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  1. Tom Sanderson

    Columbia House/BMG, et. al.

    Thanks everybody!
  2. Tom Sanderson

    Columbia House/BMG, et. al.

    Hey all, Got a quick question... my wife and I were thinking about joining one of those DVD clubs for a quick way of getting a few cheap movies for Christmas, etc etc We've always bought all our movies at retail outlets, but I was just wondering if the movies through these "old-school" CD...
  3. Tom Sanderson

    Kolchak -The night Stalker

    I think that with the recent successes of the X-Files Season Boxed sets, a great promotional tool would be to include some type of "Crossover commentary" from Chris Carter as to his thoughts on some of the stories, etc etc. Carter gives Kolchak most of the credit for inspiring his work on the...
  4. Tom Sanderson

    Friends S1 Disc 2

    I don't think so... I just navigated the cursor through the "episodes" menu like always... the eps we watched before the affected ones played fine, and the ones we've watched since have played fine... I don't remember having done anything differently... what exactly are the coffee cup previews?
  5. Tom Sanderson

    Friends S1 Disc 2

    Yeah, I tried searching for posts from others having the same problem, but I didn't find anything... I guess we'll just have to return it to Wal-Mart...
  6. Tom Sanderson

    Friends S1 Disc 2

    Hey All, Quickie: I'm a little behind and just recently picked up Friends S1, and on Disc 2 there are two or three episodes that, when selected from the "Episodes" menu, play the first little "intro footage" for each episode (the footage up until the point where it fades to black and the theme...
  7. Tom Sanderson

    Need advice....... please help

    I have a hard time believing that they were using magnets that powerful around a TV... I thought they damaged TVs... Oh wait, I think that's CRT I'm thinking of... you said you had a projection... silly me. :)
  8. Tom Sanderson

    Painting Wegas

    First of all, let me ask the obvious question: why??? Next, yes of course painting the TV will void it's warranty... if you can locate your Owner's Manual, and maybe read it, it will spell out exactly what you can and can't do... mostly can't. If you have no owner's manual, it means you're...
  9. Tom Sanderson

    Need 36" TV Recommendations

    well, IMHO, there simply are NOT any good 36" TVs for under $1K... there are a few 32" models under $1K that are nice, but 36" is a big stpe up in price. If you're willing to come down to 32" in your size requirements, you'll find what you're looking for. Sony Wega is my favorite (it's what I...
  10. Tom Sanderson

    High Speed Internet Access over Satelite

    looked to me like he asked three... ?
  11. Tom Sanderson

    Sony Cineza Home Projector

    hehe... you have to be kidding about vBulletin, right? [H]ard|OCP gets a HUGE amount of traffic, and it seems to run ok, limited only by hardward... :) Anyway, I would also be interested in anyone's PERSONAL experience with this projector... it's an intriguing low-cost solution, but would have...
  12. Tom Sanderson

    FOX: How long will syndication delay Angel?

    TheoGB, Well, I for one will GLADLY wait for the widescreen edition, as long as they're ANAMORPHIC!! Mmmm... full 16:9 looks GOOD on my TV... :) If Fox releases the first season of Angel (or S5 & S6 of the X-Files for that matter) in letterboxed widescreen, I am going to be ALL kinds of...
  13. Tom Sanderson

    T.V. Shows Wanted on DVD Part 2

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Roswell 7th Heaven MORE SNL!!! Angel CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Lone Gunmen (they only aired a handful of eps, but I'm wondering if they had a couple more in the can... would be cool to see any that weren't aired) Xena: Warrior Princess Hercules FARSCAPE IN...
  14. Tom Sanderson

    FOX: How long will syndication delay Angel?

    I hope this doesn't take as long as the Buffy fiasco... Region 2 has the first THREE seasons of Buffy on DVD (and has had since 3 came out at the end of October), and Angel: Season One is set to street on December 10th. Region 1? We're still waiting, holding our breath that Buffy S1 will...