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  1. robert galasek

    Heaven's Gate: back in the skates again?

    Was there ever any more news on a special edition of HEAVEN'S GATE (possibly including the 2004 documentary "Final Cut: The Making of 'Heaven's Gate' and the Unmaking of a Studio")? I thought the change of management at MGM's home video division caused this to be delayed, in the same way as the...
  2. robert galasek

    Michael Mann's THE KEEP

    Were Paramount not supposed to have released Michael Mann's THE KEEP by now? Is there no news on this?
  3. robert galasek

    ULZANA'S RAID 16x9 Enhanced Coming to Region 4

    Great news. This is an almost forgotten classic. I wonder which version it is. The US/Aldrich version and the European/Lancaster version cuts were edited differently. The version shown many times on UK TV also had bizarre censorship of the horse falls. This film has one of Burt Lancater's best...
  4. robert galasek

    The Keep?

    Has THE KEEP fallen off of Paramount's release schedule again? I thought I read that it was coming out in October 2003.
  5. robert galasek

    One Upon A Time In America

    Now that the long wait for ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA on dvd in the UK and US is at last nearly over, I really hope that this great film gets the treatment it deserves. In particular, in the original January 1985 UK cinema release of the full 229 minute version, during the final confrontation...
  6. robert galasek

    The Keep at last !

    I'm also really pleased that THE KEEP is coming at last, if this is confirmed. I saw Michael Mann's own print of THE KEEP at his retrospective at the NFT in London in 1996 and loved the look, the atmosphere and the music. However, didn't another site report a while back that Paramount turned...
  7. robert galasek

    The Conformist ?

    I'd love to see Bertolucci's '1900' on DVD.
  8. robert galasek

    New details on Paramount’s forthcoming ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST DVD.

    This sounds fantastic. I saw Alex Cox discuss Leone with Christopher Frayling at the NFT Leone retrospective in London in 2000 and it was terrific. Last night I watched part of the recent Italian (region 2) 2.35:1 16x9 re-issue of WEST and it looks beautiful. Unfortunately this version has only...
  9. robert galasek

    Criterion's Straw Dogs now a 2-disc set!

    The treatment of STRAW DOGS on both R1 and R2 DVD is terrific, but when can we expect a decent special edition of Peckinpah's greatest film THW WILD BUNCH? A replacement of the old flipper is long past due. I would love to see ot with a commentary by Paul Seydor and David Weddle. Since it is a...
  10. robert galasek

    Criterion's Straw Dogs now a 2-disc set!

    Sam Peckinpah: Man of Iron was broadcast by the BBC in 1992 and it is superb. I assume this is the same film. It is probably the most detailed, insightful documentary portrait I have ever seen of a great director. I still have a faded VHS tape of it and watch it every now and then. The interview...
  11. robert galasek

    The Gospel According To St. Matthew, review of new Tartan R2 DVD

    Great news. The original r1 release was pretty disappointing and I had been hesitating about getting the new r2 release in case it was the same. In my view The Gospel According to St Matthew is one of the greatest films ever made. I first saw it on TV when I was very young and it seemed like...
  12. robert galasek

    Once Upon A Time in the West DVD update sort of

    quote: ------------------------------------------------------------ That's not a crop, as the OAR is 1.85:1. ----------------------------------------------------- No way, the OAR of ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST is 2.35:1. The widescreen frame has never been better utilised in the...
  13. robert galasek

    Once Upon A Time in the West DVD update sort of

    The region 2 Italian 'C'era Una Volta Il West' (Once Upon A Time In The West) DVD from CVC has a running time of 175 minutes (the longest version I have seen, allowing for PAL speed up) and does have a 5.1 sound mix. Unfortunately, although enhanced for 16x9, it is cropped to 1.85:1. The...