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  1. Ray Kerr

    Sony Firmware upgrades?

    uh... Because it's Sony??? I am very aware of ISO formats/files, but I can tell you that will the MANY different pieces of ISO software that I have, I continued to make DVD coasters until I tried using a -R CD-ROM. I am not the only person to experience this issue. Do i have the time to pursue...
  2. Ray Kerr

    Sony Firmware upgrades?

    It's not too bad... Once you figure out that the ISO image wants to be burned onto a CD... I also found that Sony's description of the steps/events wasn't quite correct. Luckily for me, I left it to do it's thing and when I returned about 35-40 minutes after it started the upgrade, I found the...
  3. Ray Kerr

    Sony Firmware upgrades?

    Go to this link... I had to upgrade the f/w on my recently acquired BDP-S300. Download the f/w and follow the instructions to make a ISO image disk. Sony states that you must use a blank DVD disc, but every piece of s/w that I had...
  4. Ray Kerr

    A Different Perspective on Bose

    Geez... Somebody help me outta my rocker and find my walker for me!!! Little Dude (as a geriatric I can call ya that!:D ), not all of us older (with one foot in the grave) people are sitting in our rockers listening to Lawrence Welk (old Polka Music and Variety show that was on TV LONG before...
  5. Ray Kerr

    Universal Remote Survey

    Add my enthusiastic vote for the MX-500 and I have to add that the IR-Clone package makes it even more versatile!
  6. Ray Kerr

    I am sick of my Sony 4es remote....

    I agree with Bill D... 'Cept I have the MX-500. I have two VERY important (at least according to my daughter) macros... DVD and SAT. No more figuring out which button on the HDTV to push or which source for the receiver... just one button and we're all happy.
  7. Ray Kerr

    I need recommendations on universal home theater remotes..

    Another vote for the MX-500. Easy and quick to program and BUTTONS for us button types! My Pronto TSU2000/01 was/is cool, but I (and especially my daughter) can navigate the MX-500 real well in the dark.
  8. Ray Kerr

    Need advice before "pulling the trigger"...

    Another vote for the Yammie... I'm just "retiring" my HTR-5280 to the Master Bedroom HT system.
  9. Ray Kerr

    Remote control suggestions

    That's good to hear Randy... I just ordered a MX-500. I've had a Pronto 2000/01 and have had little sucess in getting my daughter to use it... I have decided that I am a "button guy" too... Now all i have to do is try and sell the Pronto!
  10. Ray Kerr

    What kind of receiver should i buy for this speakers??

    Terence, he only has a b=udget of $200 for speakers AND receiver... You speakers are already $29 over budget(and the S&H hasn't even been factored in yet). The RCA (or other brands) HTiB may be the route to go. Check the SUnday flyers in your local paper and see what's out there. It won't be...
  11. Ray Kerr

    Satellite vs. Digital Cable

    Hmm Jeremy... Me thinks you are just a wee bit biased... I've done the cable... satellite... cable... and back to satellite thing and I don't see me EVER going back to cable... BTW I only have ONE dish and get more channles that the cable (AT&T/Comcast). To watch the shows that I like requires a...
  12. Ray Kerr

    New system is awesome!!!

    I've been lurking here for a month or two and I guess I'll anounce my presence and thanks all those that have (unbeknownst to them) helped in my selection of new components! I did have a nice setup originally, but the purchase of a Mitsu WS48311 started me down that slippery slope of upgraditis...
  13. Ray Kerr

    Protective Screens? Advantages? Disadvantages?

    Well, I'm new to the HDTV thing and this thread is SOOO pertinent! I managed to snap a corner off of the "protective" screen on my Mitsu 48311... I too have a problem with glare. I'm in the process of doing what I can to cut down on the ambient light in the family room, but it will never be a...