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  1. Brad Boydston

    Two better than one?

    Are two subs usual better than one? Case in point...Crutchfield will ship two JBL GT120's for $160. The Tempest runs $150 shipped. For just a home theater, would having two GT120's in separate enclosures be better than say a single Tempest. The Tempest would be limited to an enclosure size of...
  2. Brad Boydston

    Quatro 15"/250W amp impressions, $250 earthquake anyone?

    I find it refreshing to hear people's ACTUAL listening impressions. Thanks for the post!
  3. Brad Boydston

    Mcm 55-2421

    >>Four woofers in parallel at 4 ohms each gives you a 1 ohm impedence. Put a 1.2 ohm resistor in series and it will burn about half of the power. I had no idea idea you would need a resistor that had to handle that much power. As far as I can see Unibox doesn't yield the final number of ohms...
  4. Brad Boydston

    Mcm 55-2421

    I've read most of the comments on the MCM High Excursion (55-2421) 8" woofer, and it seemed like most people liked. I've put the specifications into Unibox and they didn't look very impressive. So, I decided the jack around with adding four woofers in parallel. Still...not too impressive. The...
  5. Brad Boydston

    Dual Ports: Port Length Question

    On Adire's website, the Tempest in a 194L vented alignment requires two 3" flared ports five inches long. Using Unibox, I plug one port of 3" in diameter, I get five inches. When I plug two ports in, it reads two 3" ports each 12 inches long. Which is right and why? The larger the diameter...