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  1. Kevin_Spradley

    Shocked that I'm actually considering the Vizio VP-505VXT

    The Vizio is a nice set, however, there are some shortcomings if receiving OTA broadcasts. See hidefforum link below and also there is a user review from the CNET review. I have been told there is also a AVSForum topic regarding the OTA problems. VIZIO P50 from COSTCO anyone? - High Def...
  2. Kevin_Spradley

    FS: Classic Game Systems

    Is it correct to assume the Atari has been posted on EBay? If not, I am interested.
  3. Kevin_Spradley

    upconverting, why?

    My question is "why purchase an upconverting DVD player?". I have a $900 HDTV that has 768 lines of horizontal resolution. Any source that is provided to the TV must be scaled to this. This scaling could be up or down. The input signal may also need to be de-interlaced, etc. DVD player...
  4. Kevin_Spradley

    Let's see your desktop

    Here is my work desktop. Aerial Photo of Bryant-Denny Stadium at night. ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Kevin_Spradley

    Need Drink Ideas Please

    Just keep it simple. Rumpleminze (shot) Pour into shot glass Shoot Repeat
  6. Kevin_Spradley

    Need Drink Ideas Please

    Panty Dropper (shot) 1/2 oz Stoli® Razberi vodka 1/2 oz blueberry schnapps 1/2 oz cranberry juice Pour Stoli raspberry vodka and blueberry schnapps into an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake, pour into a shot glass, and serve. Or Sex with an Aligator (Looks really cool) sweet and...
  7. Kevin_Spradley

    My thoughts on Vegas trip

    I have been to Vegas twice now. The last time was in July of this year. However, this was a guy trip to celebrate our 30th birthdays, so I am sure what we wanted to experience was different than what you all wanted with your couple trips. We thought about shows, but we wanted to party. And let...
  8. Kevin_Spradley

    Las Vegas at the end of July...

    Some buddies and I are going the weekend of July 7 - July 10 to celebrate our 30th year of existance. We all have been before but not in the summer. We are looking forward to the trip but not to the 100 deg weather, but we are from Alabama so we are used to some heat and humidity. Look out...
  9. Kevin_Spradley

    HD on a EDTV?

    But it will look amazing compared to analog cable on the ED. My coworker has the Panasonic Plasma EDTV and watches OTA HDTV and it is flat out amazing. Yes, I know it is only 480 lines, but it looks so much better than regular signals on the EDTV.
  10. Kevin_Spradley

    Started eating healthy, but haven't gone to the bathroom. No pain, but....

    The best remedy is "Joggin in a Jug". Guaranteed to keep you regular.
  11. Kevin_Spradley

    Winter Olympic Events you would eliminate

    I agree with removing all events involving a judge. The olympics are about "swifter, higher, stronger." Any timed event is fine or any event where you score more goals (points) than anyone. No human involvement in the outcome of the event. Even though I love the ski jump, there is an element of...
  12. Kevin_Spradley

    Wiffle Ball

    We played in Alabama. I am 29 so mid to late 80s. We would huge neighborhood games and we taped the ball. I think the best part was pegging people with the taped ball. You could leave a nice mark. My favorites memories are of the different items that would be used for the bases. you know things...
  13. Kevin_Spradley

    Video over phone line

    Thanks for the responses. That may work if I had access to the splitter. I have no idea where it is located due to the condo issue.
  14. Kevin_Spradley

    Video over phone line

    Yes I do have a drop in the bedroom. Ideally, I would like to do that way but the issue is the place I call home. It is a condo. I have no access to an attic or under the floor.
  15. Kevin_Spradley

    Video over phone line

    I have the Motorola 6412 from Comcast as my PVR located in the living room. I want to be able to watch the recorded content (SD is fine) in the bedroom without running wires. I have looked into some of the 2.4GHz AV transmitter/receiver but the one I bought, a cheapo, didn't work for crap. I...
  16. Kevin_Spradley

    National Signing Day

    Florida is ranked number 1 (as having the best class) on most of the recruiting top 25 lists, such as Scout and Rivals.
  17. Kevin_Spradley

    National Signing Day

    I saw the beginnings of the Bryant-Denny expansion this past fall when I was down there for games. I am definitely interested in walking by when I am down there this weekend. I am going to the game with a LSU fan, so it should be interesting. Where are all the other football fans that post...
  18. Kevin_Spradley

    National Signing Day

    Yeah, I know all about TiderInsider. I read it quite often. I am going to the Bama-LSU basketball game this Saturday. This will be my first trip to Coleman since the remodel. Has Andre announced yet?
  19. Kevin_Spradley

    National Signing Day

    Jack, which websites do you use track the results of signing day? I am trying to keep up with LSU, Bama, and Auburn. I am listening to the 730 wump signing day special. Do you listen to WUMP for your local sports talk?
  20. Kevin_Spradley

    National Signing Day

    To all college football fans, as you know today is national signing day. It looks like Alabama has lost a couple of committments in the last few days. Hopefully, the top committments we have will end up signing. I know football isn't as big elsewhere in the country, but here in SEC country, we...
  21. Kevin_Spradley

    Web Hosting and build site help

    I currently use godaddy for the domain registration. When I registered the domain, I got a free 5 GB hosting account.
  22. Kevin_Spradley

    Sports bettors take note....

    Sounds like a neat system. Where can we find more info on the system? As mentioned above, what about the point spread? Regardless of the spread, bet against the tired team?
  23. Kevin_Spradley

    To Smoke, or Not to Smoke

    Jack, The city law for Huntsville states that the age is 19 not 18, since 19 is the legal age to purchase cigarettes in Alabama. I am a smoker and I personally glad that, as Jack stated, about 95% of the restaurants in Huntsville went non-smoking. On the other side, I do not know a single...
  24. Kevin_Spradley

    Why do dogs like licking feet?

    The maltese (Chloe) I used to have would chew up used underwear. She never would chew up clean underwear, just worn underwear and just in the critical area where when you put them on you have a draft on your butt. Then 30 minutes later she would vomit the cotton mess up. Yes, she would her own...
  25. Kevin_Spradley

    Moving an input on a tv?

    Let me be the one to ask the question, "Why do you want to just use the composite video permanently? Are you wanting to plugging in the composite video in the front having that cable stick out the side or modify the connection inside so that the female input sticks out the side? Depending on...
  26. Kevin_Spradley

    Remote Control Question

    Look at They have individual repeaters and blasters.
  27. Kevin_Spradley

    Remote Control Question

    Look at They have individual repeaters and blasters.
  28. Kevin_Spradley

    Projector help

    Your ultimate issue is that you do not have a tuner. The projector does not have tuner built in. Get a tuner either from the cable company or a VCR should work. BTW, sounds like a nice dorm room with a projector in it. I was too broke in college to have projector in my dorm room much less...
  29. Kevin_Spradley

    Better football seats?

    I will not ever sit in the upper deck any more. All through high school, the athletic department had a contract with Univ of Alabama to sell concessions at Legion Field in the upper deck so I have spent too many hours in the upper deck to enjoy anymore. Also, at my ripe old age of 29, I just do...
  30. Kevin_Spradley


    Typical AC power: black- live white - neutral green - ground Typical DC: red - hot black - ground