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  1. IraSWeiss

    Hey the White van guys tried to sell speakers to me. Ha, ha, ha

    This is an old story to me. My next door neighbor bought a pair of Dahlton towers from a white van guy. Same blurb about the overstock, etc. The sad thing is that he is a police officer. He thinks they sound fine.
  2. IraSWeiss

    Outlaw has reduced the price of 950 pre-pro to $799

    I just opened up the July/August Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, who gave the 950/770 pair an excellent review starting on page 67. The price on the 950 per the review (in two places) - $799.
  3. IraSWeiss

    Audio pioneer David Hafler passed away

    A sad loss of a great audio pioneer. I had an SCA-35 Amp, Dynatuner, pair of A-25 and pair of A-35 speakers. All of this was excellent stuff. Like other recent departures, including Paul Klipsch and Henry Knoss, he will be missed.
  4. IraSWeiss

    Tape loop / record-out source select

    I've been able to do this sort of thing with my Denon 3803. You select what you want to record with the record out source set to that input and the main input set to tape. You can switch between them to monitor. I hope I got this right. Ira S. Weiss
  5. IraSWeiss

    McIntosh's new owner

    I also remember the hallowed competition between McIntosh and Marantz. It was really high end back then between these two, with companies like Fisher, HH Scott, Sherwood, Harmon Kardon and Dynaco not far behind. Even more amazing, in the 50's and early 60's they were all AMERICAN MADE. Even...
  6. IraSWeiss

    PIP and AVR-3803

    You should be able to use the zone two feature to output a composite signal to a composite input on the TV with a different source from the zone two output. For example, you could set the main viewing to DVD and the Zone two output to DBS and use the TV for PIP.
  7. IraSWeiss

    Outlaw M200 pro/cons or other suggestions

    Does anyone have any experience hooking up the M200 to power the front three channels from a Denon 3803? I'm concerned about matching levels.
  8. IraSWeiss

    Receiver recommendations for Def Techs

    I'm using the Denon 3803 with 2004tl and same other speakers and it sounds excellent, an improvement over my aging Sony STR-DA80ES. I'm having no problems converting from composite to S-video. I chose this over other brands because DefTechs can be hard to drive.
  9. IraSWeiss

    Pioneer DVD recorders

    I said this to our Pioneer rep. I'm repeating it here. I wish Pioneer would combine these capabilities with the DVD Audio/SACD capabilities of the 45A or better yet, 47AI (with fixed bass management, of course!) to give us a one stop DVD solution, at least until HD arrives.
  10. IraSWeiss

    Is there a downside to plugging my equipment into battery backup?

    I am using a UPS on my systems for one reason: When we lose power momentarily (~ 1 second average 2x month), I lose the volume I set on my digital cable box and possibly VCR programming. I am only backing up the Cable Box and VCR with APC equipment, everything else is surge protected with...
  11. IraSWeiss

    Sony 4ES power rating

    I have a Sony STR-DA80ES and DB830 so I am definitely not Sony bashing. What confuses me is that while S&V did not test (or perhaps, print the results of the test) with five channels driven per page 58, they did test and print the results with five channels driven for the Sherwood RD-7108 on...
  12. IraSWeiss

    Interesting comment on the Sony DA4ES in the latest S&V

    Although my issue has not arrived yet (maybe this afternoon), I'm afraid S&V caved into threats against advertising dollars. In the past they have exposed many receivers that did not come close to matching their power ratings when they had all channels driven from most brands, including a Sony...
  13. IraSWeiss

    Pioneer CLD-D704 Laserdisc player, Do I need a Demod for DD, AC-3?

    It's really unfortunate that on their DVD/LD players Pioneer did not demodulate the Laserdisc RF signal and send it to the optical and coaxial outputs. Who needs two wires?
  14. IraSWeiss

    When will manufacturers stop using so many legacy connections

    We need multiple component video inputs(more than two, that's for sure, and some sort of HD inputs (Multiple Firewire and/or DVI)and whatever (whenever) is finalized for DVD/A and SACD. More companies should upconvert video like Denon, Kenwood and Pioneer for a start. More companies...
  15. IraSWeiss

    anyone ever heard of "ESS" speakers?

    I remember hearing AMT1's back in the 70's and I also could not believe the detail in the mid-high end. I always wondered why others didn't pick up on the design.
  16. IraSWeiss

    Local Circuit City store has Sony *CD* changer in SACD kiosk!

    George, you're right about the small print about SACD. It is on the inner jacket in
  17. IraSWeiss

    Local Circuit City store has Sony *CD* changer in SACD kiosk!

    I heard that the new Rolling Stones SACD was marketed as a hybrid disk and put with normal CD stock - at Walmart! That's an example of what needs to be done. This is really simple: Start making all players combined DVD-V/CD/SACD/DVD-A players as Pioneer has done with their 47AI and 45A...
  18. IraSWeiss

    The White Van Man had commeth (merged thread)

    Here's a link to the Website for the speakers I mentioned yesterday. When you look at dealers you will notice only a telephone number for each city, no dealer name or address or other contact information. What do you think? Dahlton Loudspeakers
  19. IraSWeiss

    The White Van Man had commeth (merged thread)

    My new next door neighbor just bought a pair of Dahlton KV2500TI speakers from a truck that supposedly was an overstock. Anyone ever hear of this brand? And just to think I was going to go shopping with him for some equipment.
  20. IraSWeiss

    Pioneer receiver overloads with DefTech speakers -- HELP!

    About a year ago I asked DefTech about what receivers they recommend and they said Denon, Nad, Rotel and Outlaw. That's why I'll be going with a Denon 3803 soon rather than a Pioneer VSX-45TX when I upgrade soon
  21. IraSWeiss

    Laserdisc Player Manuals ????????

    They have some recent products up there in pdf format but not all of them. That's why I had to order my manual for a model that's only been out of production for a year or so. They should get someone busy with a scanner!
  22. IraSWeiss

    Laserdisc Player Manuals ????????

    I contacted Pioneer directly (see their Web site) for a manual for my player and they sent it to me for $18.58.
  23. IraSWeiss

    Time to make a decision...Denon or Pioneer Elite

    I will compare the two when the 3803 hits the street as my dealer carries both but will probably go with the Denon. I am using Definitive Technology speakers, which are not the easiest to drive and feel the Denon will be less likely to shut down. I also like the multiple video inputs and wide...
  24. IraSWeiss

    more inputs, am i dreaming?

    This is exactly why I'm considering a new Denon 3803 in addition to the 45.
  25. IraSWeiss

    CLD-S201 owners manual

    I called the Pioneer 800# and ordered a new manual for a DVL-91 and they are sending it to me. They may have your manual, too. The telephone number is: Monday thru Friday: 6:00 AM to 4:30 PM PST (800) 421-1404 (310) 952-2247 (24 hour Fax) Ira
  26. IraSWeiss

    Pioneer VSX-45TX vs. Denon AVR-3803

    If the 3803 is not going to be available until after the first of the year, why was it put up on their Web site just a few days ago? What's the story on the 3802 reliability problems?
  27. IraSWeiss

    Pioneer VSX-45TX vs. Denon AVR-3803

    I am also debating between the 45Tx and 3803. I hope to hear them both and make a decision. I would love to have a unit that sounded great AND... 1. Had as many video inputs as the 3803 2. Had two tape inputs as the 45TX (and possibly a tape monitor function) 3. Had MCCAC like the...
  28. IraSWeiss

    Denon 3803 info

    Something I couldn't find reading the PDF manual... Can the 3803 rename inputs? I know the Pioneer 45TX and Sony receiver can do it and it would be a great convenience. I'm looking forward to checking one out here in Columbus, OH and comparing it to a Pioneer 45TX when they hit the street.
  29. IraSWeiss

    Denon 3803 info

    I am planning on buying a new receiver soon and would like to see a shootout between three top contenders as noted on this Forum: Denon 3803 Pioneer Elite VSX-45TX Sony ES STR-DA4ES Any takers?
  30. IraSWeiss

    Pioneer VSX-45TX Elite....

    From what I've managed to read on various vendor's sites, the 45TX has one component in and one out. What were they thinking? What good is switching one input? Most AV receivers I've seen have two (or more) component video inputs that are switchable. That's why I'd like to see a photograph or...