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  1. Denis K

    Recommended Speaker Wire

    Hi Bob, I read your post with interest. I just bought a set of 6 speakers and the dealer threw in a bunch of in-wall rated, CI (custom installer) series Monster speaker wire for me. Unfortunately all he had on hand was some 16 gauge, 4 conductor. He suggested that I tie the ends together as...
  2. Denis K

    Video Switching and Upconversion??

    Trying to finalize my decision on a new receiver, and have a question on the benefits of video upconversion. (Yes, I've read the posts from a number of people who claim that the process usually has a negative effect on picture quality.) As I understand, it the benefits are primarily: 1) Only...
  3. Denis K

    14 to 12 to 10 gauge

    Hi Bob, I was all set to order the Sound King 12 ga. from Parts Express, but then realized it is not rated for in-wall applications. :frowning: I called them up and they recommended a 14 ga., 2-conductor wire (part #100-762). It's a smaller gauge, but still supposed to be a good quality. Do...
  4. Denis K

    Athena Point 5 versus JBL

    I listened to the Athena Point 5s last week and thought they sounded great -- especially for the money. I compared them with the Energy Encores (up the line from the Take 5s) and thought they compared quite favorably. There was a difference in sound, but it would be personal prefernce as to...
  5. Denis K

    Denon Direct Modes

    Extremely helpful reply, Brian. Thanks!
  6. Denis K

    Denon Direct Modes

    Bump. Anyone?
  7. Denis K

    Denon Direct Modes

    Hi, Can someone please explain the difference between Denon's "Pure Direct/Direct/Stereo Modes on Digital/Analog inputs" on the 3803, and the "Stereo/Direct Modes w/Pure Analog Path" offered on the 2803? Thanks in advance, Denis
  8. Denis K

    Speakers, Drivers and Physics

    Thanks guys for your excellent responses! While my question was about theory, the application is practical. I have decided, due to some space constraints, to go with a sub/sat system for a new surround sound setup. I have not been totally satisfied with any of the sub/sats I've auditioned. The...
  9. Denis K

    Speakers, Drivers and Physics

    Question for you speaker design experts... What are the benefits of adding a second driver of the same size to a speaker? Specifically, consider a small satellite speaker with a 3" mid-bass driver. What would be gained by adding a second 3" driver? (Consider the tweeter as the same in all of...
  10. Denis K - anyone have experience shopping with them??

    I ordered a DVD player from them this past summer. Shipped within 24 hours, double boxed and very good communication. I'd order from 'em again. -- Denis
  11. Denis K - anyone have experience shopping with them??

    I ordered a DVD player from them this past summer. Shipped within 24 hours, double boxed and very good communication. I'd order from 'em again. -- Denis
  12. Denis K

    H/K 525 for $618 shipped!

    Hey alan_dana, where are you seeing Pio Elites at 40% off list? (Sorry for the slightly off-topic post.) Thanks, Denis
  13. Denis K

    Denon 1803 @ ~ $450 shipped

    Also, looks like the 1803 lacks the OSD that the 2802 has.
  14. Denis K

    New Denon 1403 Specs From Denon Site!!!!

    Oops, sorry. Should have searched first. Looks like the info on the 2803 will be available around the same time as the 3803... still several months out.
  15. Denis K

    New Denon 1403 Specs From Denon Site!!!!

    Anyone know when specs (or product) will be available for a 2803?
  16. Denis K

    Ascend Acoustics Center Channel Question

    Ben, I have/had the same question as I am also considering the Ascends. Go here: HTM-200 and scroll down to my question. Then see Kevin's reply just below. Hope this helps.
  17. Denis K

    $200 DVD Player - pls. help me pick one

    Thanks, guys for the helpful info. (Other comments are still welcome.) Also I had thought the DVD-A or SACD combo players were still quite a bit more expensive. I'll do a little more research. Thanks again, David. Regards, Denis
  18. Denis K

    $200 DVD Player - pls. help me pick one

    Hi All, My wife and kids are buying me a DVD player for Father's Day. I've been informed that unless I give them a specific model, they’re going to hit BB or CC and pick one out for me (yikes!). I'd been looking into players a little bit, but hadn't done any serious homework. But in the <...
  19. Denis K

    Any Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 owners here?

    Hey Kevin. I, too, have been struggling to decide between the Axioms and the Ascends for a 5.1 setup. One thing I've heard about the Ascends is that the HTM-200 is a bit weak as a center. Since the home theater piece is about as important as the music piece to me, this has me concerned. I’d...
  20. Denis K

    Onkyo 595 is now discontinued....

    Anyone know if the new models are just to supercede the 494 and 595, or will there be updates for the 696 and 797 as well? I think the 696/797 are still relatively new, so they may be around for a while yet.
  21. Denis K

    JBL S series. Are they worth the money?

    Hi, Anyone have any idea as to what is new or different in the series 2s? There is no info on JBL's web site. -- Denis
  22. Denis K

    Harman Kardon 7500 and 8500

    Thanks, Sam. Here's some more info I dug up that may be of interest to HK fans. It was released on 9/3. Harman Kardon: Five new receivers are the company's first with Dolby Pro Logic 2, and the top three are the company's first with DTS ES Discrete and Matrix. The top-end THX Ultra-certified...
  23. Denis K

    Harman Kardon 7500 and 8500

    Samuel and Kevin, There is a model 520 on the way. :) It was supposed to be out this month, but has been delayed for a few months. It will have DPLII, but I was unable to get info on what else it will have. Got the scoop directly from HK. I did not check on a 320 model. BTW, I am curious...
  24. Denis K

    Question on HK: AVR 510

    John, Can you tell me where you got the news on an AVR-520 model and how you know it will be in September? Also, anyone had a chance to do a side-by-side of the 510 with a roughly comparable Marantz (6000/6200, 7000/7200, 8000)? I know which one sounds "better" is highly subjective, but I'd...
  25. Denis K

    Question on HK: AVR 510

    Thanks, Guys. I really appreciate your helpful replies. -- Denis ------------------
  26. Denis K

    Question on HK: AVR 510

    I am trying to finalize a decision on a new receiver and have heard/read lots of good things about HKs. I would definitely consider the AVR 510, however it has neither DTS-ES Discrete nor DPL II. Since many other models at this price point now include one or both of these, I'm wondering if the...
  27. Denis K

    Marantz SR7200

    Info From Marantz.... Spoke with a local, reputable (been in business for decades) dealer today to see what he could verify w/respect to the 7200's DTS-ES/Matrix abilities and crossover frequency. After reading through the manual, he couldn't be certain. So he got on the phone and called...
  28. Denis K

    Help With Final Sub Decision: VTF-2 vs. Rava

    Hey folks, Well I've pretty much decided on the "5" part of a new 5.1 setup. I'm going with and Ascend Acoustics setup. Now for the ".1". As part of Ascend's HT package, I can get a HSU VTF-2 for what works out to be $350 (vs. $499 from HSU). My other option is to go with an Adire Rava...
  29. Denis K

    Denon:24 bit DSP processor vs DDSC-Digital

    The 2801 did not have the SHARC processor, but it did have Denon's DDSC. There is no mention of DDSC in the 2802 product sheet or owner's manual. It appears that Denon dropped DDSC from this year's 280X series. Disappointing. So with the 24-bit processor remaining and DDSC gone, anyone have...
  30. Denis K

    Marantz North American website updated

    Jon, Yeah, same thing. While annoying, it is not uncommon for web page designers to build the site structure and links before the product marketing folks have delivered the content. -- Denis