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  1. Tony Casler

    FS: Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai

    No bites? How about $400?
  2. Tony Casler

    FS: Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai

    DV-47Ai in excellent condition, works perfectly. I upgraded to a DV-59AVi, so I don't need it anymore. Asking $500 shipped. Edit: Includes original packaging, manual, and all accessories.
  3. Tony Casler

    Help me, I have a virus!!!

    Have you tried starting up in safe mode and running your anti-virus? Reboot your computer, and press f8 at the bios screen, and select safe mode, then run your anti-virus. (I'm assuming you have XP, other versions of windows may be different, I don't remember.)
  4. Tony Casler

    How does one clean computer before donation or trashing?

    The only way is to physically destroy the hard drive. Don't buy into the DoD Standard stuff, either. I am in the Navy, working in cyrptology, and I assure you that we destroy every hard drive before disposing of a computer. I's great fun too, sitting around a desk, taking hard drives apart and...
  5. Tony Casler

    SACD with Pioneer VSX 810S and DV 563 AS

    Set the reciever to dvd and hit signal select (it's under the front pannel) until it says multi-channel input.
  6. Tony Casler

    3 Doors Down DVD-audio or SACD?

    I would recommend the DVD-A, the SACD is a crest cracker.
  7. Tony Casler

    Help me pick a 20 inch flat screen!

    I have the Toshiba, PQ is great out of the box, and the service menu is easy to access so you can really tweak it to perfection.
  8. Tony Casler

    New Sony $3000 SACD player

    Sony did not invent the 4 pin connector, they just gave it the name iLink, just like Apple decided to name the 6 pin connector Firewire. The two are fully compatible, both are part of the IEEE 1394 standard, and there are plenty of 6 pin to 4 pin cables available. I am not a big fan of Sony...
  9. Tony Casler

    Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai hack help needed

    Why Europe? Is there any place in the US that will do it, or could I just buy a chip and do it myself? I'm very competent with a soldering iron.
  10. Tony Casler

    Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai hack help needed

    Does anyone know how I can region mod this player? I can't find any help on the web, and I really don't want to buy a cheap, crappy player for non-US discs. Thanks
  11. Tony Casler

    Are there any small (7" or less) LCD's that plug into wall outlets?

    Look around at a video game shop like EB or Babbage's, they usually carry LCD screens for PS2/Xbox. Most of them are around 5" and $100.
  12. Tony Casler

    Metallica Black Album DVD-A - Technical Question

    I have an August '02 47Ai hooked up with analog cables. The main five channels play perfectly, but the .1 is very weak, I can turn off the sub and not notice a difference. My other DVD-A discs (Disturbed, Eagles, Linkin Park) play normally, and SACD sounds great as well.
  13. Tony Casler

    Metallica Black Album DVD-A - Technical Question

    I just checked the disc on my 47Ai, it says 3/2.1, but the lfe is very weak, not much sub output at all. Maybe the disc is authored without much in the lfe, or maybe pioneer players just don't like it.
  14. Tony Casler

    Recievers..narrowed down to 3..some questions

    The 5.1 outputs carry a very low powered electromagnetic wave which is then amplified and sent out to the speakers, causing them to move in time with the wave, which moves air to create an audible sound wave. The DV-45A, like any other DVD-A player, is compatible with 192KHz audio, but only in...
  15. Tony Casler

    Recievers..narrowed down to 3..some questions

    I'm a cryptologic technician in the navy, my job requires a good amount of knowledge about electronics and such. I have also sold my soul to Pioneer, I have plans for a 49TXi to join my DV-47Ai in the near future.
  16. Tony Casler

    Recievers..narrowed down to 3..some questions

    I'll take a stab at this. First, the easy part, TXi vs. 47TX. The amplifier sections are identical, except that the 49 has "audiophile copper upgrades," nothing to get too worked up over. The 49 uses two Sharc chips, the 47 has one. the 49 has two more digital inputs, one more s-vid/av input...
  17. Tony Casler

    DVD player?

    The pioneer 45a and 47ai meet all of the above criteria. I own a 47ai and I love it. I have seen no evidence of the chroma bug, the picture is outstanding. You want chroma bug, use an XBOX, it's so bad it hurts.
  18. Tony Casler

    For Metallica fans ... re: new record!

    I have heard St. Anger on the radio a few times now, and I am very disappointed, it does not sound at all like a metallica song. There is no definition between the drums, bass, and guitar, it's just a muddy, repetitive beat. The lyrics are dismal, and James Hetfield's voice sounds like it's...
  19. Tony Casler

    How important would a REDBOOK layer on DVD-A be to you?

    I would prefer that they do not add a redbook layer. From what I understand, the only way to add one is to put it on the reverse of the DVD-A side, making the disc a "flipper." I hate flipper DVD-V discs, one side always gets scratched up if you put it in a cd book, and it just looks like ass. I...
  20. Tony Casler

    811 S-vid switching & picture quaility?

    I haven't seen any picture degradation. I haven't tried 6 ohm speakers, but I have read in several threads that the non-elite pioneer receivers don't get along well with anything below 8 ohms.
  21. Tony Casler

    So - What Music Did You Buy This Week?

    I bought the new Manson, and Korn's Untouchables L.E., which came with a DVD.
  22. Tony Casler

    HD Video Switching - Inexpensive Solution

    Hi John. I'm originally from Oregon, but I'm in the Navy, currently stationed in Florida.
  23. Tony Casler

    Big DVD Audio Titles from Warner

    I'd buy Tool.
  24. Tony Casler

    Big DVD Audio Titles from Warner

    I generally prefer my rock to be hard rather than pop, the cars just don't do it for me. The new Staind is a good start, now if they would release Disturbed's The Sickness, I would be very happy.
  25. Tony Casler

    SACD List of Upcoming Titles to get excited about!

    Anyone know a good place for imports? I would like to get Korn, since it doesn't seem to be headed for a U.S. release anytime soon.
  26. Tony Casler

    Big DVD Audio Titles from Warner

    I'll buy Staind, but none of the others interest me in the least. One is better than none, I supppose.
  27. Tony Casler

    Pioneer VSX-D811S

    After much tweaking of the channel levels, I finally managed to get a decent bass response. Now that I have it all dialed in, I like it better than the old 810. I still can't wait until I have enough for the 49TXi, though.
  28. Tony Casler

    Breaking the news of a purchase to your significant other

    I can't believe you guys have so much trouble with your wives. My fiancee is actually happy when I buy new gear. She loves movies, so anythhing to make them more enjoyable is fine by her. We have an agreement that I am in charge of the gear, and she can decorate however she wants, as long as it...
  29. Tony Casler

    Pioneer VSX-D811S

    The only material that has this issue is DVD-A/SACD through the 5.1 inputs. Digital signals sound as good as, if not better than the 810. I would consider the 811S to be a good receiver for it's price (I got mine for $275), but I really only bought it to have something to replace the 810 while...
  30. Tony Casler

    Pioneer VSX-D811S

    I just picked up an 811S to replace my old 810 that was broken by the movers when I transfered. I have noticed that the bass from SACD/DVD-A isn't nearly as strong on this receiver as it was on the 810. I would appreciate any help I can get, as it sounds rather anemic right now.