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  1. Lynn Little

    SVS CS+ 16-46 vs PB2+

    "Don't forget, the 16-46 has the flatest overall FR curve, thus being the music lovers choice as well. In other words, its not just the few seconds of a few DVD's that MAY make the 16-46 the right choice." Steve, this is a VERY valid point. I love my twin 16-46 PC+s for music as much as I do...
  2. Lynn Little

    Nifty wireless adapter

    Dave, how much was it? Where did you buy it?
  3. Lynn Little

    Pioneer 45TX - No Sound

    "I bought at a local retailer, but they will need to send it to Houston (I'm in Dallas) for analysis and repair, which they say will take 3-4 weeks." That's terrible...
  4. Lynn Little

    Pioneer 45TX - No Sound

    Have you tried resetting it? (page 88 in the manual) My 45TX lost all it's settings during a storm a while back. I reset it, then performed Auto-MCACC. All has been fine every since...
  5. Lynn Little

    Cut out size?

    John, please check your email.
  6. Lynn Little

    Anyone gotten their AV15's?

    John, please check your email.
  7. Lynn Little

    Check it out.. New speakers from Stryke The S1B and S1MTM

    John, please check your email.
  8. Lynn Little

    Dilemma: 45TX needs more optical inputs..

    "There is an additional optical input on the front of the 45. You could make it work by switching out between the Xbox and the PS2 when you are playing games." David, that's an excellent idea!
  9. Lynn Little

    Dilemma: 45TX needs more optical inputs..

    "Here's the equipment I need to hook up via digital inputs: DVD Player (optical only), DirecTivo (optical), Xbox (optical), PS/2 (optical)." Can the DirecTivo, Xbox or PS/2 be connected via coax instead of optical? If even one can be connected via coax, you're OK...
  10. Lynn Little

    Behringer Feedback Destroyer (BFD) users?

    I bought a Behringer DSP1124P Feedback Destroyer Pro the other day to equalize my twin SVS 16-46PC+s with. I haven't got around to doing much with it yet, but it seems like one heck of a neat tweak. Anybody use one of these things in their system?
  11. Lynn Little

    sub $100 dvd player w/progressive scan

    "I'd suggest the Toshiba SD 3900. A great player, only $99." I bought a JVC XV-N50BK Sunday, exchanged it yesterday for a Tosh 3900. Even with the CUE bug, it looks better than the JVC. The JVC had this weird jerky quality to moving images. When I returned it, I was surprised that the guy...
  12. Lynn Little

    Any SVS 20-39pci owners opt for 17hz tuning?

    "I have tons of unused equipment I could let go for very cheap." Sounds like me. I have a 1975 (I bought it new) Phase Linear 4000 "Autocorrelation Preamplifier" sitting less than 3' from me as I type...
  13. Lynn Little

    Any SVS 20-39pci owners opt for 17hz tuning?

    Jeff, what sub are you using now?
  14. Lynn Little

    Any SVS 20-39pci owners opt for 17hz tuning?

    Just curious, which is more potent, a 16-46PCi/16-46PCi+ or a 20-29PCi/20-39PC+ tuned to 17Hz?
  15. Lynn Little

    How is impact and slam on SVS subwoofers?

    "I heard from some people that SVS lacks impact and slam of other subwoofers." I'm sure there are subs that have more impact and slam than SV subs. However, I think you'd be VERY hard pressed to beat their impact and slam at the same PRICE. I have twin 16-46PC+s in my HT, cost me around...
  16. Lynn Little

    Do most 45tx owners use the unit for video switching

    I run things straight into my RPTV also. No downside as far as I can see.
  17. Lynn Little

    Reference CD's from Classic Rock to Current Rock/Pop/Electronic

    "Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms. Very clean and concise." Superb choice!
  18. Lynn Little

    Getting the most out of my amps...

    "But if you are mostyl concerned with HT than I would not bother." I tend to agree.
  19. Lynn Little

    The Death of a Pioneer Elite 45TX

    Tim, what's the manufacture date on your 45TX? I heard of a guy whose display died. The manufacture date on his 45TX was April 2003. The manufacture date on my 45TX is March 2003.
  20. Lynn Little

    what electronics to use with b&w N804's?

    The sound is just a little more laid back, the soundstage is 'taller' (as you would expect), transparency increased. Bass seems tighter. It's harder to tell where the speakers are...
  21. Lynn Little

    what electronics to use with b&w N804's?

    Pioneer Elite VSX-45TX AVR Bryston 4B ST Perpetual Technologies P-1A ModWright Signature "Plus" Perpetual Technologies P-3A Monolithic Sound P3 Power Supply (for P-1A & P-3A) lots of silver Kimber Kables My N804s are on 2.5" Sound Anchor speaker stands, which (with spikes) raises...
  22. Lynn Little

    Subwoofer buying advice

    How about a sub that's 18" wide x 21" high x 20" deep, and weighs 78 pounds? In other words, the SVS PB1-ISD. $599 + shipping...
  23. Lynn Little

    Need help. Creek OBH-12 vs. Parasound P/HP-850 on a ML based system?

    I'd definitely recommend trying the Creek OBH-12. I did a few years back and loved it. I was using it with my Bryston 4B ST & Nautilus 804s.
  24. Lynn Little

    Subwoofer buying advice

    I agree with everything Jeff said. I couldn't have said it better...
  25. Lynn Little

    I spent the night in a submarine under heavy bombardment from a German destroyer...

    "Three months ago, I got divorced and my wife took it all. Yay!" Sorry about that. My HT/2 channel bug was rekindled after my wife left me for her boss. Poor guy...
  26. Lynn Little

    Dual SVS PC-Plus 16-46 VS. P2B+ ??

    BTW, when I said, "Or maybe something besides a SVS.", that sounded a bit rude. Sorry about that! That was NOT my intention. "Would two SVS PC-Plus 16-46s deliver both deeper lows and more oomph than a P2B+?" Having never heard a P2B+, I can't say. What I can say is that twin 16-46PC+s are...
  27. Lynn Little

    Dual SVS PC-Plus 16-46 VS. P2B+ ??

    "What it lacks are the 'booms' of other subs, the loud 'feel it in your gut' kind of bass that Klipsch provides (though I prefer controlled low bass to loud 'boom' bass if I have to choose between the two, which is why I originally went with SVS over Klipsch)." Maybe what you really need is a...
  28. Lynn Little

    Upgrade Pioneer Elite 26TX to 43 or 45? $120 diff.

    "45 has auto MCACC, which a lot of people have said is a very valuable feature for set-up." The Auto-MCCAC is worth the difference, IMO. Get the 45TX. You'll be glad you did. I love mine!
  29. Lynn Little

    Those that ordered a Pioneer long did it take

    "I was hearing subtle detail I hadn't heard before, better imaging and separation, and more intelligible dialogue. It sounded so good I decided against a speaker upgrade I'd been considering." Steve, I can understand that! I use Nautilus 804s for mains, a Nautilus HTM1 center, and twin SVS...
  30. Lynn Little

    Those that ordered a Pioneer long did it take

    "They said the delay may be due to a model change??????????" When I said I ordered mine April 22 and it was shipped April 24, I think it was due to a model/firmware change. However, I only had to wait 2 days. I got mine from an authorized Pioneer Elite dealer (full 2 year warranty) in...