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  1. dpippel

    The Mandalorian (2019) - Season 3

    What? You've never heard of ???
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    Pre-Order Dragonslayer (1981) (4k UHD) (4k UHD Steelbook) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I don't know what Amazon can do beyond offering a replacement or a refund. A code would have to come from Paramount.
  3. dpippel

    Pre-Order Dragonslayer (1981) (4k UHD) (4k UHD Steelbook) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I wonder if this is an issue confined to the steelbook? Are any of you regular edition 4K owners missing the digital code sheet for this release?
  4. dpippel

    What Was The First Theatrical Film You Saw?

    Mary Poppins for me.
  5. dpippel

    CRITERION FLASH SALE Starting MARCH 21, 2023 Noon ET for 24 HRS

    Nice selection. Happy birthday! I had two $10 off coupon codes to add, and picked up The Adventures of Baron Munchausen 4K, Devil in a Blue Dress 4K, and Inland Empire.
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    FS: The Mask of Zorro - 4K MA Code - $3

    Still available.
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    Pacific Rim (2013)

    I did as well, and would love to again. It's a great 3D experience in IMAX!
  8. dpippel

    Pacific Rim (2013)

    Too bad it's limited to LA. :(
  9. dpippel

    The Lighthouse 4K UHD

    $58USD and some change with tax and shipping here in the States. Still expensive!
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    UHD Review A Few Words About A few words about...™ - Dragonslayer -- in 4k UHD

    The thing is though, when modern image harvesting techniques are combined with 4K releases like this, the added resolution and detail allow us to see warts, matte lines, wires, and all manner of other "limitations of the era" in many cases. These issues wouldn't necessarily have been visible to...
  11. dpippel

    Sam Neill, Receiving Treatment For Stage Three Blood Cancer, Says He’s “Just Pleased To Be Alive”

    Dude, spoilers??? Haven't watched the show yet but am planning on it.
  12. dpippel

    Jurassic World: Dominion (June 10, 2022)

    For me, it was a big, dumb dinosaur movie, which IMO is what the entire franchise has been outside of the first film. There's nothing wrong with that of course, because DINOSAURS, but it would have been nice if more thought had been put into the writing. I think the best thing about this film...
  13. dpippel

    Cut the Cord and couldn't be happier

    We cut the cord years ago and don't miss it one little bit. I use a Silicon Dust Flex 4K network tuner and Plex DVR for the times when we want to record something OTA. Works great.
  14. dpippel

    Superman: Legacy (2025) (James Gunn)

    He'll be able to have a dance-off with Brainiac while riding a T. rex.
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  16. dpippel

    The Big Lebowski 25th Anniversary - Fathom's Big Screen Classics Event

    April 16th and April 20th. I'll be there, man:
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    General Discussion Digital Movie/TV Deals

    Awesome, Robert! Since it's raining here in Phoenix today, I may just spring for it and give it a watch this afternoon. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it!
  18. dpippel

    General Discussion Digital Movie/TV Deals

    I wonder if anyone can comment on the quality of the Vudu 4K stream. It seems funny to me that it's been available there for months and not a single person at HTF has done so yet. At least, not that I'm aware of. I'm half-tempted to just pull the trigger and take a look.
  19. dpippel

    oh why not....THE ABYSS

    I'm not going to infer anything from what he said until we see an official press release, or until Cameron himself says yes and gives us a date. There's just too much water under the bridge on this title.
  20. dpippel

    oh why not....THE ABYSS

    "I'll bet it would be." That's not a yes.
  21. dpippel

    General Discussion Digital Movie/TV Deals

    How does it look? I'm a little worried about OUATITW since it's a Paramount title and is supposedly getting a physical 4K release this year.
  22. dpippel

    Pre-Order Superman 5-Film Collection (1978-1987) and Amazon SteelBook Exclusive (4k UHD Combo)

    My thought exactly. If it's a budgetary issue then why not just use the original 4K release data, press more discs, and not muck about with the first film at all for the new set? Strange.
  23. dpippel

    Press Release BVHE Press Release: Avatar: The Way Of Water (4k UHD) (Digital)

    A 3D release of The Abyss? Heck, we've all been waiting a couple of DECADES for a mere HD release, and you can see where that's ended up so far. ;)
  24. dpippel

    The Last of Us (2023) - Season 1

    Not really. The Fireflies were having none of that, as evidenced by their decision to harvest Ellie's tissue immediately. There wasn't and wouldn't have been any choice left to Ellie, or Joel. That was my take on the situation anyway. And wow, another great episode! I love this show from...
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    The Last of Us (2023) - Season 1

    People are still watching the Oscars? ;)
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    FS: The Mask of Zorro - 4K MA Code - $3

    Paypal Friends & Family payment only, please.
  27. dpippel

    HBO Max HBO Max (Official Thread)

    I hate to see another streaming service charging more for 4K/Atmos. Hopefully, the whole industry won't lean in this direction, but it wouldn't surprise me one little bit. I'm only an occasional subscriber to HBO Max, but at $20 a month, I'll be subscribing a LOT more occasionally than I do now...