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  1. Chip E

    New receiver: Onkyo 607 vs. Pioneer VSX-819H-K? any other suggestions?

    The new Onkyo does look nice....
  2. Chip E

    I can't get the Mitsu out of the basement!

    2 screws on each side. The top will lift off.
  3. Chip E

    Cheap 1080p HDTV

    Polaroid,westinghouse,etc...they are the cheap ones.
  4. Chip E

    Anything that top's the Ultra's on the horizon?

    I have one of the first PB2/plus subs. Got in in Sept. '03. No new info is forthcoming except that if i wait, it'll be worth it. I have no problem waiting. My current sub crushes anything i throw at it just fine.
  5. Chip E

    Anything that top's the Ultra's on the horizon?

    Thanks Arthur. I'm not interested in Adire. I'm sure their great. Money is not the main concern either. Looks like dual Ultra's are in my future. Thanks again.
  6. Chip E

    Anything that top's the Ultra's on the horizon?

    I did. Thanks for your input.
  7. Chip E

    Anything that top's the Ultra's on the horizon?

    Nothing huh?.. Hmmm..
  8. Chip E

    Anything that top's the Ultra's on the horizon?

    Looking to sell my PB2+ to a buddy.. I'll upgrade to some sort of SVS Ultra. I thought i read rumbleings of a possible new driver that out does the current Ultra? If anyone has any insight, i'd appreciate it. Thanks. -Chip
  9. Chip E

    56" or 61" DLP for 10.5 ft. viewing distance?

    Either size will be fine at that distance. I sit 13' from a 65" Mit's WS65-413.. it's great. If it were me, i'd get the 61" :emoji_thumbsup:
  10. Chip E

    How old is your CD player?

    I have a Pioneer M-510 CD magazine changer i bought in 1986 that still works perfectly in my garage setup. My current CD player in my main system is a three year old Sony SCD-C555ES great.
  11. Chip E

    Where to buy Pioneer Elite 54TX?

    My only problem with buying a front end piece like a receiver online is, if it needs work, you could be SOL. First of all, Pioneer strctly prohibits any online sales of it's Elite line, read NO warranty. Roll the dice with an online company. Sound Pro's seems like a decent company but will they...
  12. Chip E

    Where to buy Pioneer Elite 54TX?

    Tweeter is an authorized local Pioneer Elite dealer. Doing a search, there's five stores in Houston. Store Locator Houston - Kirby Store Manager: Hector Mena Phone: 713-526-4317 Fax: 713-526-3632 Address: Tweeter 5310...
  13. Chip E

    What Subwoofer Does Everybody Have?

    Started out with a JBL 10" mudbox in '99, moved to an original SVS 20-39PC in early '01, to an SVS PB2+ since late '03.
  14. Chip E

    NO WAY!! SVS+Onix for $950?? WOW!

    I think he already agreed with you dude.
  15. Chip E

    Help me with my dream...

    Your speakers should get the most money, no doubt. For less than $500.00 you could get a Pioneer 1014 receiver with plenty of power and all the bells & whistles. Spend every other dime on speakers. Audtion.
  16. Chip E

    Pioneer 1014 or 56TXI

    Don't hold me to it but, i believe the duel processors in the 56txi are for one dedicated to the advanced MCACC and the other for all the other processing ie: DD,DTS and such..
  17. Chip E

    Denon AVR 5803 and External Power Amps???

    I had a 5803 for about 6 months once... sold it, moved to B&K seperates. It was a good move at the time.
  18. Chip E

    Pioneer 1014 or 56TXI

    The 56txi seems like it has more headroom. I'm really liking this receiver. The advanced auto calibration makes my rig sing.. Processing is the same as far as i can tell. Although, the 54tx & 56txi have duel processors where the 52tx has a single processor. I think one may be dedicated to the...
  19. Chip E

    Pioneer 1014 or 56TXI

    iLink = firewire, ie: 1394. It is a universal standard unlike, let's say, Denon's Denon Link which is proprietary. Any firewire dvd player would work with the 56txi. Alot of people use the Pioneer Elite 47ai or Pioneer Elite 59avi via firewire because not to many company's seem to have iLink...
  20. Chip E

    Help me pick a Receiver around $400-500

    The 1014 is muti-zone..
  21. Chip E

    Theater Page Problems

    Well, i just tried to login and it won't let me do it again. Hmmm... Edit: I tried about 4 times to no avail, left the page, went back to it and it let me in.
  22. Chip E

    Theater Page Problems

    Hey Parker, Yeah, i finally got in. The login worked after several trys today. I shot Ron an email, thought maybe he did something? I dunno, the next time i tried it, after shooting Ron the email, it worked. It's A-ok now. Thanks.
  23. Chip E

    Theater Page Problems

    Parker, For the last two days i have not been able to login to my theater page. It's telling me i have an invalid user name. Not sure what to do as i'm positive i'm entering the correct login info. Any ideas? Thanks.
  24. Chip E

    Help me pick a Receiver around $400-500

    One more vote for the Pioneer 1014. Seems to be the best bang for the buck right now...loaded with bells&whisles and more power output than the specs actually say. I had the 52tx for about a month while waiting for my eventual 56txi to arrive. The 52tx is basically a 1014. Sounds great...
  25. Chip E

    Theater Page Problems

    Parker, I was wondering what happened! :) I cannot for the life of me find the gallery page to re-upload my theater pic's. Can you point me to it please. Thanks pal. EDIT: Got it already, thanks.
  26. Chip E

    Howard Stern signed to Sirius

    Seems to me, O&A are Stern wannabee's and have stolen Howard's gig.. I've listened since the beginning.. I will sign up. Obviously their all jackasses ;) Anyone have any suggestions for a good home unit to put in my AV rack? Don't have a price's all new to me.
  27. Chip E

    Remote MX-700 With MX-200 (Sidekick)

    Sent you an email. Thanks.
  28. Chip E

    FS: B&K Ref50 pre/pro - Mint condition

    SOLD Hope you enjoy it as much as i did Michael! :emoji_thumbsup:
  29. Chip E

    FS: B&K Ref50 pre/pro - Mint condition

    Guy's, The Ref50 pre/pro is what i'm selling here. If someone wants the pre/pro then i'd sell the Ref200.5 amp as a package deal. I'm not simply unloading my amplifiers. :emoji_thumbsup: