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  1. Travis*N

    more turntable questions

    hi, i've just recently got into vinyl and have to say, i am totally in love with the format. i've finally found the sound i have been searching for for so long in the digital medium. the turn table i got is a rega p3 with an audionote IQ-1 cartridge, and i run it through a denon 3802 with...
  2. Travis*N

    new turntable

    Yesterday I finally recieved the REGA P3 turntable I had ordered about 3 weeks ago. All I can say right now is "WOW" I will never listen to a CD again. (not really, just hyperbolizing ;) ) anyway, thanks to everyone who gave me some info/opinions when I was deciding what to go with. One thing...
  3. Travis*N

    pure direct on denon 3803

    Has anyone here done an upgrade from a denon 3802 to the 3803? Reason I ask is because of the new feature on the '03, the "pure direct" button. How much difference does this make on the sound. I haven't personally had the chance to make a comparison, but if its alot better, I would consider the...
  4. Travis*N

    rega P turntable

    I've been looking for a good turntable, cause I want to get into listening to vinyl. The model I like best right now is a Rega P2. How are rega's tables? I can't really find alot of info on them besides their website. My dealer has said they would sell it to me for about $900(cdn) and that this...
  5. Travis*N

    thoughts on ATI amplifiers

    thanks for the replies. I think I will hold off on a purchase until i at least get a chance to listen to a bryton.
  6. Travis*N

    thoughts on ATI amplifiers

    What do you guys think of ATI amplifiers? My local dealer has one left (model AT1505) i think. Its around 180w/channel and retails for $3995 (cdn) and he has hinted that he would sell to me for maybe about $26-2700. I have heard this running with my speakers (paradigm ref. 60) and it really...
  7. Travis*N

    turntable questions

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I'm definitly making a TT my next purchase. How are Rega's by the way. If I were to go with a Music Hall, I would have to mail order it, but i found a local dealer near where I live that sells Rega. They said they can do all the set up for me and it would be...
  8. Travis*N

    turntable questions

    I've done some research recently on analog music (turntables, vinyl) and my interest in this format is really piqued right now. I think the next chunk of money I spend will be on a TT, maybe the musichall mmf2 or mmf5, but from some of the reviews and stuff i have read, I kinda get the...
  9. Travis*N


    I hate how pushy the sales-scum-men are. And when you start asking very basic questions about the speakers, all they can tell you is "nuance are so good, there is no need to list any specs," or "nuance have a secret technology that is so good, we can't even explain it, you just have to...
  10. Travis*N

    I got "White Vanned"

    These white van guys sound alot like a "NUANCE" salesman. Ever been through the nuance sale pitch? I must say, its not quite like anything else i've ever encounted.
  11. Travis*N


    has anyone ever seen or heard of a speaker callled NUANCE. i have had a few very interesting experiences with nuance and the sales reps(not good)
  12. Travis*N

    anyone know anything about myryad amplifers?

    I have a chance to pick up a 3 channel, 120 W/channel amplifier made by myryad.(model ma360, i think) It will be about $2100 cdn, regular about $3500. Has anyone here used one or heard anything about this brand. I can't find alot of information about them and it seems like a good deal, but i...