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  1. Ray Kammer

    Matching transformer basics

    I seem to recall from my electronics background that a 75 to 300 ohm transformer is the same as a 300 ohm to 75 ohm transformerl. Am I recalling correctly? Thanks.
  2. Ray Kammer

    Static Mode on Hitachi 43FWX20B??

    :frowning: Sure would appreciate some feedback on this one. I'd hate to call Sears out just to push a button or two. Thanks,
  3. Ray Kammer

    Static Mode on Hitachi 43FWX20B??

    I've had my 43FWX20B since early December and had Sears send out a tech last week to tweek up the geometry. He also made several other adjustments which resulted in noticable picture improvement. Here's the problem. I think he left the set in some kind of factory calibraion mode because the...
  4. Ray Kammer


    Would it be wise to buy the Avia calibration disk on Ebay or is that too risky? I can get one for bout $25.00. Thanks,
  5. Ray Kammer

    Another Newbee arrives

    ;) Well, they don't get any newer than this! (my first post). I've been lurking for the past month while I made up my mind on what HDTV to buy. Finally took delivery of my new Hitachi 43FWX20B from Sears today and so far I'm liking it just fine. Here are some comments which may be of interest to...
  6. Ray Kammer

    16:9 vs 4:3 screen size equivalents

    I'm about to buy a widescreen TV and would like to know what size 16:9 I need to buy to have the screen size be at least 36"diagonal when viewing 4:3 programming in natural (non-stretched) mode? I seem to remember a website that has a chart or a formula for calculating this for all size screens...
  7. Ray Kammer

    Timbre match problem

    I just hooked up a pair of 1980s ADS L1590/2 towers as the main speakers in my HT. They sound awsome in stereo mode and also really good in HT but when I use the test tone (pink noise?) from my Onkyo TS DX595 to try and calibrate the system the left speaker sounds different from the right one...
  8. Ray Kammer

    Sony Sa-WM40 set-up

    I've got my WM40 up on a brick hearth and perpendicular to my listening area. Sounds awsome and has continued to get tighter with usage. I'm running a pair of ADS L1590/2 towers with dual 10" woofers as my mains. I have the low pass turned down low and the gain about 2/3 full. This Sub Woofer is...
  9. Ray Kammer

    Would love to use these in my Home Theater!

    Mark, Thanks for your thoughts. Actually, about the loudest I ever listen with the Yamaha/ADS combo is at about 80 or 90 watts peak on the deepest bass material (as shown on the M65s power meter). The nominal impedence of the ADS speakers is 8 ohms and they carry a max power of 300 watts. Guess...
  10. Ray Kammer

    Would love to use these in my Home Theater!

    I've just been given a pair of '80s ADS L1590/2 towers. They sound awsome behind my Yamaha M65 Power amp at 170 watts RMS/channel. I'd like to use them as the mains in my Home Theater which is powered by an Onkyo TS DS595 which puts out a clean 75 watts RMS/channel. These speakers have dual 10"...
  11. Ray Kammer

    Speaker level to low level conversion

    In order to properly load the output of the Onkyo, would it be practical to insert high wattage resistors (say, 8-10 Ohms or so) in parallel so the Onkyo thinks it's driving speakers? And, how about a series resistor to drop some of the voltage down to a lower level? Also, where would I look for...
  12. Ray Kammer

    Speaker level to low level conversion

    I've just inhereted a great pair of ADS 1590/2 tower speakers that I want to put to use as the left/rights in my home theater system. They are monsters with dual 10" woofers. Problem is, they are very hungry speakers and I'm concerned about trying to drive them with my Onkyo TX-DS595 at only 75...
  13. Ray Kammer

    Super VHS purchase

  14. Ray Kammer

    VCR+ Question..Does tape get marked..

    Richard, If you mean the IR devise that controls the cable box for VCR+, yes, mine came with it. The 30 day return policy applies to the scratch 'n dent stuff but the manufacturer's warranty does not. Crutchfield honors the manuf. warranty themselves for whatever the original warranty period...
  15. Ray Kammer

    Dobly pro logic ?

    How do you have the A/V signal hooked to your Pro Logic Receiver from your VCR? If you are using an audio output from your TV when playing your VCR and tuning the TV to channel 3 or 4, then the VCR will only output mono sound. In order to get stereo sound (or ProLogic) you must get the audio...
  16. Ray Kammer

    Super VHS purchase

    :) Just to put a positive wrap on this thread, I did receive my 2nd JVC 7800 from Crutchfield on Friday and it was perfect! Looks and plays great! That's the best $169.00 I think I ever spent.
  17. Ray Kammer

    VCR+ Question..Does tape get marked..

    Just in case you haven't made a decision yet, I just took delivery of my JVC JR-S7800U from Crutchfield on Friday. I really like it so far and it does have the index search. Got it from their Scratch 'n Dent sale for only $169.00. It came in perfect and works great. Good luck.
  18. Ray Kammer

    Dvd Etc. Magazine Poll: All Members Please Respond

    1) Saving Private Ryan - Sound, Sound, Sound 2) U-571 - More sound - Monster Bass 3) Pearl Harbor - Great sound and story
  19. Ray Kammer

    Super VHS purchase

    ;) I just spoke with Critchfield CS and they are sending out another 7800, even though their policy says they will not replace a scratch n dent with another scratch n dent. They even said they will ship the new one today as I'm sending the other back. Very cooperative. I'll keep my fingers...
  20. Ray Kammer

    T-120 vs T-160 vs T-180

    I'm waiting on my new JVC HR-S7800 Super VHS VCR to arrive and went to BB yesterday to purchase some Super VHS tapes. I noticed that they sell T120, T160, & even T180s. Just wondered if the old concern of long tapes sometimes causing feeding problems in VCRs is still an issue? Or, should even...
  21. Ray Kammer

    Super VHS purchase

    :frowning: Jon, I received my 7800 yesterday and didn't fare as well as you. Mine was also packed perfectly in the original factory box and had all accesseries. It too looked perfect but that was the end of the good news! When I went to hook it up the RF antenna input connector was broken...
  22. Ray Kammer

    Super VHS purchase

    Well, I did decide to order from Crutchfield and they had a HR-S7800 in the scratch and dent so I ordered it for $169.99. If it's too ruff I'll return it and get the A Stock unit. Thanks for all your help.
  23. Ray Kammer

    Super VHS purchase

    Over the past several days while absorbing all your valuable feedback, I've narrowed down my choices to either the JVC HR-S7800 on closeout from Crutchfield for $199, or a refurb JVC HR-7900 from Ebay for about $180. I bought my Onkyo 595 as a refurb and had a good exoerience so I'm not afraid...
  24. Ray Kammer

    Help with font size, please!

    I'm having trouble setting font size. Whenever I send a new thread the font size is huge and I have to edit the message after it is posted. I would like to set up a default font and size that would be used for all my posts. How do I do this?
  25. Ray Kammer

    Super VHS purchase

    Thanks for all the feedback to my original question, guys. I guess there are camps for Mitsus, Sonys, and JVC which is to be expected. Since I still have the first VCR I ever purchased in 1983 and it's a JVC, and it still works great......guess what camp I'll be joining? We all have to stay...
  26. Ray Kammer

    Super VHS purchase

    After reading several threads on this forum I've decided to replace my old VHS Deck with a new Super VHS JVC. One question I'd like answered, though. I've got a lot of purchased pre-recorded VHS movies and a lot of other stuff recorded from TV broadcasts. Will the new Super VHS player play...
  27. Ray Kammer

    setting Font and size

    I'm having trouble setting font size. Whenever I send a new thread the font size is huge and I have to edit the message after it is posted. I would like to set up a default font and size that would be used for all my posts. How do I do this?
  28. Ray Kammer

    Vintage speakers for HT

    My HT setup is centered around my new Onkyo TX-DS595. I've decided to use vintage speakers to begin with and would be interested in how some of you feel about vintage speakers compared to modern ones. My speaker setup consists of a pair of Wharfedale W35s in front. These are walnut bookshelf...
  29. Ray Kammer

    Speaker size settings

    I appreciate all the feedback, guys. I've experimented a bit and agree that the fronts don't provide the bass punch so why not let the Sub handle the chore. By the way, Tony, Not only have I had the Wharfedales for about 25 years, but they are extremely accurate speakers and in perfect...
  30. Ray Kammer

    Speaker size settings

    In setting up my speakers on my new Onkyo 595 I'd like some recommendations on whether to use the "small" or "large" settings with my particular setup. Here's my setup: Onkyo TX-DS595 Front speakers - Vintage Wharfedales 8" Woof, 4" Mid, 2"Tw Center - Infinity - Dual 5" plus tweeter...