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  1. Greg_D_R

    Silent Running- April 7, 2015

    No real reason to buy this release if you have the Masters of Cinema Region B release. The DVDBeaver screenshots seem reflective of what I see on the Region A, and on that basis the two are very close. Region A may be slightly darker and more saturated.
  2. Greg_D_R

    What's on your Daily Viewing List?

    Sharky's Machine, Hooper, and Silent Running all look great and are more than worth the purchase. Great extras on Silent Running, too.
  3. Greg_D_R

    Hooper (1978) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Hooper is still one hell of a lot of fun! Hooper and Sharky's Machine both look and sound very good on blu-ray. Way better than I expected. If you have any interest in them at all, you can't go wrong for $9 each.
  4. Greg_D_R

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Thunder Road -- in Blu-ray

    Unless you just don't care much for the film, I'd say you're missing out. Big improvements in detail and gradient throughout, even given the limitations of the source. Worth the upgrade if you like this movie.
  5. Greg_D_R

    3-D Film Rarities (3-D Film Archive) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Me too! This is gonna be a blast.
  6. Greg_D_R

    Looks like no 3D for Big Hero 6 on Blu, WTF Disney?

    It's a worthwhile question though: Did anyone on this thread want Frozen 3D, and not buy it? I have heard people say that they were refusing to buy it because they didn't like the UK rating symbols on the packaging.
  7. Greg_D_R

    Looks like no 3D for Big Hero 6 on Blu, WTF Disney?

    All the more reason to be region-free. That said, Disney's overseas 3D releases tend to not be region locked. It looks like the UK, Australia, and India will get 3D releases of Big Hero 6.
  8. Greg_D_R

    Aspect Ratio Documentation

    The picture is from a Reddit post, and several of the following comments essentially said 'I am / was a projectionist, and we ignore those.' So that would explain the experience in most modern theaters. Also, 7.0 is apparently louder than most theaters tend to have their volume. As a projector...
  9. Greg_D_R

    Aspect Ratio Documentation

    Hmm, if only we had these for every film:
  10. Greg_D_R

    Frozen 3D Bungle?!

    Caleb, no offense, but it does not sound like that at all. That is the smoke-blowingest, most non-commital piece of corporate speak I've seen this week, and everyone else is too nice to say it. Nothing against you, just recognize a blowoff response when you see it. I do still have some hope that...
  11. Greg_D_R

    TCM/Sony: The Lady From Shanghai (Blu-ray/DVD combo)

    If you give the picture a hard look, can you notice any noise or blocking within the solid areas of color (gray, white, black)? Do you see any noise or 'sparkling' around the edges of objects? That's my best verbal description of what compression artifacts look like, which is what people are...
  12. Greg_D_R

    TCM/Sony: The Lady From Shanghai (Blu-ray/DVD combo)

    Just curious, have any of you seen the blu ray yet?
  13. Greg_D_R

    3D 3D settings - screen size, depth, and brightness - what do they do?

    I'm climbing up the tech tier at Epson, until I heard "if THIS guy doesn't know, then no one does!" Hope to update tomorrow.
  14. Greg_D_R

    Frozen 3D Bungle?!

    I'll import Frozen, if the 3D release is a UK exclusive. Strange move by Disney.
  15. Greg_D_R

    3D 3D settings - screen size, depth, and brightness - what do they do?

    I put in a call to Epson, and went through the first 2 levels of tech support, who have no idea. I've been referred to level 3, aka 'the projects team', which sounds encouraging. I'll report back if I hear from them.
  16. Greg_D_R

    3D 3D settings - screen size, depth, and brightness - what do they do?

    Make no mistake though, I appreciate all responses. I'm just trying to get some definitive answers. In many cases it seems like even the employees of the manufacturers don't understand what these settings are really doing.
  17. Greg_D_R

    3D 3D settings - screen size, depth, and brightness - what do they do?

    I've 'heard' that the 3d brightness setting controls the shutter frequency - higher frequency means a darker picture, but a smoother effect. Lower shutter frequency means a brighter picture - but that's the problem, and the point of my post: We're both guessing based on what we see, and what...
  18. Greg_D_R

    3D 3D settings - screen size, depth, and brightness - what do they do?

    Most 3D capable display devices have these 3 settings: screen size, 3D depth, and 3D brightness. Can any of our experts tell me exactly what they do to the 3D image, and how the settings interact with each other? I've seen many guesses online, but not many facts.
  19. Greg_D_R

    What's the most appropriate Projector & Screen size configuration .. ?

    I don't know, the light output on the Sony is pretty low. He would have to have a totally light controlled blackout room to get the most out of it. My vote still goes to the 5030ub, but I haven't seen any of the two projector combos listed. I have seen the Optoma HD25-LV (related to the...
  20. Greg_D_R

    EMA: Blu-ray Sales Increased 10% in 2012

    I went on a mission to replace as many dvds as possible last year, and in the first part of this one. I probably spent more than the top 10% average. Almost all from Amazon, tax free, and Prime membership. So, like Persianimmortal, lots of catalog releases.
  21. Greg_D_R

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ This is Cinerama -- in Blu-ray

    That's right! Tiki Basement is waiting!
  22. Greg_D_R

    Man of Steel (2013)

    Agreed. The geek side of the internet is beside itself right now, and with good reason. Superman looks right. Zod looks right. The action looks right, and the heart is there.
  23. Greg_D_R

    KnightRiders (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Shout Factory is getting quite a bit of money from me this year. I'm glad to support them.
  24. Greg_D_R

    DRAGONSLAYER on Blu-ray: any hope?

    Dragonslayer for me, hails from a time when Disney was taking chances with their live action films, like they did with The Black Hole. Visually it was always a bit dark and dirty, especially in the composited shots. I would absolutely love to see it on blu-ray.
  25. Greg_D_R

    Blu-ray Review The Blob Blu-ray Review

    Alright, I tried to resist, but I can't let this go without comment. Seeing posts like these, on Home Theater Forum no less, amazes me. It's possible you're both viewing on small televisions, and might not be able to see the difference between blu-ray and dvd. Barring that, the benefit of the...
  26. Greg_D_R


    I was really glad to see Argo take best picture. An original story about virtually unknown events and people, great script, acting, directing, editing. The fact that it won 3 oscars is as amazing as it getting made in the first place.
  27. Greg_D_R

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    I'm actually going to buy my friend a region free player and the (apparently crappy) Italian disc, just so he can watch it again.
  28. Greg_D_R

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    Any hope for Sharky's Machine on blu-ray this year?
  29. Greg_D_R

    1940s: What Titles Did You Vote For?

    I have to admit, the only two movies in this whole lot, in all years, that even inspire a flicker of interest in me are the Tyrone Power swashbucklers.
  30. Greg_D_R

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

    I agree. It's hilarious, but they're doing a lot with a little, and I salute them. Spider stick puppets for the win!