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  1. John_Yanotka

    For Sale: PS Audio PowerPlay 8000 Power Center

    I have sold all of my gear and my last piece is my PS Audio PowerPlay 8000 Power Center. I am the original owner, it is in mint condition. It looks the same as it did the day I unpacked it. I'll pay for the shipping, I have the owners manual as a pdf file on my laptop and I'll send it. Asking...
  2. John_Yanotka

    Win a Denon X5200W 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AVR with a copy of Mad Max Fury Road!

    Recently sold all of my home theater gear,been out of work for awhile. Seeing and reading all about Dolby Atmos, I now know what my next system will be.
  3. John_Yanotka

    For Sale: Arcam AVR 600

    For sale my Arcam AVR 600,black, it is not the 3D version. Excellent condition. Asking $2000.00 obo. Cash, bank check, paypal users add 3%. Once payment clears, I will ship this. Any questions, just ask. Thanks. John
  4. John_Yanotka

    For Sale: KEF Q900's and Q600C

    Up for sale are my KEF Q900's and Q600C in Rosewood. In excellent condition. I will sell these together or split these up. Q900's - $1600 obo Q600C- $500 obo Once I get payment, I will ship these out. Cash, bank check, paypal users add 3%. Any questions, don't be afraid to ask. John
  5. John_Yanotka

    Trade in on Premium for Elite?

    Anyone trade their 360 Premium in for an Elite? I have been thinking about doing this. How much did you get for your trade in? My premium is so loud,just waiting for it to crash anyday. Don't want to be stuck wothout a system when all the new stuff comes out
  6. John_Yanotka

    Any Onkyo TX-SR 605 Owners?

    I have had mine now for 3 days.I agree,this receiver does a great job. I have everything hooked up HDMI. My HD Direct TV box and my PS3. I fianally had the chance to listen to my new Paradigm monitors,and they sound great. For an entry level receiver,the Onkyo does a fine job.
  7. John_Yanotka

    Component cables for Xbox 360?

    Just ordered some component cables from Monoprice.
  8. John_Yanotka

    Component cables for Xbox 360?

    I picked up The Monster Component Video with the Fiber Optic cable for my Xbox 360. Now I am looking for compnent cables that go from my receiver to my television. I need something that is at least 10 feet long. Whats everyone using?
  9. John_Yanotka

    Sony KDSR60XBr1 Owners?Center channel speaker mounting ?

    I was able to find a center channel speaker stand that sits pretty low. You are also able to angle the speaker upwards,so that will work out good. I already have another rack for the rest of my components.My Sony stand is just about empty. Only thing I have in there is my Monster Power...
  10. John_Yanotka

    Any Onkyo TX-SR 605 Owners?

    Bunch of people over at have theirs. Still no word on when I am getting mine,hopefully it is soon.
  11. John_Yanotka

    Sony KDSR60XBr1 Owners?Center channel speaker mounting ?

    Any Sony KDSR60XBR1 owners out there? How do you have your center channel speakers mounted? I just purchased the new Paradigm CC-290. I went to place it in the matching Sony stand,it does not fit. I even tried to remove the top shelf of the stand,the brace for the top shelf is still in the way...
  12. John_Yanotka

    Any Onkyo TX-SR 605 Owners?

    Has anyone picked up their Onkyo TX-SR 605 yet? How do you like it? Any problems at all? I cant wait to get mine. Hope it ships soon.
  13. John_Yanotka

    HDMI 1.3 Receivers?

    The Onkyo 605 has just been released. I should have mine any day now.
  14. John_Yanotka

    Center Channel Speaker Mounting issue with Sony KDSR60XBR1?

    I have the Sony KDSR60XBR1 and the matching SUGW12 stand. I just purchased the Paradigm V5 Monitor CC-290 speaker which I was going to place in the stand. Well,it doesnt fit. I am in an apartment and do not want to be drilling holes in the walls,I am only going to be here until April. The...
  15. John_Yanotka

    Speaker Wire?

    I have been looking all over the internet about speaker wire. What should I look into buying for my new Paradigm Monitors and Onkyo receiver? What about connectors? Spades or banana plugs?
  16. John_Yanotka

    Paradigm V5 Monitor set up?

    I am already using HDMI cables for my Sony SXRD and PS3.Definately good stuff. I will check out the other cables too.
  17. John_Yanotka

    Newbie needs help with wiring and connections for new Paradigms

    I need some help on how to set up and wire my new Paradigm V5 Monitors. I have a pair of Titans,CC-290 for my fronts stage and a pair of Mini Monitors for rear surrounds. I am patiently waiting for my new Onkyo receiver. What speaker wire and connections should I use to get the best sound from...
  18. John_Yanotka

    Paradigm V5 Monitor set up?

    I just went and picked up the new Paradigms. Now I cant wait to get the Onkyo so I can set everything up. Got a great deal on them too!
  19. John_Yanotka

    Paradigm V5 Monitor set up?

    I would just like to get some feedback on this system that I am putting together for my apartment. I am going to go with the new V5 Monitor line from Paradigm. My living room is about 16x16 with 8 foot ceilings. I was going to use a pair if Titans and CC 290 for my fronts and use a pair of Mini...
  20. John_Yanotka

    Paradigm V5 Monitor?

    My living room is about 16x16 with 8 foot ceilings. Rears are going to go on each side of my couch,right up against the wall.
  21. John_Yanotka

    Paradigm V5 Monitor?

    I am going to purchase a pair of Monitor Titans,CC-290. All V5 stuff. Now for my surrounds, would it be better to go with the ADP-390's or a pair of Mini Monitors? Everything is going to be placed on stands. I am in an apartment and do not want to be putting any holes in the walls. Thanks for...
  22. John_Yanotka

    Filling speaker stands with sand or lead shot?

    I just ordered some Sanus speaker stands for my new Paradigm Monitors. Can anyone tell me why people fill their stands with sand or lead shot? Is it just for stability reasons? Where do you purchase lead shot to fill the stands with? Thanks for your help?
  23. John_Yanotka

    PS3 Owners,what receivers are you using?

    I know Sherwood Nescastle,Sony,and Denon all have 1.3 hdmi receivers coming out very soon.
  24. John_Yanotka

    PS3 Owners,what receivers are you using?

    For the people that are using their PS3 as their blu-dar dvd player,what receivers are you using for your HT system? I am in the market for a new receiver. Looking for something that would be good for the new audio formats of blu ray and I am looking for hdmi connection. I have the Sony...
  25. John_Yanotka

    Picking out a new receiver with HDMI

    I am also in the market for new receiver. I have the KDSR60XBR1 for my television set.I use my PS3 for my dvd player.Is 1.3 hdmi worth waiting for?
  26. John_Yanotka

    Paradigm Signature Series?

    I live in an apartment and I am putting together a 5.1 system. My living room is about 16x16 with 8 foor ceilings. I am interested in the Paradigm Signature series speakers. Since I am in an apartment, space is limited. For my front speakers I do not know if the Signature S2's would be fine for...
  27. John_Yanotka

    Speakers for a Home Theater set up in an apartment?

    I am in the process of putting together a home theather system for my apartment. I have the the Sony KDSR60XBR1 televison.Yes,I have had the green blob issue and the light engine was just replaced,the set is just like new now,I also have the Arcam AVR 350,I plan on getting the PS3 and will use...
  28. John_Yanotka

    New surround sound system.Need some ideas

    I am moving into a new apartment.It is a 2 bedroom,1.5 bathroom unit.Its about 920 sq feet. I want to do a surround sound system. I already have the new 60" Sony SXRD. I need to purchase receiver,dvd player and speakers. Can I get some ideas on what to look at? I will use the system for dvd's...
  29. John_Yanotka

    Need some help

    I just purchased the Sony 60" SXRD television. I am moving into my new place soon,which is a small one bedroom apartment. I would like to also buy a surround sound system to go along with the new television.I just want something simple,that will sound great.My place is not that big and I do not...
  30. John_Yanotka

    Denon Components for Home Theater/Home Audio set up

    I just went out and purchased a Sony Qualia 006.I am looking to set up a Home Theater/Home Audio system with all of the latest and greatest that Denon has to offer.Where should I start? What should I buy? I want to do this right the first time. Thanks for the info.