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  1. rich farren

    The Upgraded Anthem AVM-20 2.0 Thread

    Looks like I am having the same problem with my AVM 20 that others have reported. After a year of problem free use, last week I had the upgrade put in. Software is V 2.09. I started getting some “ pops” They sound very similar as the igniter on a gas stove. Then the center channel went out. I...
  2. rich farren

    Adding a 2 ch amp to 5 ch system

    Thanks for the suggestions. I would need this amp to have the capability to trigerd controled from the pre amp. I saw a used Parasound HCA-1000A. 125W X 2 for sale for $330? Rich
  3. rich farren

    Adding a 2 ch amp to 5 ch system

    I have a Sherbourn 1500A/ 5 ch amp, and Anthem AVM 20 on order. I want to add a 2 ch amp to complete my 7.1 setup. I thought that I would use the Sherbourn amp to drive my Paradigms 60’s, CC, and APD’s. I have a set of Speakercraft Aim 2 in-ceilings speakers for the rears. Those speakers are...
  4. rich farren

    Anthem AVM-20 Owners, What did you pay??

    Graeme Shiomi I sent you a PM. thanks