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  1. Mark Hedges

    Improve your streaming audio: win an Arcam airDAC!

    I'd love to try this out in my semi-vintage Sony ES rig. I'm currently streaming a 2nd generation Airport Express to a Sony DAS-703ES DAC. It would be great to put it up against a modern high end unit.
  2. Mark Hedges

    Wanted: JBL Studio Series S310 speakers (black)

    I am looking for a pair of JBL Studio Series S310's. Anybody got the urge to upgrade? Mark
  3. Mark Hedges

    Viewing angle - how big of a deal is it, really?

    I have read many times that Plasma is superior to LCD when viewed at different angles. So I went to Best buy to see for myself and to be honest I did not notice any difference between the plasma and LCD screens when viewed offangle. Is this still a major factor or have LCDs gotten much...
  4. Mark Hedges

    SONY DA4ES Center Channel

    Don't know if you are still around but my guess is that the center channel speaker is set to [no] in the setup menu. Make sure it says [small] Mark
  5. Mark Hedges

    Flat panel that does OK with standard def material

    I am looking for a flat panel TV that does OK with standard def signals (primarily satelite TV Nintendo Wii, and DVD). 42-46", say $1300 tops. Viewing angle is going to be a big issue so I am thinking plasma. How much difference will I notice between one set and another on SD material? Is it...
  6. Mark Hedges

    The butchering of Grounded For Life

    I kind of liked this show. I think it is much better that the other crap they have on friday night (Reba and What I like about you)
  7. Mark Hedges

    When would you use the LFE only channel?

    I understood that on most better engineered soundtracks, there is little or no bass content below 70 hz or so sent to the surrounds. I have heard of people setting up a sub in front of their surround and then finding it to be a waste since there is no deep bass content anyway.
  8. Mark Hedges

    Sony SCD-C222ES

  9. Mark Hedges

    Sony SCD-C222ES

    Price reduced to $225.
  10. Mark Hedges

    UPDATE: Denon DVD-2200 and Sony SCD-CE595/ SCD-C2000ES SACD and Redbook Comparison

    Any idea how the SCD-2000ES compares to the SCD-C555es?
  11. Mark Hedges

    Sony SCD-C222ES

    For sale Sony SCD-C222ES. Operates perfectly. Very good cosmetic condition - no scratches etc. Remote, manual, and box included. I will also include the original reciept so you should be able to get the balance of the 5 year warrenty. Unit was purchased new in Sept. 2003 - selling because I got...
  12. Mark Hedges

    Good bookshelf speakers for, well, bookshelves.

    I am using JBL S38's in a bookshelf and think they sound OK. Probably not as good of a soundstage as if they were on stands but the bass is very respectable!
  13. Mark Hedges

    555es SACD Thump

    Basically they said that some of them (555ES's) do that and there was nothing they could do about it. They did replace some parts but it didn't help. The tech I spoke with said that if I was still unhappy with it they have some kind of buy-back program. I haven't looked into this yet but I...
  14. Mark Hedges

    555es SACD Thump

    Dug up this thread using search - I recently got a 555ES on audiogon and it has this problem pretty bad. It seems to make noise with a lot of SACD's. I have sent it back to Sony service (Bristol PA) twice and they say they can't fix it. Has anybody had this problem fixed, and if so do you...
  15. Mark Hedges

    Giving up on Bookshelves? (longish)

    If you can find them JBL's S38II speakers offered bass performance close to a floorstander (at least in a smaller room) in a bookshelf speaker. But they are very large for a bookshelf.
  16. Mark Hedges

    why do special effects look less convincing over time?

    I think image size has something to do with this. At the theater the screen is so big that you really can't critically examine the whole thing at once. But at home the screen is much smaller and it is easier to pick out discontinuities.
  17. Mark Hedges

    is HALF BAKED out of print?

    I would love a SE w/ commentary by Dave and Neil Brennen. But I haven't heard anything.
  18. Mark Hedges

    Is 200 wpc ok for the JBL S-center

    It will be fine, expecially if you have the speaker set to "Small" on your pre/pro. It is much more dangerous to have an amp with too little power than to have one with too much power.
  19. Mark Hedges

    Sony & RS Remotes, Midiman CO2

    I will take the sony remote if the first bid falls through. Mark
  20. Mark Hedges

    Best sub for about $500

    What about some of the offerings from Aperion Audio? They sure look great. Or the 12" Vance Dickenson kit from Parts Express?
  21. Mark Hedges

    Godsmack SACD EP

    Does anybody know if the new Godsmack SACD EP is a single inventory disc? I saw some at Borders but I didn't see any SACD info on the disk anywhere.
  22. Mark Hedges

    JBL Studio Series

    Physically the S38's are much bigger than the S36's so you will have to make sure you have room. As far as the sound goes you get quite a lot more bass with the S38's but I think the S36's may be a little more open and revealing. I saw remanufactured S38's on a while back for...
  23. Mark Hedges

    Opinons on system upgrade please

    You can get JBL S312's (remanufactured) for $166 each at They are big suckers but should crank out some pretty good bass. Mark
  24. Mark Hedges

    How are VINTAGE bose speakers?

    Some would say that most of Bose's current product is basically of vintage design...
  25. Mark Hedges

    10" Titanic Mkiii

    I am also considering this sub. PE is pretty clear on their website that this sub is not for large rooms or reference levels of bass. Does anybody know what kind of SPL it generates before it bottoms out? PE says 105 dB. Mark
  26. Mark Hedges

    JBL S38 crossover mod

    Now that I have listened to them some more I feel able to make some more comments. In short, I am quite pleased with the results of this mod. I would say this is probably the most signifigant upgrade I have yet made to my system. Vocals are tighter, highs are less fatiguing, and instruments...
  27. Mark Hedges

    Jbl S38?

    I saw some remanufactured S38II's on for like 198 a pair.
  28. Mark Hedges

    DVD-A has 5X the market share of SACD, despite fewer titles

    I find that hard to believe. I would be stunned if the combined sales from the Rolling Stones hybrids, the Dylan hybrids, and DSOTM were not more that all the DVD-audio disks sold last year. This reeks of corporate spin doctors putting the best read possible on the numbers.
  29. Mark Hedges

    JBL S38 crossover mod

    Total cost came to about $100 per speaker (including shipping & handing but excluding the new tweeter). I figure crossover parts were about $60 per speaker and cabinet parts (deflex pads etc.) were about $40. Mark
  30. Mark Hedges

    JBL S38 crossover mod

    Just for an update if anyone is interested - Over the weekend I took the speakers apart one last time to solder all the spade fittings (they were fitting pretty loose from being disconnected so many times). I also took a piece of 1 1/4" dowel rod and glued it inside between the top and bottom...