Radio Shack remotes? (Or other options)

    *thread-jack* I saw a mini-review in a PC mag I get for the RadioShack "Kameleon" remote (catalog# 15-2133) that looked interesting, and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them. There is a cool flash demo of it here . The only thing I can initially see as a problem, is the...
  24. Johnny V

    ***Official THE MATRIX Discussion Thread***

    I watched the beggining of the Matix last night in anticipation of the new ones, and I thought about some things that didn't sit well with me. However, this morning I can only remember the main one . What makes Neo "the one"? I thoght it was his ability to manipulate/not be bound by the...
  25. Johnny V

    Summer School (1987) on DVD this year?

    IMO it is THE most underrated quotable movie. "Can I call my mom and tell her I won't be home...EVER."
  26. Johnny V

    Two Godfather II plot questions(SPOILERS) (MERGED THREAD)

    In response to #2: I didn't think that Frankie's brother was in danger from Michael. He was there to "shame" Frankie into not being a rat. He didn't want his brother to see him doing something dishonorable. I can't remember what exactly was said, but if you listen to how Michael explains the...
  27. Johnny V

    ****** Official Sopranos General Discussion Thread

    I am so pumped for the new season to start. I never watched the show during its normal runs, but thanks to netflix I have been blowing through the first three seasons for the past month or so and I just finished the 3rd season last night. It's going to be hard to have to wait for Sundays to...