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    Best Buy ROTS price?

    $9.72 at Wal-Mart today...I highly doubt that any other retailer beat that.
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    Got my SP 4805/X-Box do progressive?

    I used hooks from the Home Depot for the ceiling and of all things keyrings to hang them from the hooks. I was having a problem with the screen hitting the door with it set up the way I had it so we tried the keyrings and it worked like a charm!
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    25% off Previously-Viewed at Blockbuster

    What's everyone's ratio of okay to damaged PVT/DVD's look like? I work in a small video store, and some of the rental returns I know for damn sure wouldn't work well upon check-in. Some of them look like people have skipped them across the driveway, then eaten off of them. Ever wondered how...
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    FS: Panasonic SA-HE200

    david, sent you another email @ your .rr account. Would have sent one to the other, but lost everything in the "reformat". anthony
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    FS: Panasonic SA-HE200

    you have a PM
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    Newbie with HDTV Monitor

    When I upgraded my TV to a 47" Panasonic, the picture past channel 50 was horrible. My cousin came over, ran a new run of cable and swapped splitters for me, and that helped a lot. If your coaxial cable is somewhat old it might be time for a rewire. Still waiting to upgrade to digital, but I'm...
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    Which Movie Posters Are Displayed In Your Theater?

    I've got the LOTR Frodo teaser A, The Iron Giant teaser, those are both up, a Polish Nightmare Before Christmas and a Sleepy Hollow teaser on deck to be hung up. I also have a print from an artist named Joe Sorren that has to be put up. I really need to get to work on those.
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    DVD's Laserdiscs PSX2 Games

    t'was the most I had spent as well. The guy at the store told me when I asked if it was out on laserdisc "well, there's good news, and bad news. Good news is, it's coming out. Bad news is, it's 129.99". Ouch. But needless to say, picked it up, and it was gorgeous.
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    DVD's Laserdiscs PSX2 Games

    Yes they should, Aaron, because I don't have a laserdisc player anymore anyways. :D Besides, you can't imagine what I paid for it when it came out.
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    DVD's Laserdiscs PSX2 Games

    Bump, added other stuff. If nothing moves, I'll have to go to Ebay with this stuff. It's a big hassle, I'd rather trade here and get other movies.
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    New to forum, how would these components rate?

    Radio Shack sells a 3-in-one s-video hookup for the XBox/PSX2/GC. I bought one and it seems to work well. No complaints here. Best of all it's around $15. Much easier to swap the connection at the game system than to have to reach behind the TV every time you change out game systems.
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    Looking for good pricing on cloth material

    Try Ebay. You can probably get serious bulk fabric for decent prices.
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    Warning: I am addicted, you could be next! Longish.

    let me know when you upgrade your receiver, I'll take the Panny off your hands :D
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    Need idea on butter dispenser

    how about others, then? then again, you could always do chili and cheese :D
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    Need idea on butter dispenser

    a metal catsup/mustard dispenser, along with everyone's hot plate idea might work as well. But then again, Ebay has stuff up for a lot less than that $370 that someone was asking for
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    Theater chairs and making a base

    tell ya what, the EXTRA EXTRA strength Fabreeze works wonders, too. It's the orange topped bottle.
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    Theater chairs and making a base

    Gabrielle, the chairs that I have don't have any number plates on the fronts. Underneath, on the bottom of the seat, there's either an A or a B, and it's pressed right into the bottom. I'll have to take a picture of one of the seats that I've put together for reference. The only headache...
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    Theater chairs and making a base

    thinking about going back this morning for another set, if they're still there :D
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    Painting PVC w/out using Spray Paint?

    Likely it'll need more than two coats of paint just to get everything. When you use the roller to paint the first coat, you're just getting paint on it. First coat, every time you roll over the paint you put down, you usually take a bit of it back with the roller. So plan on at least a second...
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    Our Cyberdyne Cinema Gallery

    You could use a TX head for your room too. These are due out soon, and they look awesome
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    Theater chairs and making a base

    Well, I was planning on just using a piece of plywood to bolt the chairs to because I don't need the riser just yet. That's the next logical step, if I ever do get another set. Another set would mean I would have to move the TV and set the room up longways instead of short. I'm more concerned...
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    Theater chairs and making a base

    They're basically the Marquee Blue chairs, they were out of a Hoyt's in the area. Here's a link to what they look like:
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    Theater chairs and making a base

    I recently "acquired" a group of 4 theater chairs. I have a few questions though, as they were not together when I got them. Do I need to get specific standards to put the chairs together (when I got them, I grabbed 2 "A" seat bottoms and 2 "B" seat bottoms, plus a bunch of standards, and a...
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    Has anyone seen these painted movie posters?

    too funny, those paintings are up there with these: russian nesting dolls, they're typical of the style, but the subject matter is what's funny. It's Nirvana. If you do a search for nesting dolls on Ebay, there's some really really...
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    Large flexy rack based entertainment center.

    Just make sure you use enough support to hold it all up.
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    DIY rack - What to be aware of?

    I found that if you're going to paint, it's best to paint afterwards. You're going to tighten bolts, adjust shelves, etc...and you're going to take most of the paint off your threaded rods, and have to re-paint anyways. Also, if you're drilling holes for your MDF and using a hand drill, drill...
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    DIY Illuminated Movie Poster Light Box

    frosted plexiglass would eliminate hotspots as long as there is somewhat even distribution of the light. It's the same premise as a light table, only mounted to the wall. Using the three bulbs and a piece of frosted plexi, you'll get full coverage with the light.
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    FT: Dances w/Wolves DTS DVD oop, screeners and LD's

    pm'ed you about Dark Crystal Superbit
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    DVD's Laserdiscs PSX2 Games

    bump...updated and revised list.
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    WTB: DVD Demo's of any kind!

    sent you a PM about seeing a few on Ebay. good luck!