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  1. Devin U

    UK: Top Gear, for the fans..

    Over at final gear (A TG fan site), many of the regulars over there went to the taping of the first US show last weekend, and their reviews have been supprisingly positive about the show they saw. The only thing I worry about is how do you do a negative review and still appease advertisers. Id...
  2. Devin U

    Anymore Blu-Ray Incentives??

    I was hopping to do the same thing. I almost did it earlier this week when there were rumors of a ps3 price drop, but when that didnt work out, I decided I would wait for my tax return. But it looks like I should have done it because now, with BR having in effect, 'won the war', I dont think...
  3. Devin U

    "Breaking Bad" on AMC starts on 1/20/08

    I really enjoyed this show except for one thing: the censoring of the language? If they were going to block it out, why did they film it that way. Was this origially going to be on HBO/Sho?
  4. Devin U

    Are there any Radios that pick up HD TV signals?

    I doubt it. I would have to have a decoder to decode the digital signal. Maybe one that does HD (hybrid digital) radio could.
  5. Devin U

    Tribute to Redheads a pic of her on her own from my local paper in the story above. Sorry, couldnt figure how to extract just the pic.
  6. Devin U

    Anyone know a good strategy for scoring a Wii?

    I got my from my brother in law. Hes in the millitary and his base exchange had a couple. He picked it up for me and I sent him the money.
  7. Devin U

    Is premium gasoline really necessary?

    Your regular is only 85 octaine because you dont live in a area that requires additives due to air polution control. My regular is 85 oct. as well, but the metro areas in my state (Vegas and Reno) require ethanol additive due to air polution that boosts the octaine a bit.
  8. Devin U

    Bankruptcy - What do I need to know?

    As someone who has gone thru a bankrupcy, my suggestion is, dont. I do suggest going to talk to an accountant, but dont go to an attorney. Why? The attorney is going to tell you to file because he wants to represent you. By owning your own home outright, you wont get a chp. 7 discharge because...
  9. Devin U

    win xp games on an imac

    Why dont you just build a pc and burn the $500 premium that the Apple name commands on something else? But seriously, the ATI 2xxx series cards have gotten subpar reviews compaired to the Nvidia 8xxx cards, especially the 88xx series. Also, DX 10 is only avalible in Vista (currently, though...
  10. Devin U

    Disney Stock Certificate as a gift....legit sites?

    I love how volume usually reffers to shares traded in the 1000's, but on BRK its actual numbers. 440 shares traded! Wow!
  11. Devin U

    If I cancel Dish, do I keep my HD DVR?

    for the new vip 622 boxes to do ota, you either have to subscribe to a hd pack, or pay dish a 'hd enableing fee' and keep a sd package. If you shut it off, even if the reciever is yours, your out of luck. Odds are, though, that your reciever is leased and you will have to send it back.
  12. Devin U

    Why are medical tests so expensive?

    Medicare and most private insurance companies reemburse hospitals at a average rate of 36% for procedures (it will vary greatly, but thats the average). If a hospitals costs are $3600, there gonna bill $10,000. Unfortunatly, there gonna have to be someone who pays the full $10k. I work in the...
  13. Devin U

    Dvd's FS: Need paypal fast

  14. Devin U

    Laptop Sleeve/Case Recommendations?

    I bought one of these for my e1505. It fits it like a glove, and I love the extra room the backpack provides compared to my old targus briefcase style laptop case.
  15. Devin U

    Looking for portable GPS device with good Hong Kong maps.

    Maybe something like the HP 6945 for a all in one phone/pda/gps solution, though I dont know if Streets and Trips has coverage for HK. You could allways find another nav software to use. Price looks to be about $600. HP iPAQ hw6945 Mobile Messenger (QWERTY, Unlocked) The HP iPAQ hw6945...
  16. Devin U

    Looking for portable GPS device with good Hong Kong maps.

    I would think that anything with software upgradeability would work. You most likely would have to purchase a HK/Asia map pack which could add to the price. Or maybe check with your office and see if someone could recommend a unit you could buy in HK. Your other option may be to get a PDA and...
  17. Devin U

    More Merger Talks

    To me, that would be worth $20/month. Plus, double the bandwidth for better sounding music. Im a huge XM fan, but they seem to be flushing the company down the toilet. I get sirius thru dish network, and I may pick up a visor or whatever the cheap entry level Sirius reciever is and activate...
  18. Devin U

    Portable radio W/ Speaker?

    There was a cheap boombox for xm that retailed about $80 a year or so ago, but it required the $50 plug and play antenna to use. I think it was made by GPX. edit: here it is: reviews look abysmal.
  19. Devin U

    Anyone else enjoying the American Top 40 reruns

    I remember hearing on 80's on 8 that they will do a show from the 80's on sunday mornings. It will also be repeated during the week. I dont know the times, though.
  20. Devin U

    Sirius stock report shows things not as rosy as they want you to believe Sirius trouble turning a profit Despite some encouraging signs, Sirius Satellite Radio still continues to excel at two things: adding new subscribers and losing money. By Robert Walberg Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI, news, msgs)...
  21. Devin U

    Mmmmm.... Funyuns

    I really like the wasabi funyuns avalible around here
  22. Devin U

    The best hot dog stand?

    I love Teds! They have one location in Tempe, AZ, right near where I grew up. I stop by everytime I m in town.
  23. Devin U

    Dell Axim X30 PocketPC 624Mhz w/ Extras

    any chance you'd sell the cradle on its own?
  24. Devin U

    How is your portable XM?

    The mifi wont work with the standard Skyfi car antenna unless you buy a adapter. But you do get a car kit with the togo units that has a car antenna that fits it. I have read reports of people with the new helix and inno units not even needing to have antennas plugged in it picks up satellite...
  25. Devin U

    travelling with sat radio

    from what Ive seen, Sirius is better up north due to the orbiting sats. XM can be gotten as far as the artic circle, but only one sat (so 1/2 the programming, the music), and you have to be stationary, it wont work with the unidirectional car antenna, just the home antenna, since you can aim it...
  26. Devin U

    Hurrah For The USPS

    oops, double post
  27. Devin U

    Hurrah For The USPS

    I think its YMMV with the fed ex home service, since it is franchised out. It is not done by fed ex, except for the transporting.
  28. Devin U

    Favorite Sports Talk Programming

    Thanks for the info Ernie. I feel myself day by day becoming less of a XM fanboy and more of a satellite radio fanboy. Now to just find a deal on a sirius unit...
  29. Devin U

    Cheapest way to call Europe from the U.S.?

    for some reason, I got errors trying to post something, so I PMed it to you.