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  1. Karl F

    The Shield: Season Six

    Shane didn't realize that Vic wasn't picking up because of Shane's name on the caller ID -- he assumed (and told Corrine) that Vic was "in the field" and not picking up for that reason. --K
  2. Karl F

    What's wrong with this discolored disc? (w/ pic)

    Interesting. I'd heard the term before, but hadn't seen any pics, so I wasn't sure that this was an example of it. I'd also heard that DVD rot was a "myth." (see this article: -- which says, for instance, that "... there might be some oxidation on...
  3. Karl F

    What's wrong with this discolored disc? (w/ pic) (Click the link to see the disc in question.) I own a video store and I've had a number of Kino discs change color like this. They also stop working, either freezing in the middle or not loading at all. Kino says they've had no reports of anything...
  4. Karl F

    The Perils of Gwendoline - 6/27/2006

    Man, it's so sad that you apparently missed "The New WKRP in Cincinnati"... --K
  5. Karl F

    Grizzly Man - DVD modified from theatrical release?

    I'm pretty certain Ebert's referencing the movie. That paragraph's in present tense; the first half would've been past tense if Ebert was talking about a prior appearance. Anyway, someone who saw it in the theater will chime in soon enough, I'm sure. --K
  6. Karl F

    Grizzly Man - DVD modified from theatrical release?

    I watched the DVD and just now I'm reading Ebert's review. The review mentions that we see footage of Treadwell on David Letterman's show. No such footage is seen on the DVD. So, not having seen the movie theatrically, that's my assumption: removal of Letterman footage (due to rights...
  7. Karl F

    How do you display your "Walt Disney Treasures"?

    I keep 'em in the tins, not in any particular order, and not with my other DVDs -- they're on a bookshelf with my Disneyland books. (Mostly because I'm running out of DVD shelf space, not due to any particularly rabid desire to keep all the Discney stuff together.) --K
  8. Karl F

    *** Official 2004 Academy Award Prediction Thread

    PICTURE: The Aviator DIRECTOR: Clint Eastwood LEAD ACTOR: Jamie Foxx LEAD ACTRESS: Hilary Swank SUPPORTING ACTOR: Thomas Haden Church SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Cate Blanchett ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Sideways ANIMATED FEATURE: The...
  9. Karl F

    Columbia/Sony releasing several Classic Westerns on 4/5/05

    Yeah! Especially The Tall T. --K
  10. Karl F

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Open Water

    I know this isn't the Movie Discussion thread, but I gotta make a quick nitpick with something Michael said (in his excellent and thoughtful review!): "There’s a few party scenes, which are pointless and another scene where the guy gets out of bed to kill a fly. These hear really don’t add...
  11. Karl F

    "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern" are Alive!

    AWESOME~! Best news I've had this week. This was the #1 title on my hope-this-comes-to-DVD list. Between this and Grisbi, 2005 makes me happy already. --K
  12. Karl F

    Korean film Oasis R1: No subtitles?

    Joel, I finally got this in for my store and took it home to check it before putting it out on the shelf. On my copy, the subtitles come up automatically, and there doesn't seem to be a way to switch them off. Maybe yours is defective? --K
  13. Karl F

    Errol Morris films (and TV show) are coming to DVD!

    In a recent DVD purchase of mine (I *think* "The Saddest Music in the World," but I don't remember for sure -- it's MGM, in any case), there's a little insert flyer advertising Errol Morris films as "Coming Soon to DVD!" They are: The Thin Blue Line, Gates of Heaven, and Vernon, Florida --...
  14. Karl F

    The Terminal 11/23 in a 1- and 2-disc editions!

    It's a slipcover with the pic you see on Amazon, on both the front and back. Inside that is a cardboard fold-out holder with the other design on the front (Tom Hanks looking to the side) and a list of features on the back. This unfolds, just like -- for example -- the Simpsons box sets or the...
  15. Karl F

    5 new Criterions in January, including Kagemusha!

    I love Grisbi -- it was on my Top Ten I-hope-this-comes-out-on-DVD-some-day list. Cross it off! It's sort of a crime movie on the surface, but really, it's about loyalty and growing old. I highly recommend it if you liked Bob le Flambeur or Rififi. --K
  16. Karl F

    Witches Hammer DVD

    I've got it here at the store. Let's see... Hm, the sleeve says that it's a full frame transfer, but the actual movie is widescreen...looks like maybe 1.78:1? I only watched a minute or so -- transfer looks eh-to-fair. --K
  17. Karl F

    Muppet Show: Buy now or wait?

    Casey's right. They've released the first 7 volumes into stores. My store has those versions; I myself have the Time-Life versions, and I can confirm that apart from the Time Life logo, they're exactly the same. --K
  18. Karl F

    In July (Im Juli.) - Info & Question

    Patrick, Since this doesn't go out on the shelf 'til Tuesday, I took it home and watched it last night. Picture and sound seemed quite good to me, but I don't have a big set up or anything, and I'm no expert. A quick note on subtitles: On my DVD player, they were white with black...
  19. Karl F

    In July (Im Juli.) - Info & Question

    We got a copy in at my video store, and the box lists the running time as 96 minutes, rather than 76. --K
  20. Karl F


    I just watched this DVD, too (it's actually called "The Rainbow Man/John 3:16"), and came here to do a search on The Fabulous Stains -- I was pretty sure that the release that is mentioned in the short doc (from 1999) never happened, and I wanted to see if anyone here knew why (thanks, Mark...
  21. Karl F

    ID this film? Man stays in bed. Possibly Italian

    Fred, you're *awesome*. I used the IMDB to look up movies starring Noiret that had the word "bed" in the title, and I found it! It's called "Very Happy Alexander" or "Alexandre le bienheureux." It doesn't look like it's on video at all, but it's good to know what it is. Thanks again! --K
  22. Karl F

    ID this film? Man stays in bed. Possibly Italian

    I had a customer at my video store today who was trying to remember the name of a film. He thought it was Italian. It's about a man who decides to never get out of bed again. He rigs up devices that he can operate from bed, and his dog runs errands for him. Apparently he also plays the tuba...
  23. Karl F

    Fox's Royal Warriors Review (screenshots)

    Street date is 5/25. Matthew -- thanks for the review! --K
  24. Karl F

    Does the Ventura/Cozumel "El Bruto" DVD have English subs?

    I found a thread here of HTF that suggested that it does; the Amazon editorial description says that it doesn't. The bilingual case has no indication. Can anyone definitely confirm this either way? Thanks in advance for your help! --K
  25. Karl F

    Showgirls V.I.P. Special Edition due July 27th! Ha!

    The "expert" on the commentary track is David Schmader, who Seattle residents may recognize as the "Last Days" columnist from The Stranger. He does presentations (or seminars, or something) on Showgirls every now and then in Seattle. I've never attended, but it sounds like a combination of a...
  26. Karl F

    DVD Review HTF Review: Swimming Pool - Unrated Version

    Paul -- "No Karl, when you press the menu selection entitled deleted scenes you are taken directly into the deleted scenes without any explanation." Ah, I get it. I almost never look at deleted scenes so I didn't notice this. "I wonder why after the end of the movie it would take you...
  27. Karl F

    DVD Review HTF Review: Swimming Pool - Unrated Version

    "As for the deleted scenes, you are taken directly into the deleted scenes without any explanation." You mean, they start playing automatically after the movie? 'Cause that didn't happen with mine; after the movie was over, it went to the "bonus features" menu. "I recall watching this at...
  28. Karl F

    My Big Lebowski DVD Fantasy (MERGED SE THREAD)

    Well, lots of people have that "Coenesque" feeling...but since they are the Coens, I'm assuming they have it in spades. --K
  29. Karl F

    In the spirit of Halloween, what are 10 horror movies you plan on watching?

    Here's my list: The Devil's Backbone 28 Days Later The Thing '82 Happiness of the Katakuris The Others Ravenous Psycho (orig. version) Shallow Grave The Vanishing (orig. version) It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown --K
  30. Karl F

    New Cover Art - Gerry

    My new VPD catalog (wholesale catalog for retailers) has the same cover, but there are cut-out faces of Damon and Affleck in the upper right quadrant which make the cover, if you can believe this, much, much worse. Which version will prevail? --K