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  1. SusanO

    Anyone still want the 3-Disc E.T. for just $24.99?

    I've always had good luck in store with Kmart honoring misprices (got a Mr. Deeds Goes To Town stickered $9.99 and not the $14.99 in the computer and got Amelie stickered at $17.99 and scanned at $22.99 this way) - wonder what the prices will be like in stores on release day? Still there's a...
  2. SusanO

    Weekly Roundup 10/15

    Grrr....I'm having a heck of a time just *finding* a copy of Law & Order The First year in stock (I've only been waiting like months and months for this one so I can tell Columbia House to kiss off - $20 for two measly episodes of their random choice on VHS + $5 shipping is outrageous). I hear...
  3. SusanO

    My personal odyssey to get on the list for BestBuy Preferred Customer coupons.

    Two words - girl power [tee hee hee] My guess is it's an evil plot to get us womenfolk into the habit of shopping at Best Buy. Apparently a lot of you guy-types are already well trained to regularly visit and drop money off at the big yellow and black box that is BB. It may also be a ploy to...
  4. SusanO

    Wal-Mart and DVD (Positive)

    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I told him I wanted "Brotherhood of the Wolf" and he unlocked the case and flipped through all the copies, then looked back at me and said, "Looks like its only in widescreen, you still want it?"...
  5. SusanO

    Weekly Roundup 10/8

    I have been doing some harder to find catalog purchases at Borders brick & mortar stores where for example I found The Thin Man and Auntie Mame for $14.99 each BEFORE 10% off coupons - Best Buy at the Galleria in Houston (a big and supposedly well stocked location) had neither title. Many of the...
  6. SusanO

    Best Buy 'Manhunter' sale: Any luck with this?

    In Houston last week Greenspoint and Galleria area Best Buy locations had the 2 disc Manhunters for $17.99 (Galleria had a bunch of 'em - it's the store on Richmond near where 59 and 610 split off from each other so it might be worth braving the construction hell for you Houstonians). The single...
  7. SusanO

    More $5.88 Warners titles spotted at Wal-Marts

    You all are right - it was Major League Back To The Minors (was that #3???) Anyhow there were several dozen titles from the really old pan and scam $5.88 titles of last year around Christmas (ie Private Benjamin & Protocol) to most of the titles they got in the last batch of $5.88 titles (ie...
  8. SusanO

    More $5.88 Warners titles spotted at Wal-Marts

    ...among them I have seen 'Barbarians at The Gate' 'Before Sunrise' and the original 'Major League' along with the return of 'Logan's Run' There are some other new ones but I forgot to note them all down ;)
  9. SusanO

    Sopranos price drop?

    Look for a record show or flea market or swap meet in your area - I got my Season 1 sealed for $40 at the Austin Record Convention when it first came out. Ditto on price on a sealed Season 2 but it was at a different record show (Houston) YMMV but it wouldn't hurt to ask a music savvy friend...
  10. SusanO

    Weekly Roundup 7/16

    ...note pun above I checked in last night hoping CompUSA would violate street and have them out on the shelves but intent on picking up a sale flyer for price matching. They didn't have them out - in fact they were extremely clueless (either that or they deserve Oscars for playing dumb at...
  11. SusanO

    FT CCs, OOPs w/ large wants list 12/01

    Interested in your Criterion Goes To The Movies CD-ROM - are the coupons still good? Also interested in Men in Black: LE (2 disc) - that is the black box edition correct? I'm also interested in your Beastie Boys Criterion Collection, your Wild Bunch Restored DC and your Manchurian Candidate...
  12. SusanO

    Weekly Roundup 7/16

    Dave thanks for including Borders in this week's round up - on these catalog intense weeks sometimes the only places with older titles are places like Borders and Barnes & Noble. At least the former is now trying to offer most of its titles at a coupla bucks off retail and putting some decent...
  13. SusanO

    Why DVDs are thriving while CDs tank

    Allow me to jump in and comment. I work in the music and movie 'biz' for a small independent music (and now movie) seller who has been in just about every media biz there has been out there (ie radio then music the home video then music and now a combination of music, music memorabilia and...
  14. SusanO

    Opinions on my DVD collection?

    Interesting thread Collecting shiny silver discs isn't only a single guy thing, ya know ;) This single girl has 6000+ CDs (that's not a typo I've been collecting since 1991 and I work for a music retailer) and now 200+ DVDs (I only got my first DVD in January of 20002 and my player a month...
  15. SusanO

    My DVD Storage Solution

    I have sheetrock (no panelling) to but if I can avoid attaching things to the wall, I'd like to do just that. The more I look at the wire and grid video store racks the more I think I should go with those but I'll get out my calculator etc and compare the costs, features, etc
  16. SusanO

    My DVD Storage Solution

    I'm considering making one of these PVC racks for myself that is actually 7 shelves tall instead of 5 but a lot narrower (probably no more than 24" wide) as I have a tall skinny space to fill up with DVDs. I'm just wondering though if it would be too top heavy and fall forward or collapse as...
  17. SusanO

    A Beautiful Mind, Godfather Collection, Criterions, others for trade

    I am interested in Almost Famous Bootleg and Life of Brian Criterion Collection I have open but mint: Kate and Leopold Mothman Prophecies Starship Troopers SE Post an email addy if you're interested or email me at [email protected]
  18. SusanO

    Malata vs. Sampo

    Ron if you really really want to know a ton about Sampo players check out Area450 the Sampo 'fan' site: Area 450 All the Sampos do slightly squish anamorphic PAL discs but like every piece of HT hardware there are tradeoffs to be made. The thing that impresses me about the Sampos is how...
  19. SusanO

    Weekly Roundup 7/9

    Although I too would have liked pricing on Impostor (for David's info it's a sci-fi flick with Gary Sinise Madeline Stowe and Vincent D'Onofrio that's supposedly based on a Philip K. Dick - aka the writer upon whose work Blade Runner and Minority Report are based - short story) it's no biggie...
  20. SusanO

    Weekly Roundup 6/25

    Thanks for doing the obscure & catalog titles at Borders this week David.
  21. SusanO

    The Amazon Gold Box

    I have one but I can't get into it until I buy something from Amazon proper - apparently marketplace and auction sellers don't count. Pooh on Amazon. I'm not buying something from them just to play virtual Let's Make A Deal.
  22. SusanO

    DVD's For Trade...

    Kevin please post some wants - am interested in On The Waterfront if it's mint.
  23. SusanO

    Borders B&M coupon - 15% off DVDs (20% off everything else)

    My 2 Borders experiences from the last day of the sale were great I had planned to hit 3 of the 4 Houston area Borders but work was hectic so I only did 2 - Borders Westheimer and Borders Meyerland At Houston Westheimer I picked up an out of print Radar Men From The Moon (a Troma Roan Group...
  24. SusanO

    Best place to buy DVDs online...

    Another price searching engine: (I like their layout better even if they don't compare as many companies as they take into account shipping costs) Online I buy from Deep Discount and Occasionally I bid in an auction or two (I'm too cheap to win often though). Most...
  25. SusanO

    DVD 2-packs @ Wal-Mart for $14.88

    Buena Vista Home Entertainment (the parent company of Disney Video etc) paired 'em up. I only bought a Good Morning Vietnam / He Got Game and split it - I got Robin, my Denzel addicted friend has 'game' now. None of the other titles interested me enough to bother.
  26. SusanO

    Great Race at B&M?

    I've seen it at Borders in Houston for $14.99 and Circuit City for $15.99 - have not seen it at Best Buy and haven't been in a Barnes & Noble in ages
  27. SusanO

    DVD 2-packs @ Wal-Mart for $14.88

    Here's the whole list - technically these street on July 2, 2002 but stuff far all the Wal-Marts I've been in (Houston area) have all of these titles in stock. • Cop Land / The Yards DVD 2-pack • Wes Craven's Dracula 2000 / Russell Mulcahy's Tale Of The Mummy DVD 2-pack...
  28. SusanO

    Weekly Roundup 6/11

    PS I'm a Borders whiner - sometimes they really really have good deals on newer culty titles that WalMart et al don't carry (especially when the 15% or 20% coupons show up)! Please keep including Borders David if it's not royally inconvenient - there are deals to be had there if you know where...