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  1. joe rizzuto

    Doorbell Signaler

    radio shack used to carry something like that for deaf people.
  2. joe rizzuto

    q/a about cd players. should i buy a 300 disc, 5 disc, or stay with my dvd player

    check out e-bay if you want to take a risk. i bought 2 changers so far, both pioneer, one 100 cd & the other a 25. both are working fine so far. i also have my original pioneer 100 cd player, bought new, many years ago and that works great too. occasionally e-bay has a 300/301 cd changer.
  3. joe rizzuto

    Just bought A SPL meter...

    it's my understanding that the sub should be set at 0 and to do adjustments at the sub itself. did you use a tune up dvd or the receiver's test tones? if not, i suggest a tune up dvd would be the ticket. it will help your sound as much as the spl meter did.
  4. joe rizzuto

    Onkyo 494 : Crossover settings.

    i have the 484 and could not find the crossover points either, and i searched quite a bit! i'm going with the assumption that it's set at 80.
  5. joe rizzuto

    Onkyo vs. Jbl?

    i've read on several forums about owners taking the backs off of their onkyo speakers and they are stamped polk.
  6. joe rizzuto

    Onkyo vs. Jbl?

    the onkyo speakers are made by polk audio.
  7. joe rizzuto

    dvd player help

    my buddy has a toshiba sd 2710 dvd player (same as mine). he had a power surge and the unit will no longer play. the local fix it shop says the 'surge protection unit' needs to be reset.( for $60.) any one know how to reset it? any help will be appreciated!
  8. joe rizzuto

    Kenwood, Emerson, Denon

    the speakers are canadian made by the same company thats makes energy speakers. they get good reviews.
  9. joe rizzuto

    DIY Riser questions for HT

    mine is about 8 inches high, with a 5/8 sheet of plywood for the top. it is cross braced for ridgidity.
  10. joe rizzuto

    Newbie question on how to treat room acoustics cheaply

    i have a 10x12 room that i have 'treated' accordingly; the wall where the tv is has heavy curtains on both sides of the tv and also above the tv, in essence a wall of drapes. facing the tv on my right is a window that is covered with a blind and also heavy drapes. (all drapes are red and look...
  11. joe rizzuto

    Paradigm Subwoofers

    they enjoy an excellent reputation by most. don't forget to take into account the size of your room. a smaller room can manage with a smaller sub.
  12. joe rizzuto

    Volume Knob Problem

    try some canned air & contact cleaner, worked for my onkyo.
  13. joe rizzuto

    PSB Subsonic 7 - any experience?

    i have a subsonic 5 in a smaller room (10x12) and it does the job well. psb do seem to be a dark horse and much under appreciated as far as subs go. but i have no complaints!
  14. joe rizzuto

    NEED HELP w/ Viewing Distance viewing calculator here.
  15. joe rizzuto

    Do cigars and HT mix?

    i guess that i'm lucky - i have a really poor sense of small so the lingering smoke & oder don't affect me. i use fabreeze or something like it to get rid of the smell for when i have guests over for a show. they tell me it works well.
  16. joe rizzuto

    Do cigars and HT mix?

    jeremy, actually my ex used to smoke them also. it was one of her better qualities. joe
  17. joe rizzuto

    Do cigars and HT mix?

    cigars go with everything! except if you are married.
  18. joe rizzuto

    What kind of speakers do you use for surround backs?

    i use smaller bookshelf versions of my front speakers. direct radiating, facing each other, mounted on the side walls slightly behind my seat. sound great!
  19. joe rizzuto

    Strategy for fighting high gas prices

    are there still drive in movies? where???
  20. joe rizzuto

    WTB: Infinity Center and Bookshelfs with Polycell Tweeter

    value is a relative thing. i love the sound of this line of infinity speakers and therefore i'm interested. they were not that expensive in the first place, at least when i bought them.
  21. joe rizzuto

    WTB: Infinity Center and Bookshelfs with Polycell Tweeter

    don't want to interfere in a deal here...but, i might be interested in the 65's if it doesn't work out. i'm not in a rush, but i will be here.
  22. joe rizzuto

    speakers better today than 10 years ago?

    mario, i use infinity sm82's as my fronts and smaller sm62's as my surrounds. i have an infinity video one as my centre and they sound great with both music & movies. i also use a sub for the real lows. i think our speakers are the same vintage and they have nothing to be ashamed of when...
  23. joe rizzuto

    infinity speakers - any thoughts?

    i have & love the infinity studio monitors (model 62 & 82). should you ever decide to sell yours, i would be most interested.
  24. joe rizzuto

    Speaker Stands....I guess this is where this question goes

    i use small rounds of cork. most commonly used to protect floors from furniture.
  25. joe rizzuto

    Just bought Paradigms in Calgary how'd I do?

    i like some of the stands at ikea.
  26. joe rizzuto


    reid, from edmonton? there are lots of great audio/video stores in edmonton. try audio 5.1 on the south side. audio ark & audio plus are also very good. don't be scared of high end stores as they are a good place to learn. you can listen to the best and find the 'sound' that you prefer and then...
  27. joe rizzuto


    reid, the specs on speakers won't really tell what is the best sounding one. for that you need your ears, and i do mean YOUR ears. what sounds great to me might only sound ok to you or worse. i have read good things about the athena's but have never heard them myself. i guess they are good...
  28. joe rizzuto

    Thoughts about Julie London

    my mother was a big fan of julie london and i grew up listening to her - along with sinatra, frankie laine, nat king cole etc. i always liked her style and voice. this has been a good reminder for me to look for some cd's from her. i assume there must be a couple out there. if i remember...
  29. joe rizzuto

    Calgary - a Dangerous City to live in?

    most of the violence in edmonton & calgary is either gang related or having to do with domestic violence. gang related meaning one gang against another. there is less widespread violence against the average citizen than in most american urban centres. i grew up up in new york city and now...