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  1. JoeDelan

    Anyone seen or heard the new Pioneer Elite dvd45 universal player?

    I beleive the 47A have been replaced with the 47Ai. That is why he might have a hard time getting them.
  2. JoeDelan

    Pioneer DV-45A - Anyone have one yet?

    Any more reviews on this beast?
  3. JoeDelan

    Tired of Comcast

    I am fine with Comcast... had a few issues got them all worked out. Got HDTV, got 5.1 on HBO and Showtime Which I had with Digital, as long as hey broadcast it. Going to Direct or Dish will not give you more 5.1 it's all up to the Channel not to the Cable company. I can understand the...
  4. JoeDelan

    Disturbing Movies (What Creeped You OUT?)

    ONly one that ever creeped me out or scared me... The Shining...
  5. JoeDelan

    Pioneer DV-45A - Anyone have one yet?

    So, how did you see it? Freeze Frame the movie and move frame by frame at 2 inches form the screen until you saw it? I dont care about the Chroma Bug, what I would like to hear is the Bass Management and how DVD-A and SACD sounded...
  6. JoeDelan

    Movies that really strain credibility.

    It's no Problem Andrew... I guess I am in the Minority and try to be entertained by movies and not pick them apart... Oh, FYI, I hated Armageddon...Not cause of the fact it was unrealistic but cause it was just plain BAD
  7. JoeDelan

    Movies that really strain credibility.

    Teh Star wars Critism was all about how those awesome Star Destroyers make that great sound in the vacuum of space. As for Armageddon, Like you said, it pretends to be realists HUman Drama, Not realistic Basic Physics...Care about the Characters not the physics...
  8. JoeDelan

    Movies that really strain credibility.

    I was joking about Austin Powers... As for Armageddon, its funny how everyone wants to bash the same movies, but if we attack a movie we all love then it's sacrilege.... 2001 Any Bond Movie Star Wars Star Trek Etc...
  9. JoeDelan

    Movies that really strain credibility.

    Austin Powers, Like someone can actually be frozen and woken up 30 years later, not to mention being shot into space in a Big Boy...Not very realistic if you ask me...
  10. JoeDelan

    Spielberg: September 11 Film Should Never Happen

    What attack on Washington DC? Did I miss something? The Pentagon is in Arlington, VA. Personally, I would rather see a movie about Stalin despicible acts, dotn get much worse than what he did...we can get all the 9-11 details on the evening news. I am sure a documentary will be made for the...
  11. JoeDelan

    Comcast Northern Virginia, HDTV.

    I get my Box tomorrow night, I am psyched for this...And yes, right now the cable signal does suck, But I think alot of it is due to the cable box...The old SA Explorer is not a very good box from what I have seen. I dont remember what the date on the Firmware is but I am pretty sure it'snot up...
  12. JoeDelan

    What happened to saturday morning cartoons?

    Bring Back DUngeons and Dragons, Land of the Lost, The Smurfs, Thundarr the Barbarian, Super Friends and get rid of the News and crappy infomercials...Yes here in DC they show Infomercials on Saturday on ABC...
  13. JoeDelan

    Comcast Northern Virginia, HDTV.

    They are in City of Alexandria. Cox has Alexandria, in Fairfax county...
  14. JoeDelan

    Comcast Northern Virginia, HDTV.

    Dear Mr. Delan, As September 16, 2002 is drawing closer, we here at Comcast are really excited about launching this new service. We are looking for friendly testers. Testers must have an HDTV to be part of the test. Please have them email me their name, home address, phone number as soon as...
  15. JoeDelan

    Best Towers in $1300 range

    This is what you want...
  16. JoeDelan

    Have you ever ben moved to tears by a piece of music?

    Anything by the new Pop stars or Boy Bands or Teenage Girl Groups, artists... Those always bring tears to my eyes. And blood from my ears...
  17. JoeDelan

    cheap speakers?

    John, Check out the Polk RT25I's GREAT Speakers for the Price...They are highly rated by the online reviewers and the Print Magazines...They run about $99 a piece now...Great speaker...
  18. JoeDelan

    B&W taste on a Best Buy budget

    THis is Easy... Pick up a POLK CS400I Center POLK RT35I Bookshelf for L&R POLK RT25I Bookshelf for Rears POLK PSW250 for sub. See...Easy... Inexpensive Speakers, GREAT Quality, GREAT Speakers.
  19. JoeDelan

    Can Someone Please Explain This Joke To Me? (Re: Heist and Roger Ebert)

    Sometime people really want to believe that something is there, and all the time there was nothing...
  20. JoeDelan

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

    Marvin, that was not my intent. Maybe it's me with the problem, who knows...I liked the movie, I intend to see it again, but I just dont see a need to get all worked up like Bergan did, Whom I made the post about, I just need to get used to using the quotes. No Disrespect was intended.
  21. JoeDelan

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

    I dont see what all the fuss is about, it's just a movie...It's not your Marriage, or your Child being born...It's just a movie.
  22. JoeDelan

    Differences between 50H81 and 50HX81

    If I am not mistaken, Better Speaker, Bigger lenses and anti-glare screen. Worth the difference in Price? Depends who you talk to.
  23. JoeDelan

    N'Sync gone from Episode II

    HEY! DOnt knock KNOTB! Donnie Wahlberg is still around and refining his acting...he has gotten better! Who knew that was him in the 6th sense until you read the credits?
  24. JoeDelan

    Petition regarding Austin Powers 3

    Dude, Austin Powers is all about Eye Candy...That is all Brittany will be, Eye Candy...
  25. JoeDelan

    What motivates people to watch BAD films??

    Well, I think we all like bad movies that were made to be bad...And there are varying degrees of bad... Alot of the Troma(Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke'em high, Tromeo and Juliet) stuff I LOVE cause it is just SO bad. heck, You want a bad movie people love? Look at Rocky Horror Picture...
  26. JoeDelan

    What mutants do you think we will see in X-men 2?...

    Actually Luis, Magneto can fly by causing a Magnetic field to float him into the air. He does not need the metal boots. And if it came down to it, he could use the Iron in your blood against you, which might be a plausible way for him to get out of prison.
  27. JoeDelan


    Not sure if this would be considered one or not, but it's called Watermelon Man. It's bascially about a Bigoted White man who wakes up on morning and is Black. It's been about 20 years since I have watched it. It was pretty funny at the time though, that I remember... i think the movie is...
  28. JoeDelan

    What motivates people to watch BAD films??

    Why do we see the bad movies? Most of the time it's cause my girlfriend dragged me to see it... Though, I did go see Wing Commander when it came out...NOT to see the SW-TPM Trailer...I was gonna leave but after paying $5 for the movie and $8 for the Popcorn and Soda, I WAS STAYING DAMMIT! Did...
  29. JoeDelan

    What mutants do you think we will see in X-men 2?...

    Didnt Rogue also get her White Streak from Downing Ms Marvel? Who would I like to see? Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Avalanche Colossus IceMan Havok Beast(Human Form) Juggernaut Morlocks Cable Sentinels And what the heck... The Beyonder!