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  1. Ed*Wheaton

    DVD upgrade question

    I have a question concerning a subject that I've never heard of.Someone told me that you can download content,weather it be patches ,upgrades or whatever concerning your DVD player off the net,burn it to a disc,and then pop it into your DVD player and it would access the disc and update itself...
  2. Ed*Wheaton

    Zenith DVB 318 & LG 7832 DVD Player merged thread

    Hi all, I see Futureshop has the LG 7832 Hi def player for $249.99 cdn.Can anyone tell me if these players make all movies better or just the ones recorded in hi-def?Another thing,has anyone been keeping an eye on these "blue ray" DVD players?They are supposed to hit the market in...
  3. Ed*Wheaton

    What cables do I need -- BNC, DVI, Component, What??

    I was surfing the net the other day an was on the Radio Shack site.I was looking for a optical cable splitter or something that would let me plug more than one device via optical cable into my receiver which unfortunately has 1 optical input jack in the rear.I found a 4-way digital optical...
  4. Ed*Wheaton

    Bell expressvu 6000

    I have a HDTV with expressvu and am thinking of someday upgrading to the model 6000 hi-def receiver.My current home theater receiver only has the one optical input for my DVD player.Am I out of luck in getting the 5.1 sound from this sat. receiver? Thanks Ed
  5. Ed*Wheaton

    Radio Shack SPL meter

    Man you guys can get those SPL meters for a song! $69.99 here at Radio Shack in Canada.That's like $500 Ed:D
  6. Ed*Wheaton

    Radio Shack SPL meter

    Do you guys find that the SPL meter made a big difference when you used it? Or just gave you some minor adjustments? ED
  7. Ed*Wheaton

    Liveframe vs backlight

    I have a set of big screen bookshelves with the "bridge" between them.I strung a set of rope lights from top corner to the other,behind the tv of course,and I found it made a great back light. Ed
  8. Ed*Wheaton

    subsonic filter

    Hi all I have a Polk audio psw-404,and I read a review somewhere that one reviewer was going to install a subsonic filter on his.2 questions..What is a subsonic filter,and do I need one? Thanks;)
  9. Ed*Wheaton

    subsonic filter

    Hi all I have a Polk audio psw-404,and I read a review somewhere that one reviewer was going to install a subsonic filter on his.2 questions..What is a subsonic filter,and do I need one? Thanks;)
  10. Ed*Wheaton


    I was just surfing the net and came across a site:hometheaterspot.comwhere they did reviews on movies.Some were re-released in "Dtheater" U-571 to name one.Is this another name for superbit or is this another format altogether?As if they haven't found a way to make us buy enough "improved"...
  11. Ed*Wheaton

    Set up DVD for TV.

    Hi all; I am looking to purchase a set-up DVD for my rear projection TV.So far I have been told that Avia and video essentials are good.Does anybody have a preference?The Avia is a bit more expensive but is it better?Like to hear what others have to say. Thanks Ed
  12. Ed*Wheaton

    Xbox Optical Out

    I played my x-box on my home theater for a while before I finally clued in that I needed the optical cable to have true 5.1.Once I got one MAN!! what a difference it really brought the games to life.Definitely go and get the A/V pack and the optical cable.You won't regret it. Ed
  13. Ed*Wheaton

    6.1 set-up

    I have recently purchased a 6.1 receiver and am wondering what height the rear center should be,or does it matter?Right now it is about 2-3 feet behind the rear surrounds and a few inches higher.Should I have it tipped downward or lower it,or is it good where it is? Thanks Ed
  14. Ed*Wheaton

    Center channel help

    I am looking to purchase a center channel speaker for my 6.1 system-Are there any good "cheap" speakers that anyone would recommend?Thinking of spending no more than around $150.00 Cdn.I have a Quest center now and will put that in back if I can find a better one to replace it with,otherwise I...
  15. Ed*Wheaton

    DVD player question

    I had someone tell me that you shouldn't play cd's on a DVD player.Something to do with they should only be used to play one type of media?Then why do the make them to play so many different types of cd's?Maybe he doesn't know what he's talking about.Anyone use their DVD player to play other...
  16. Ed*Wheaton

    Samsung HD 931

    I was looking in the local paper and saw an ad for this particular DVD player.It is the Samsung HD931.It's supposed to give a hi def. picture at 1080.Id this a scam or are we all looking at again replacing out progressive scan DVD players and going to yet another format?Another question would be...
  17. Ed*Wheaton

    DVD player question

    I am thinking of replacing my receiver with one that supports Dolby Digital EX,and DTS ES,and now I am wondering.Do I have to have a DVD player that supports the same or will mine that supports DTS and is progressive scan do the trick? Thanks Ed
  18. Ed*Wheaton

    JVC Receivers

    Does anybody own or have any knowledge on the JVC receivers?I am looking at the RX-7030,or maybe the RX-8020.Wondering too about the watts.My speakers are 100w each and the receivers are 110w/per ch.or 120.Would that be a problem? Thanks Ed
  19. Ed*Wheaton

    Interested in a new receiver (MERGED THREAD)

    Sorry I forgot I would also like it to have both Dolby Digital Ex and DTS ES equipped.That should narrow it down.Any help will greatly appreciated. Again Thanks Ed
  20. Ed*Wheaton

    Interested in a new receiver (MERGED THREAD)

    Ok I think I am narrowing my search.Since I don't have much room behind my rear surrounds for a 6th channel.It would be only a foot further back at best.I think I will just go with a better 5.1 receiver.The brands available to me that I would consider in my price range would be maybe a lower end...
  21. Ed*Wheaton

    Kenwood Receiver question?

    Mine happens on it's own.I've just got a cheap Sony 5.1 and once in a while I notice the clicking too.
  22. Ed*Wheaton

    Interested in a new receiver (MERGED THREAD)

    I looked at the 2 Harmon Kardons they look good but don't seem to have the Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES capabilities,or at least the specs I read hadn't included them.Just getting off the subject for a bit,my wife and I were watching a movie last night and I noticed a rumbling in the sub.I...
  23. Ed*Wheaton

    Interested in a new receiver (MERGED THREAD)

    Since Yamaha seems to be the most assessable and affordable to me,how about any of the maybe lower end 6.1 receivers?Are there any of them anyone would recommend? Thanks Ed;)
  24. Ed*Wheaton

    Interested in a new receiver (MERGED THREAD)

    Looked at your Sherwood receiver,but unfortunatly that brand in not available here in my area.Like I said we're pretty limited here. Ed
  25. Ed*Wheaton

    Interested in a new receiver (MERGED THREAD)

    Hi all; Been doing some surfing looking at some receivers that would be available to me here on the east coast of Canada and probably in my price range.Looking at the Yamaha RX-V530 It looks like it has more than my sony does,the only thing is the wattage is smaller being 75 watts per...
  26. Ed*Wheaton

    Interested in a new receiver (MERGED THREAD)

    Sorry that should be Canadian. Ed :D
  27. Ed*Wheaton

    Interested in a new receiver (MERGED THREAD)

    I'm planning on around the $400 or $500 range.Remember I's Camadian dollars we're talking about. Ed
  28. Ed*Wheaton

    Home theater help

    Hi all; OK here is my system,it's probably not as hi end as most of yours but here goes. T.V.-Hitachi 43" HDTV DVD- Hitachi DV-725U Progressive scan Receiver-Sony STR-K502P 5.1 100w per. ch. Front speakers- Polk Audio R15 Rear speakers - Polk Audio R15 Center channel- Quest Q50c...
  29. Ed*Wheaton

    Interested in a new receiver (MERGED THREAD)

    Can anyone suggest a good 5.1 receiver reasonably priced.I have a Sony STR K502P 100W pre ch. right now. Thanks Ed:)
  30. Ed*Wheaton

    Home theater help

    Hi all; I have noticed that alot of setups include preamps,monoblock far all I have is a receiver,and it sounds pretty good to me,but if there is a way to make it sound even better I would like any suggestions.I have a 100w per channel system if that makes any difference...