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  1. Robert Hoffman

    Newbie Needs a 42" Plasma. Can you help?

    Sony doesn't make Plasmas anymore. You're fine getting any of either NEC, Pioneer, or Panasonic. Of those, the Panasonic will be the cheapest and you should be able to get a 42 inch for around $2100. I think the NECs run around $2500 (I own the 50 inch version) and Pioneer is coming out with...
  2. Robert Hoffman

    Plasma Newbie Questions

    Also, make sure you have your DVD player configured to output a 16:9 (widescreen) picture. The default on most players is not widescreen (and if you replaced a non-widescreen TV, you'll probably need to change this setting on the DVD player).
  3. Robert Hoffman

    Plasma Newbie Questions

    Have you tried calibrating the TV? If you use a DVD like AVIA to set the contrast & brightness you might find that the issues with the picture go away. Normally TVs out of the box are set to torch mode with these settings at their max. These are hardly the most optimal settings.
  4. Robert Hoffman

    Best 42" Plasma for <$3000.00

    Definitely check out Panasonic. I think their new 60U series should fit your budget and they have a pretty strong following. I'd also recommend NEC (42xr4) although I'm not 100% positive it costs less than $3,000 (but I think it does).
  5. Robert Hoffman

    Getting my first "big" TV, need suggestions.

    Can't help you there. I wouldn't get too caught up on the 1080p thing and instead go for the functionality that you need. I needed something with a wide viewing angle and small profile so I went the way of Plasma.
  6. Robert Hoffman

    Getting my first "big" TV, need suggestions.

    You're not going to get a 1080p plasma for $3500. I don't think they're even available yet (although some of the newer models will accept 1080p...they just scale the image). For $3500, you'd probably want to get one of the new Panasonic 50" plasmas (if you go that route). I think the NECs...
  7. Robert Hoffman

    Whats the best tv to mount on wall over 50"

    Get the NEC 61XR4A. As good of a picture as the Pioneer (or at least on par) and it should cost considerably less than $9999 as the 50" is only around $3900.
  8. Robert Hoffman

    Getting my first "big" TV, need suggestions.

    If you settle for a 42", you won't need 1080P. You don't really need it either at 50" (unless you plant to sit closer than say 6 feet from the TV). I like my plasma (NEC 50xr5). Awesome viewing angle, no risk of burn-in (there really isn't at all with the new Plasmas), beautiful picture, no...
  9. Robert Hoffman


    Another thing to consider is distance. I forgot what the exact calculations are, but if you're not sitting closer than 9-11 feet from the TV, you won't be able to tell the difference between 1080P and the other existing HD signals.
  10. Robert Hoffman

    1080p Plasmas. They Exist?

    I think Panny and Pioneer are both coming out with 1080P Plasma displays, but plan on waiting a while longer (another 3-6 months). As an alternative, you could get the NEC now which will take a 1080P signal over component or DVI and at least display it (at 768P). I don't think the present...
  11. Robert Hoffman

    dlp on wall

    Just an observation, but I can't imagine that whatever minimal cost you might save on the monitor by buying a DLP would offset the amount of time, money, and frustration you'd have to spend trying to mount the thing on the wall. Not too mention the potential for a below average picture given the...
  12. Robert Hoffman

    Frozen DVD picture!!!!!

    Maybe your cable is bad? Try it with a componenet connection first and make sure everything works ok.
  13. Robert Hoffman

    Going with a Plasma

    If you're buying from a factory authorized dealer (who happens to also be a forum sponsor) you shouldn't have a problem. Most of these guys live by their online reputations. If you have problems, just start a smear campaign on this website and and you're bound to get a response from...
  14. Robert Hoffman

    Going with a Plasma

    In about a month (or as little as 2 weeks, it's kind of unknown at this point) the new Panasonic 60U 9th generation consumer plasmas should be available. I've seen a price on the 42" at $2250 plus shipping from an online factory authorized dealer. My guess is that this TV will be your best bet.
  15. Robert Hoffman

    Please help recommend a display for a friend

    My only other comment would be to make sure that whatever online dealer you're using is factory authorized. Usually (rather, probably always) the dealers that are forum sponsors (to both HTF and avsform) are factory authorized for the brands they carry. The price you get from them is usually...
  16. Robert Hoffman

    What is a plasma TV's response time?

    I don't think any plasma from one of the respected manufacturers suffers from motion blur.
  17. Robert Hoffman

    Please help recommend a display for a friend

    Have you picked a display format yet? (plasma, Lcos, d-ila, SXRD, etc) You can probably rule out LCD as the screen sizes don't go that large. Check out for their different display sub groups and look for recommendations. For one of the top brands in Plasma (panasonic, pioneer...
  18. Robert Hoffman

    1080p CRTs

    From what I understand, you'd need to be incredibly close to the screen to discern 1080p from a lower resolution formats especially at a size less than 42" (even then you need to be as close as 4-5 feet). Probably something like 1 foot away at a size of 34".
  19. Robert Hoffman

    What is a plasma TV's response time?

    I can't find the link, but someone asked the same question on AVS forum the other day. The response is that it's a non-issue with Plasma....less than 1ms.
  20. Robert Hoffman

    Plasma 50"

    Also be sure to check out the NEC 50xr5. It can be had for around $3900 delivered (check for factory authorized retailers over the internet). Some compare it very favorably to both the Pioneer Elite and the Fujitsu.
  21. Robert Hoffman

    Anything better than SONY KLVS32A10 for $1600?

    Check in the LCD/Plasma section for recommendations. That forum seems to have the best info for LCD & Plasma ideas and chances are there is a dedicated thread to the model that you're looking for.
  22. Robert Hoffman

    Ack! What just happened to my 40H80?

    I assume I should just replace it rather than pay to get it fixed? Oh well, at least I've recently been reading up on 50 inch plasmas :D
  23. Robert Hoffman

    Ack! What just happened to my 40H80?

    I have a Toshiba 40H80 RPTV purchased about 4 years ago. Today, when my roomate turned on the TV, the picture came up but was jumping all over the screen and the convergence was clearly way off. Then, it went dead and wouldn't turn on until you pulled the plug....even then it would shut off...
  24. Robert Hoffman

    Any difference between Shure E4, E4c, E4g other than color?

    Check out and for the best resources on headphones.
  25. Robert Hoffman

    Can I improve sound for only $500?

    I think it would be the Dayton branded one that he's talking about. Chances are it will materially outperform that 8 inch low profile sub you linked to earlier (and it's nearly 1/2 the price).
  26. Robert Hoffman

    Did I fry the midrange?

    I didn't recalibrate, but I'm only using front L&R in stereo (in addition to a SVS sub). While I guess 0 on the dial may not have been reference, I figured I could audibly tell if they were being driven too hard. That being said, I was having a hard time standing by the end of the night, so...
  27. Robert Hoffman

    Did I fry the midrange?

    Thanks John, you always seem to come thru in the clutch :D I guess I may just go out this weekend and buy a cheap pair of Paradigm bookshelves. It's tough not having any speakers at all. Actually, anyone have any experience with the Klipsch RB-15's or 25's? We get a corporate discount at...
  28. Robert Hoffman

    Did I fry the midrange?

    I've got a pair of Venturi (BIC America) V62's that were purchased about 10 years ago. I don't normally use these speakers, but my roomates blew my nice ones and I had to pull these out of the closet for a party. Long story short, I have them hooked up to my Rotel 1095 (200 watts by 5 channels)...
  29. Robert Hoffman

    Need a new toy: Sub or Amp?

    If you don't have issues with your amp straining on the current speakers that you have, I'd recommend upgrading the sub as that will most definitely result in better sound (or lower, more powerful bass).
  30. Robert Hoffman

    Attention: ALL those interested in reviewing a new hifi product before market!!!

    On the other hand....apparently he just wants someone to come listen to these things. It's not like he's trying to sell them, yet.