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  1. Mark_Paul

    Hooking up VHS to DVD Recorder

    They're just old animated shows and sporting events that I taped, so no copy-protection. But what I want to know is will I do perfect copies of the original tape? The tapes are in good shape, so I don't want the signal to the recorder to deteriorate in any way. I was thinking I may have to buy a...
  2. Mark_Paul

    Hooking up VHS to DVD Recorder

    Did a search for this, but found nothing specific. I have a number of VHS tapes that I want to archive to DVD. I was going to use my PC, but was surprised at the cost of getting good results. So If I hook up a decent recorder to my video, what sort of results will that give me? Are they...
  3. Mark_Paul

    Anyone Get Three O'Clock High?

  4. Mark_Paul

    My Entire DVD Collection Was Stolen Last Night

    This is awful news. I really feel for you and hope you can recover, not just in terms of your movie collection but also psychologically.
  5. Mark_Paul

    Missing inserts

    Can't answer your question directly but let me say that inserts were something that could seperate a bootleg from a genuine copy. Inserts were the final, loving touch to your movie package. From Citizen Kane to Tales From The Darkside, no matter, there is no excuse to leave out the insert...
  6. Mark_Paul

    Warner u.k. amaray cases!

    Right, very important question. Are Warner including inserts in these Amaray's?
  7. Mark_Paul

    Midnight Run: SE - Missing Scene

    Sorry to go off topic (but only a little bit), does this DVD have an insert?
  8. Mark_Paul

    DVD Review HTF Review: The Breakfast Club

    That was a great review, thanks. I too wish they could have included some of the TV footage. John Hughes films usually clocked in at around 90 minutes, he was a very strict editor of his films.
  9. Mark_Paul

    Yet another 80's DVD rant - What is keeping these films from DVD?

    D.A.R.Y.L. was a good family picture. Good performance from the young lead. I'd like to see this on DVD, along with Explorers. Have patience, it will happen. ;)
  10. Mark_Paul

    The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

    I think the one, reoccurring question in these two films is 'what is reality?'. How can we be sure we all see the world in the same way? A philosopher (I think it was Descartes) asked himself a very simple question. Is there anything I can be certain of? For example, some people are colour...
  11. Mark_Paul

    Friday The 13th SEs/Box Set Info Coming on September 19th!?

    Yeah I want them uncut. UNCUT UNCUT Who else loves the theme tune to Part 8 'Jason Takes Manhattan'. Wow. I like the way the series evolved also. For example, the hockey mask did not show up till part 3. That NY poster for part 8 is one of my favourite 1-sheets. Did the comedy ruin...
  12. Mark_Paul

    DVD Review HTF Review: The Howling Special Edition (Recommended)

    So this disc is double-sided? No sale, then. Thanks for the review. :emoji_thumbsup:
  13. Mark_Paul

    Directors Best title sequence in a movie?

    Beverly Hills Cop II (ahem) Actually, I prefer no titles, like Die Hard 2, Predator 2, The Crow, stuff like that.
  14. Mark_Paul

    Best use of music in a movie

    The Farelly Brothers use modern pop music superbly, especially in Dumb & Dumber and Kingpin.
  15. Mark_Paul

    Movies that make you feel happy

    I've seen Mrs Doubtfire a number of times, and I've always found it very agreeable.
  16. Mark_Paul

    Dead & Buried....very creepy film gets SE treatment!

    I've never heard of this movie!! Worth a blind buy?
  17. Mark_Paul

    Beware The Hitcher !

    I agree. Momentum really make an effort. Very pleased with this title, especially as I've never seen it 2.35:1 before.
  18. Mark_Paul

    BTTF R4: two different packings?

    That third type of case sounds good. Is that standard now? I may get that. Any pics?
  19. Mark_Paul

    Identity dvd 9/2/03

    And I stupidly assumed the theatrical art would be used. Good picture, but I'm not buying this. I'm sick of lump-headed studios treating us like idiots. :angry:
  20. Mark_Paul

    Tom Tykwer's Heaven on DVD?

  21. Mark_Paul

    Old School Unrated DVD - No Insert???

    The UK Red Dragon has no insert, so I want to DVDCoverart to download a high quality image. I then cropped it to insert size, and printed it out on high quality paper at hires. I then had the thing laminated. As a way to take away the bareness of the section where we are used to seeing an...
  22. Mark_Paul

    Top 5 must have DVD's For HT

    Here are my personal favourites - ...Night Of The Living Dead (Elite) ...Near Dark (Anchor Bay) ...Memento (2-Disc) ...Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Pioneer) ...NBK Director's Cut Special mention for Ferris Buellers Day Off. My most watched DVD! (about 30 times).
  23. Mark_Paul

    Does your town still have a great cinema?

    Justin, I too dream of doing that. Where I live, there was a superb 'old fashioned' 2-screen cinema which was forced to close, no doubt because of the competion from large muliplexes. The last film I ever saw there was 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'. When I was a child, watching films...
  24. Mark_Paul

    Bright Lights Big City...Ugh! FULL SCREEN only.

    What awful cover art. What a joke.
  25. Mark_Paul

    Movies with video store scenes

    Ed TV.
  26. Mark_Paul

    DVD Packaging Woes!

    I have only ever seen the 'wrinkled look' on R1 discs, never on R2.
  27. Mark_Paul

    This annoying "no insert" trend -- A RANT

    I posted my concerns about this in another thread. For me no insert=very irritaing. Not becuase I care about which chapter stop Ed 209 is first revealed in (I don't), but because I have gotten so use to seeing them to the left of the disc, and to have no insert just looks cheap and bare...
  28. Mark_Paul

    Joy Ride DVD review

    This movie (and DVD) was surprisingly good. I thought it was going to be a gormless teen thriller, but was proved wrong. The transfer is outstanding, with some of the best night scenes I've seen for a while. IMO, I think Road Kill is the better title.