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  1. Kevin Co

    Good sub for upto $200

    I was thinking of buying a DLS 10 (based on all the positive reviews on this forum) just before it was discontinued. I was then considering the Sony WM-40 as the next best available option for under $200, when I came across the Velodyne VX-10 for $200. Commiting the ultimate sin, I bought one...
  2. Kevin Co

    Sub recommendation

    I bought the Velodyne VX-10 for $200 and am quite satisfied so far.
  3. Kevin Co

    Good in-wall HT speakers < $1000?

    It's always difficult to get opinions about a particular model of inwall on this forum. I don't think too many of us actually own them. It's even more difficult to find reviews on the web. Anyway, having recently gone through this myself, I'll try to help. The Speakercraft CRS One, if I'm not...
  4. Kevin Co

    problem setting LFE level on Yamaha 5560

    I made a similar post to this one in SPEAKERS AND SUBWOOFERS several days ago, however since I think the root of my problem is my receiver and not my sub (not to mention not receiving any replies in the aforementioned post), I will ask the same question here. I'm having a problem with setting...
  5. Kevin Co

    Why would I need a multi-disc DVD player?

    It's quite handy. I keep my AVIA disk in there full time. Right now I also have the 2 disc LOTR set and "Elmo Visits the Firehouse" for when my 1 year old decides he's had enough of my veiwing tastes.
  6. Kevin Co

    Help with monopole surrounds for 5.1

    Assuming that my primary concern is HT not 5 channel music, and that I can't toe the surrounds in, is there any way I can make this setup sound decent? In other words, is there a location for the surrounds on the rear wall facing forward that is better than another? What if were to apply the ITU...
  7. Kevin Co

    Help with monopole surrounds for 5.1

    Thanks for the info guys. Rich, you are right in assuming that I am incorrectly referring to the L & R surrounds as "rear surrounds". My existing setup is Prologic, so old habits die hard I guess. I have seen the ITU diagram before and am in total agreement that it makes sense. My problem...
  8. Kevin Co

    Steer my friend away from Bose Acoustimatics and towards a better speaker pkg.

    How about five NHT Superzeroes ($90 ea.) and a Velodyne VX-10 sub ($200) for a total of $650. You could even add the Northcreek music crossover upgrade to all 5 Superzeroes and still be under $900.
  9. Kevin Co

    Help with monopole surrounds for 5.1

    I need some last minute advice on placing my rear surrounds in my 5.1 setup. They are inwalls, so I only have one chance to get it right. I’m hoping that some of you with monopole surrounds will chime in here. I have my fronts separated by 90 inches (tweeter to tweeter) and my listening distance...
  10. Kevin Co

    Kenwood VR-6070 closeout at BB: worth it?

    I was there about 2 wks ago. I think it was $368. I'm not positive though. I ended up with the Yamaha HTR-5560 which was also $368. Since I got the last one, it was discounted another 10%. I picked this one because of the higher component video bandwidth (30MHz vs. 10 MHz).
  11. Kevin Co

    Yamaha HTR5560 / 5550 wattage

    Thanks Rob. After going through several threads on this topic, I felt comfortable enough to buy it. I've never checked with an SPL meter, but I'm quite certain that I don't listen to movies or music anywhere near reference level (condo, neighbors, know what I mean?). Worst case scenario is that...
  12. Kevin Co

    Looking For A Good Cheap Subwoofer!

    Velodyne has a new entry level sub,the VX-10. There's a small thread somewhere on this forum. From what I've read it sounds pretty decent. It's a 10" driver with a 100W amp and has it for $169. I don't know how you feel about the price, but I haven't seen many decent subs for less...
  13. Kevin Co

    Yamaha HTR5560 / 5550 wattage

    I’m looking at purchasing a Yamaha HTR5560 receiver. My only reservation is a thread that I read a while ago on this forum. Someone had the RX-V630 (which I think is the same receiver) tested at an independent lab and discovered that it was only capable of generating 27W with all channels...
  14. Kevin Co

    low cost sub for NHT Superzeroes

    I'm thinking about building a low cost 5.1 system with 5 NHT superzero xu's. I've read that these can be somewhat finicky to set up without a decent sub. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good low cost sub that would complement these speakers? Their usage would be about 90% HT. BTW, my room...
  15. Kevin Co

    Question for Tosh 50H82 owners

    Bump.. Anyone??
  16. Kevin Co

    Question for Tosh 50H82 owners

    First of all, let me just say that I?m pretty green with regards to RPTV?s, so this question may seem silly. I?ve spent about a month reading info on this forum and have managed to gain just about enough confidence to purchase the Tosh 50H82. Now here?s my dilemma: I built a new room in the...