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  1. David King

    WTB: Laserdisc player and movies

    I have a Pioneer CLD-702 (i think this is the model) which should meet your needs. I know it has the auto reverse function. It only comes with the remote, no original box or manual. It does not have the pin for shipping, but I did buy it right here years ago and arrived to me perfectly. If you...
  2. David King

    Just got totall scammed! by a member here

    Well I hope you guys get this resolved and everything works out. But why in the world did you wait 3 days to ship it?
  3. David King

    Which 1080p projector?

    Well, not to hijack a thread, but... So far, I have opted not to put my HT in my Media room, but rather my unused Master Bedroom. I plan on making a shell inside this room to make it even smaller. So I'm looking at 11'x 9' after shell is framed in. So I need a projector that can throw a 96"...
  4. David King

    FS: Oppo OPDV971H

    Payment sent David
  5. David King

    WTB: Cheap Mp3 Player

    I have one. Brand new, never even opened. Check it out at Office Depots website. Model OD-128MP3 $15 shipped via paypal. Kinda looks like an Ipod Mini knockoff.
  6. David King

    WTB: A PC Monitor ..sell your old one to me. Ill pay for shipping.

    I have a 19" Dell (sony trinitron) flatscreen CRT. Don't know know what these sell for though.
  7. David King

    WTB dvd cases

    Well, I have bought a good 800 total and all were from different sellers. I have yet to receive a set that I wouldnt buy again. Most I prefer over the normal Amaray/Alpha cases the DVDs come in. I only buy the 2 disc (normal width) versions. I would say the ones with the DVD holders at...
  8. David King

    WTB dvd cases

    Ebay is were I get mine Look for 100 for $.01 with $20-$25 shipping. Sometimes cheaper. I think $18 total was the lowest I paid for 100
  9. David King

    1 + 1 = 3 can someone prove this?

    Duh! It was hump day, the stripper had it!
  10. David King

    FREE: Completely restored theater seats & Riser (ohio pickup only)

    I dont remember where he lived, but I did use Yahoo maps and it was a long drive. Weird seeing a roundtowner on here.
  11. David King

    Central Ohio: HK AVR7200, Sony WM40 Sub, JBL N38s, Carpet

    EDIT: Any offers? Or am I just way off on prices? Hello, I'm merging my two HT setups and have some items that are too big to ship out: Harman Kardon AVR7200 Asking $750 Has original box and packing along with paperwork, the front panel plastic has yet to be fully removed so there...
  12. David King

    DVD cases looking for a good home

    Well, if there are any single cases left LMK.
  13. David King

    FS - Diva 6.1's, C3, R3's

    Whats left?
  14. David King

    Kenwood Remote works intermittently??

    Holy crap, I had the same thing happen with the same exact receiver/remote. Mine was not the remote, it was the receiver. If I would flick the receivers front panel with my finger where it receives the signal, it would normally work again for a while. I was thinking mine had dust or...
  15. David King

    FS: Denon DVD 2800 and Pioneer DVD 45A

    YGM on the pioneer
  16. David King

    Crutchfield referral code

    Check your PM
  17. David King

    FS: Pioneer DVL-909 Combination LD/DVD Player (Champagne version)

    "Pioneer DVL-909 Hong Kong/Japanese model (Champagne colour), 240/220 volts, NTSC only for laserdisc, PAL/NTSC for DVD playback." per laserdisc arcive. So no Pal for laserdiscs. I have a question in case it makes it to ebay. Does it have an...
  18. David King

    FS: Pioneer CLD-D702 Laserdisc Player

    How much for just the player and Trilogy shipped to 43113? I don't care for TPM, but it should fetch you some bucks on Fleebay. I assume the player includes the remote. Also, do you take Paypal?
  19. David King

    FREE Pioneer LD player

    If that deal falls through, I'm interested.
  20. David King

    JandR or OneCall for speakers if the price is the same?

    But Onecall offers better financing deals if you have the onecall card. Why pay for something now if you can pay for it a year from now, I love those 12 month 0% finance, no payment offers. also gives 2% back through so they are cheaper in a sense. I have used both...
  21. David King

    Best Price Comparison sites for Speakers? has the Sony for $150. You can bet on tax and shipping. But it still may be cheaper (or close) than other non-dealer websites after all fees are included.
  22. David King

    WTB Dreamcast Plug has used ones for 2.99 each + tax and shipping if you don't feel like traveling.
  23. David King

    Upgrading to JBL Studio but I need some expert advice

    I have the S38s and recently purchased a new av rack that forced me to put the 38s vertical for the time being. Although its not recommended to place speakers out of their designed position, I have yet to hear any sound differences. As a matter of fact, I placed them on nice Sanus stands that...