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  1. ColinW

    Upconverting DVD player on an old Toshiba HDX82?

    Thanks for the reply Joseph. I wasn't sure what the max resolution of the set was, so I looked around and found this as a feature of the set: IDSC™ Pro coverts all 480i and 480p signals to 540p. Since 540p and 1080i share the same scan rate, a single focus point is established and focus...
  2. ColinW

    Upconverting DVD player on an old Toshiba HDX82?

    My display is an older Tosh 57HDX82. I am in the market for a new DVD recorder and I see the information for the upconverting models. Would these be useful for the quality of display on my set? I believe my set itself can display 1080i/720p, but not full 1080p. Does the set itself upconvert...
  3. ColinW

    New Home Theatre Room

    Thanks Ken. I do have some minor seepage, so I was going to get a drain installed and build a subfloor just a few inches off the existing concrete. I will then carpet the floor. My big concern is the width of the room. I remeasured lats night and I think once the walls are built I will...
  4. ColinW

    New Home Theatre Room

    Hi everyone - I am a longtime reader of the forum, and until now I had my theatre set up in my living room. I have some room in the basement of my old house that I would like to turn into a dedicated HT room. The width of the space I am considering is about 10 feet, and the length can be...
  5. ColinW

    Help choosing sub!

    Hi all - I am in the market for a new sub. I have a modest theatre, running a Polk 6200 satellite system powered by a Kenwood VR509 amp. I was using a Polk PSW250 8" sub but it recently crapped out and is not under warranty anymore, so I am using this an excuse to upgrade. I would love to go...
  6. ColinW

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Dog Park

    I enjoyed this movie, and I will probably pick up the disc too. Harlan Williams is great in his brief appearance, and I thought Luke Wilson did a decent job too. Maybe you don't like this whole genre of movie? It was pretty generic as you mentioned in your review, but I have always liked...
  7. ColinW

    Random Sub noise

    Thanks John. I have had similar dealings with those at Radio Shack. I looked around, but didn't see anything similar to what you describe. A part number may be very useful. Colin
  8. ColinW

    Random Sub noise

    I picked up a better Y cable, and I will try that on the linelevel inputs on the sub. Hopefully that will do the trick. I asked About An AC noise filter and the Radio Shack employee looked at me as though I had three heads. Where should I be looking to find something like that? Colin
  9. ColinW

    Random Sub noise

    I would love to have an excuse to get an SVS, but I really don't need anything that fantastic in my meager theatre. If anything I would upgrade my mains and surrounds first. I have been happy enough with the Polk sub in my setup and if it worked well until recently. The explanation of the...
  10. ColinW

    Random Sub noise

    I have a Polk PS250 powered sub which has suited my needs just fine for my small theatre. Recently the sub started randomly producing noise, sometimes during movie playback and sometimes when the system is just quiet. It is just short bursts of noise and I am not sure what is causing it. I...
  11. ColinW

    Moving a TV

    Thanks for the advice folks. We aren't moving far so there shouldn't be too much of any issue. Paul - As for the pic from a Bell dish on my set, it looks fine. I am running the normal feed from Bell into the set using S video and watching in TheatreWide 1 Mode and it looks decent. It is...
  12. ColinW

    Moving a TV

    I have a Toshiba 57HDX82, and I am moving in about a month. Is there anything specific I should do to protect the set from damage? I will cover it with some sort of blanket or nonabrasive protective sheet, but should the movers hold it flat the way it sits or can they tilt it at all. It wa...
  13. ColinW

    Toshiba Deal, Do It or Wait? Advice Needed!!

    I have had a 57HDX82 for more than two months now and I love it. The picture is excellent for DVD and the stretch modes make satellite TV look decent at full screen size. I have read many of the criticisms of the Tosh line, however I have not seen anything wrong with mine and it has been getting...
  14. ColinW

    Toshiba plunge

    For what its worth I have a Tosh 57HDX82 and it has about 200 horus on it since I bought it 5weeks ago with NO sign of flicker or bursts or anything else. That thread at the Home Theatre Spot had me freaked out, but it seems that the problem is that of a VERY vocal minority. I am hoping that is...
  15. ColinW

    My Tosh 57HDX82 - next steps?

    Hi everyone, As usual, thanks for the great discussion here. I learn something everyday I read the forum. I have had my Tosh 57HDX82 for about 3 weeks now and I am enjoying it very much. I did a calibration with Avia soon after I got it and I have been very pleased with the results from...
  16. ColinW

    O/T Tape Decks

    I still have my TEAC 3 head, 3 motor cassette deck in my setup. I actually have two of these great machines, and one is in the music setup while the other stays with the theatre gear! I used to tape many live shows back in the day and dubbing them with two single 3 head decks was the height...
  17. ColinW

    DVD Audio Cabling!

    Thanks Jerome, my received has seperate inputs for the 5.1 channel analog and the DVD optical so I should be all set. Now I need to go out and get myself a DVD Audio disc and some new cables and I'll all set! Colin
  18. ColinW

    DVD Audio Cable setup

    Thanks Tom and John. I will hook the player up using regular audio cables and use that input for DVD Audio and leave the optical cable for movies.
  19. ColinW

    DVD Audio Cabling!

    Thanks Brian, My player is a Tosh SD4800, and it doesn't have the features you were mentioning. I will leave the optical digital cable for movies and hook up regular cables for the analog 6 channel audio discs. How should I handle the subwoofer though? I have a cable from the subwoofer out...
  20. ColinW

    DVD Audio Cabling!

    I just got a DVD player that is DVD Audio compatible. In my old setup I used an optical cable for audio. What is the best way to set up the audio connection to my receiver? If I understand correctly the DVD audio signal will not work through optical and I need to set up the 5 channel audio...
  21. ColinW

    DVD Audio Cable setup

    I just got a DVD player that is DVD Audio compatible. In my old setup I used an optical cable for audio. What is the best way to set up the audio connection to my receiver? If I understand correctly the DVD audio signal will not work through optical and I need to set up the 5 channel audio...
  22. ColinW

    Tosbiha 57HDX82 / SD4800

    I just made the big move and ordered a Toshiba 57HDX82, and got an SD4800 progressive DVD player with it. I got a great deal which was only a bit more than the same deal with only a 50HDX, so I am pretty excited. I know the first move is to turn down the contrast and brightness. What are safe...
  23. ColinW

    Best price on Austin Powers 3pk today?

    I ordered the 3 pack from and it is the multicolored cases US version. I am a Canadian, and the price was decently cheap for the import version. If that is the one you're looking for, is the place with the best price that I have found. Colin
  24. ColinW

    Specific Toshiba Questions

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Gregg - I will be in touch when the new TVis purchased and we can coordinate a trip. I am not sure exactly when I wil be adding this to my theatre, but it shouldn't be too far off! I am just doing the research now! I don't know how many people have widescreen...
  25. ColinW

    Specific Toshiba Questions

    Thanks Gregg. I am mainly looking at those two because that is what I have seen locally. What model of Sony or Panny would you suggest is similar. I am thinking something in the size of 57" would be my max, although I am sure it would be easy enough to push me into a larger model!! Once I...
  26. ColinW

    Specific Toshiba Questions

    I am considering buying a new HDTV. I currently use an RCA MM36100 4x3 monitor which has been an excellent set for television/DVD and gaming. I am looking to purchase a 16x9 model and I have seen a Toshiba 57hd82 in action and I was quite impressed with both the DVD loop and the satellite...
  27. ColinW

    I just got engaged!!!

    Congratulations Paul - I wish you both the very best. I have been engaged for about a year now, and the wedding is May 25th!! I am pretty excited now too and looking forward to a long happy life with my wife! All the best.
  28. ColinW

    Sorry, I'm confused... HDTV

    For what it's worth, I own an MM36100, and I am very pleased with it. The picture quality is excellent, although it is no "true" HDTV. RCA claims that this set can display the same resolution in the 4x3 format so that the picture will be close to HDTV. I think they said 960 lines of resolution...
  29. ColinW

    HTF REVIEW: "Rock Star"

    I enjoyed Rock Star very much in the theatre. I thought it was a great movie, and very entertaining. I can se that lots of others have different opinions. I bought the disc and I am pleased with it. By far not my favourite DVD, but good to watch nonetheless. Although I do agree with Ron's...
  30. ColinW

    Video Switching / Interconnects

    Thanks for the replies. I will leave everything as I had it. It seems the advantage of video switching is only if you have more than 2 video sources the same and if you cannot accomodate them withindividual inputs on your TV. Thanks for the assistance. Colin