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  1. Earl J College Pigskin Pick'em 2002

    :frowning: I suck.
  2. Earl J College Pigskin Pick'em 2002

    David, good luck figuring out the Pac 10. My alma mater, USC is a complete jeckle and hyde team. The conferece is the most balanced conference from top to bottom(just as Oregon), and don't be surprised if the conference champion has two conference losses this year. Just a typical year in the...
  3. Earl J College Pigskin Pick'em 2002

    Oh no, I'm hearing footsteps behind me:eek: Nice job Wayne!
  4. Earl J

    Meet the newest HTF member...

    Great looking dog! :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
  5. Earl J

    Is juice a good part of a healthy diet?

    What about those fitness waters like Propel? They have 30 calories per bottle, with 2 grams of sugar. I think they taste pretty good too. They come in flavors like Black Cherry, Orange, and Lemon. Just a thought...
  6. Earl J

    I'm watching movies at home from now on.

    If I can't wait, then I'll go to the theater. My AMC isn't too bad. Stadium seating, clean, better than average service. I've been to three movies this year: Attack of the clones, Spiderman, and MIB II. I think the only other movie I'll go to this year will be The Two Towers.
  7. Earl J

    Peeve: Costco checking the receipt

    Actually, the receipt checker actually saved me once. I bought some party supplies(beer, chips, beer, hotdogs, beer, and hamburgers), and it turns out that I was charged for 9 packs of beer instead of the eight that I had. When the guy offered to run to the register and credit me, I just told...
  8. Earl J

    The rules for Home Theater Club as set forth by me.

    Great, but do we still have to make soap?:D
  9. Earl J

    Nokia phone faceplate change.....

    I have the same phone, jeff. On top of the phone is a colored tab that is the same color of the face plate. Push down the tab, pull back the face plate, and that's it. When I first tried to remove the face plate, I didn't push the tab down far enough so nothing happened.
  10. Earl J

    Can't Buy Me Love???

    No OAR = No Sale That really sucks too. I really like this movie.
  11. Earl J

    "Converting" one's spouse to home theater.

    Are you kidding? My wife is beginning her own dvd collection and will soon be catching up to me. She loves the romance and drama, I prefer the action and suspense.
  12. Earl J College Pigskin Pick'em 2002

  13. Earl J

    Any handgun owners? Help, I gotta pick one...

    Take the Sig! Sig's and Glocks are my favorites. I have the Sig220, Glock 26, 36, 19, and a 17. Make sure to knock before coming in ;)
  14. Earl J

    Dead spots on my grass?

    Thanks for all of your advice. I'll try the fertilizer/insecticide combo first but I think Micah may have hit it on the nose. I might have to find another place for my dogs to urinate. I have no idea where but I'll think of something. Thanks again!
  15. Earl J

    Dead spots on my grass?

    actually, I do have two dogs and they both run out to the front yard sometimes and relieve themselves. About 4 months ago, we had our back yard worked on which included sprinklers and grass. I couldn't understand why the grass was always browning out back there. I figured it must have been the...
  16. Earl J

    Dead spots on my grass?

    I keep my lawn well watered during the day (morning cycle 5 minutes, evening cycle 5 minutes). Last week I noticed that brown spots are starting to pop up. It's not like a big area that is browning out, just random spots that are a bit smaller than a football. I checked my sprinklers and they...
  17. Earl J

    Question for L.A. area members

    You shouldn't have too much of a problem as long as you stick to the carpool lanes. That hotel is in North Hollywood, right? Seems like the most direct route would be the 101 to the 5 south, but I'm not too familiar with those freeways and the extent of carpool lanes. However, I think most of...
  18. Earl J

    best way to sell my used car?

    Thanks again for all of the advice. I just placed an ad in I hope it works!!:)
  19. Earl J

    Mattel Classic Football 2

    Wow, I thought I was the only person still playing with those games. Hard believe how far games have come in a couple decades.
  20. Earl J

    best way to sell my used car?

    hmmm, autotrader or Any opinions on which is better? It looks like is a bit cheaper but if autotrader is a more popular site, I think the additional money might be worth it. Hopefully I'll be lucky like Scott and sell it from the signs posted on the window. Thanks for all...
  21. Earl J

    Is this wrong?

    Any chance of getting your S/O involved in your hobby? Does she love any movies that you don't currently own? Maybe you wouldn't have to wait until she goes to bed to watch your movies if she watched things that interest her. Heck, you might even get to turn the volume up a db or two if...
  22. Earl J

    best way to sell my used car?

    I'm trying to sell my wifes 94 Toyota Tercel and I'm not sure of the best way to go about it. Sure I'll put a sign on the window and probably advertise in a local paper, but are there specific printed car magazines/periodicals that anyone can suggest or web sites to try out? I live in the...
  23. Earl J

    Tube Vs. Solid State

    What about price? I have never purchased a tube amp before, only demo'd. But it seems that tube amps seem to be more expensive (not including maintenance) than their SS counterparts. Granted this is based on my limited experience with tubes, but if its true, that would be quite a hurdle for them...
  24. Earl J

    Visiting Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Hollywood

    I surprised about the convertible rule. My first job out of college was at a rental car company and I don't remember anything like that. Worst case scenario they might make you buy their insurance ($11/day?) and that's all. I'd try calling more rental car companies if you really want one. If...
  25. Earl J

    DVDs with "Rewatchable" value

    Nice thread: 5th Element (SB ofcourse) Matrix Notting Hill (My wife makes me....ahemmmm) Jerry Maguire Braveheart Gladiator Saving Private Ryan Toy Story 2 Armageddon Coming Soon: Monsters, Inc. LOTR
  26. Earl J

    Any good recipes for Catfish or Trout?

    No, but my dad has a recipe for Carp. 1)Lay out some bricks and start the coals on the bricks. 2)Season Carp as desired, 3)Let Carp stay on the coals for about 1/2 hour. 4)Once the carp is cooked, throw away the carp, eat the bricks. ;)
  27. Earl J

    The job hunt this far...

    Stephen, congrats on your long Navy career. My father was in the Navy for 22 years and retired a Senior Chief. I remember how difficult a transition it was for him at first. He ended up working for a Naval Shipyard in Benicia, CA since retiring and has been there ever since. I guess after being...