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  1. mike--

    Got questions for Mr George Feltenstein of the Warner Archive Collection? Ask em here!

    Any chance of The Marx Brother films, (A Day At The Races, At The Circus, Etc.) or PT 109?
  2. mike--

    What silent film would you most like to see on 4K?

    The Phantom Of The Opera, Ben-Hur, A tale of The Christ, The Man Who Laughs
  3. mike--

    Kino-Lorber Insider Announcement Thread (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    Is this (The Great Escape) coming out on Blu-Ray also, or is it just in 4K?
  4. mike--

    Which Classic Westerns would you like to see Remastered to Blu-Ray?

    The Westerner (1940) 3 Godfathers (1948) Winchester' 73 (1950) Ten Wanted men (1955) Riding Shotgun (1954) Thunder Over The Plains (1953) The Bounty Hunter (1954) 7 Men from Now (1956) The Lone Ranger (1956) Rio Bravo (1959)-A New Remaster The Alamo (1960) Cheyenne Autumn (1964) Nevada Smith...
  5. mike--

    Press Release SPHE Press Release: The Guns of Navarone (1961) (4k UHD)

    I happened to notice TGON is showing this month on Netflix. I started watching this (knowing that a 4K/BR would soon be released) , and immediately noticed a slightly more sharper image, deeper blacks and a way increased soundtrack--from the previous BR. I paused it, and popped in my BR of...
  6. mike--

    PHE Press Release: Mario Puzo’s THE GODFATHER, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone (Blu-ray)

    I hope Mr. Coppola would bring his "The Godfather Saga"/"The Godfather--The Novel For Television", (which is essentially Godfather I and II combined, but presented in chronilogical order with added footage) to Blu-ray now that this Part III "Coda"version has been announced.
  7. mike--

    Would anybody here buy "The Tracey Ullman Show" or "Tracey Takes On..."?

    I would really love to see The Tracey Ullman Show on DVD, haven't seen it since it was on Fox in the late 80's. I would certainly buy box sets of that show.
  8. mike--


    When (or if) will we ever see a Blu Ray of PT 109 (1963)?
  9. mike--

    Vudu and other services showing movies not in the correct aspect ratio

    Wow! Thanks for the valuable link,....Vudu needs to get their act together!
  10. mike--

    Vudu and other services showing movies not in the correct aspect ratio

    Has anyone noticed that Vudu will randomly have a movie for sale or rent and it turns out not to be in the correct aspect ratio? A while back I bought the 1931 version of Frankenstein in 'HDX' (their version of HD-with special features.) and the image was stretched to fill a 16 X 9 screen. I...
  11. mike--

    Rumor: Remastered Rocky and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on the way

    The version of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly now showing on Netflix looks like it could be the 4K version. The image is much more sharper than the current Blu Ray.
  12. mike--

    A Sneak Peek at The Blue Max

    I figured this was much like the same kind of mix similar to The Guns of Navarone, which has only 3 instances of sound effects--no music coming from the surround speakers. But on The Blue Max, there is nothing in the surround speakers what soever--not even any sound effects. i am wondering if...
  13. mike--

    A Sneak Peek at The Blue Max

    Went to casually view this last night, after it arrived yesterday in the mail, and there is no Surround whatsoever-it exists for the isolated score, but not for the film itself-everything comes out of the front. Anyone else notice this?
  14. mike--

    Criterion Press Release: It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World (Dual Format)

    What concerns me a bit is the listing on Critereon's page for this on the aspect ratio. It is listed as 2:35:1. is the the intended AR for this film in the general release? or should it be 2:76:1 as is already released on the current MGM disc? Also if this is the case, what will be the AR of...
  15. mike--

    Criterion ready to release IT’S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD

    Thanks Bruce for clearing that up, I thought maybe Criterion might have been given a private print belonging to Mrs. Kramer to use for this 'rumor'! It was wishful thinking!
  16. mike--

    Criterion ready to release IT’S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD

    I read somewhere, I'm not sure if it was in this forum on the IAMMMMW restoration topic or not or another forum, but Stanley Kramer's widow, Karen (Sharpe) Kramer had shown a complete version of the film ( how complete-i don't know), at a special screening in the Seattle area a few years back. I...
  17. mike--

    Shane Blu-ray... in 1:66?

    I'm wondering if Warner Bros. is following precedents made by Paramount and Universal last year. Hondo(from Paramount) and Creature From The Black Lagoon(Universal) both released the latter titles on Blu-Ray in widescreen format last year. All previous video edtions of those titles were always...
  18. mike--

    MGM Press Release: BOND 50 (Blu-ray)

    .........yes on the Blu-ray the scene where Bond and Domimo beach her boat-just after he meets her for the first time..............look on the right hand side of screen--then compare the same scene in the Lowry DVD version
  19. mike--

    MGM Press Release: BOND 50 (Blu-ray)

    I know, as I have it, and........I also have the DVD, which believe it or not is not the same transfer as the Blu-ray. Just watch the scene where Bond and Domino beach her boat-right after he first meets her. On the Blu-ray there is dirt and scratches that is not there in the Lowry DVD!!
  20. mike--

    MGM Press Release: BOND 50 (Blu-ray)

    I hope Thunderball gets a the same transfer as the ones they used in 2005-2006 for DVD. Whatever they used for the Blu-ray released a few years ago was not the same as the Lowry DVD.
  21. mike--

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    Yes I am eagerly waiting for PT-109 as well, this was an early VHS release as well as an early Laserdisc widescreen release and then a VHS widescreen version. Don't know why Warner has never brought this to DVD.
  22. mike--

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    I'm STILL waiting for PT 109 (1963) and The Hanging Tree (1959), both of which are Warner owned, that for some reason or other have never been issued on DVD. Maybe these will eventually see the light of laser in the Warner Archives.
  23. mike--

    HTF DVD Review: Leave It To Beaver Complete Series Set

    Anyone find this set in ANY stores? I didn't pre-order it after many pre-orders thru Amazon turned up a few weeks later-half price! I don't seem to find it online in any store.
  24. mike--

    It's a mad mad mad mad world

    I just watched this on MGMHD this evening , and it looks stunning!!!! and the proper colors are now showing on the title sequence,along with the Overture and Exit Music! Unfortunately, it is the 161 minute version, just with the ladder mentioned elements added to it. Still, it is much better...
  25. mike--

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The African Queen -- in Blu-ray

    I watched TAQ this evening, and it is stunning!......with a proverbial capitol 'S"!!! Kudos to the team at Paramount and the many folks who helped restore this magnificent film to this condition. We are so lucky.
  26. mike--

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (FEEDBACK)

    Yes it was made during the '3D craze' of 1953. It was necessary to use 2 separate projectors to show the film in 3D. So they would have intermissions to change the film reels. If you have seen the DVD of 'Hondo' starring John Wayne, it is the same situation-an intermission card is inserted in...
  27. mike--

    The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Announced in Region B - now in Region A as well

    Absolutely abominable!! I have Zulu and Patton & The Longest Day, but (which, to my eyes Zulu is the benchmark disc for what can be done positively with DNR, as for Patton & The Longest Day, I wish I could say the same! ) TGTBATU takes the cake! Some close ups and scenes do look OK, but overall...
  28. mike--

    PT 109? any news on this?

    It's 2008 now, and still no release or knowledge of it. Anyone know what the hold up is with PT 109?
  29. mike--

    Legend of the lone ranger (1981) widescreen problems? FULL SCREEN ONLY!

    Yeah Jacob, i'm wondering the same thing! It is shown on Amazon as Pan & Scan(1:33:1).... and as Widescreen too! And on the Lionsgate site it shows as Widescreen. I'm wondering what gives with this? I have seen one review.......DVD Verdict: DVD Reviews it says it's Pan & Scan!! Anyone have this...
  30. mike--

    "Visit to a Small Planet" (1960)

    Rock-A-Bye Baby IS available, along with The Geisha Boy,in Region 2 .......both anamorphic widescreen too. I have no idea why they aren't available in Region 1. I'd also love to see It's Only Money, and Who's Minding the Store? These all are classic Lewis/Tashlin!