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    Recommend a new external HD

    I spent the better part of yesterday researching the Drobo, and came to the same conclusion...I'll hold out on Drobo until FW800/400 is added. It's an expensive startup cost, but worth it in the long run, since you just swap out your smallest drive (or your dead drive!) for a bigger, cheaper...
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    Everwood S1 Disc 3 Ep 12 - video problems

    Anyone watched this episode yet? It seems really "pixelated" or something. The other episodes up to this point have been good quality, but this one has "jagged" edges on everything...definitely not like the others. Anyone else seen this on their discs?
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    Which Seinfeld series catchphrase/s do you regularly or occasionally use ?

    "Well, good luck with all THAT." - when wrapping up a phone conversation, or if there's an awkward pause "Why don't you just tell me the name of the movie you would like to see?" - when navigating phone menus while on speakerphone and hit a wrong button "Well pack your bags, we're goin' to...
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    Which TV series do you plan to buy the whole series?

    Two words: Fraggle Rock. S1 should be out sometime this fall, hopefully it'll sell well enough to warrant future seasons. The Sopranos. Scrubs. Picked up S1, hilarious. Why is it shows without canned laughter are the it just for the irony? Gilmore Girls, easily my...
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    Scrubs Bonus Disc

    Yeah, they didn't have it in Canada at all, so I was happy to buy my set at A&B Sound...the less I support Best Buy, the better off we all are...except people who work there I guess.
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    Scrubs Bonus Disc

    Anyone know if it's a USA only thing...I can't find any mention on If it's not available in Canada, I'll pick up this set from another store closer to me.
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    1920 x 1080 is it that simple?

    I tried hooking my Mac Mini up to my 42" Sony with a DVI-D cable yesterday. It looks great (runs at 1920x1080 at 60Hz) but like Vince said, I couldn't see my 'dock' menu, or the menu bar at the top of my screen. There's no way to adjust overscan in the Mac OS display settings (that I can see...
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    Mac mini

    Seth: Upgrading the Mac mini RAM: There's a whole lot more on this on Google, I searched: "how to open a mac mini putty knife" :) Enjoy!
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    Disney TV-DVD Rumor (Still Tentative)

    Even Stevens would be great...I really want Recess, that show is just hilarious.
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    Best Recordable DVD Brand?

    We use Verbatim DVD-R's at my work, haven't had any problems.
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    Mac mini Anyone know if the purchase options (SuperDrive, Ram etc) have changed prices in Canada? It doesn't seem so on the Canadian Apple store site. I just ordered my Mini on a shame if I paid more than I have to. Course, I'm...
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    Where are the Fraggle Rock dvd's?

    More info on today...official HIT confirmation of Season Sets! No release date, nor features, but at least it's coming! Just give me every episode, unedited, stereo sound (I've only every seen it in mono on the good ol' CBC), and I'm there! Of course, any bonus features...
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    Any word or reviews on EA's NHL 2005?

    Ha ha, that's right, the game will need a 7 second delay...;) Well, I picked up my EPSN for Ps2 Friday widescreen support (unless it's really hidden somewhere). Maybe next year. Anyways, I'm really enjoying this game. I find I'm having to 'unlearn' my previous video hockey...
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    Any word or reviews on EA's NHL 2005?

    I love the way ESPN handles on-the-fly line changes when you've locked your guy to a position, which is how I usually play. It's so simple, but EA makes it so hard... Line changes, the Skills Challenge, and the sweet frame rate were enough to convince me to pick up ESPN this year. Plus the...
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    Any word or reviews on EA's NHL 2005?

    Hmm, you guys have lost me here...Which hockey game has widescreen mode on the PS2, ESPN or EA? I rented both and couldn't find that option anywhere, but maybe I just missed it? Please tell me it's ESPN, cause that's the one I'd prefer to buy this year (bought and still love EA's 2004...
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    Where are the Fraggle Rock dvd's?

    Season sets!? Finally! Awesome, I'm in! Thank you HIT!
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    Where are the Fraggle Rock dvd's?

    Rodney, you're kidding me right? Maybe I'm just taking the bait here, but on the other hand, how often do I get to discuss Fraggles... I love this show first and foremost for its music. Secondly, it's Muppets! Thirdly, as if I need a third, I haven't seen (or at least, can't remember) every...
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    The Archive of Incomplete TV DVDs - Buyers Beware! (Updated 3/27/05)

    The Fraggle Rock DVD apparently has Episodes 1 & 2 merged together, or ar least, missing the closing credits of Ep 1, and the opening credits of Ep 2...if that counts.
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    Where are the Fraggle Rock dvd's?

    On second thought, perhaps I won't buy this disc. I haven't been to my local Wal-Mart since July 20th, so I'll look today. Off topic: Poor Boober...they don't even know his name! Back on topic: I've sent an email to HIT, and will...
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    Any opinions on HARRY POTTER games?

    I've rented the 'Prisoner of Azkaban' for PS2 this weekend. Played it for about 2 hours so far. Compared to 'Chamber of Secrets' (for PS2, which I own), it's better...the load times are improved, the frame rate is much better. You can switch between controlling Harry, Ron & Hermione...
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    Fraggle Rock Coming To R1 Dvd!!!

    Yes, season sets are a must. I'd probably pick this up though, just to have and hold. Ross
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    Need Video Capture Device that works in XP

    Canopus is a little more (actually a lot more) than I want to spend, however, we have two ADVC-100's at my work, so in the event I have something I want to dub at high quality (probably some of my old music concerts or whatever), I'll just do it there. Plus there's no TV tuner. I've decided...
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    Need Video Capture Device that works in XP

    Oh, yeah, I didn't even look at the dates. ;) I don't really have the horsepower for multi-pass encoding, or loseless recording (gonna upgrade this fall, I hope). I'm more just looking for a quick and easy solution. I've been recording stuff at VCD quality for the past year, and I've gotten...
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    Need Video Capture Device that works in XP

    I have the ATI AIW 7500 with the Remote Wonder. It has served me well. However, I'd like to burn some of my TV shows onto DVD, and the 7500 doesn't do hardware-based MPEG2 encoding. I don't think any ATI cards do. As JoshR has recommended, I'm gonna get a Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-250 card (Future...
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    About that 'Play All' button

    The "Roger Ramjet" discs had two options (if my memory serves)...Play All with intros & credits, and Play All without intros & credits. Of course, the intro for that show is about as long as the episodes , so I can see why they did it that way. I could go either way on this...I like...
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    List the TV shows not available on DVD that you would buy in a heartbeat!

    Two words: Fraggle Rock! :emoji_thumbsup: Full seasons, R1...and the sooner the better! Red Fraggle: "Boober, where did you learn a funeral dirge?" Boober Fraggle: "I composed it in honour of my own departure."
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    Will there be more season sets of Cartoon Network?

    I was hoping when I saw Samurai Jack on the shelves, maybe Dexter and PPG can't be far behind...only time will tell I guess. I don't like Samurai Jack, but Dexter is gold...I have the PPG discs released so far (except "Twas the Fight Before Xmas"), but would rebuy in season sets. Off...
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    Don Cherry's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Hockey

    Yeah, I have that one, and more than a few others...that one where he raps is something else! Are there not some Don Cherry DVD's out there? I realize Volume One isn't, but I think 13 or something has a double pack. "Who's the best I often ponder, right now it's Stevie Wonder...
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    Millennium Season 1 in July!

    Does that mean 11 episodes per disc?! (eyes bug out of head) Seems like a lot. Oh well, glad to see this finally getting released! Hopefully they don't price it like X-Files.
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    Seasame Street Season Sets?

    I too have that 35 Yars CD box set...It's pretty great, but where is "Lower Case N"?! A best of would be good. I remember Mr. Hooper's death, and like to think that show made a profound effect on my life. I mean, how many episodes of "Barney" have dealt with death?!