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  1. John DrakeLaw

    HD-DVD International DVD List -

    Godsend (from Japan April 26) now up for pre-order at CDJapan and and Seems to advertise itself as a DVD with an HD DVD as a bonus disc
  2. John DrakeLaw

    A few words about....Blu-Ray

    In a word - stunning Can't come soon enough If prices aren't too prohibitive I'll replace all my favourites, just for the treat of watching them at a top cinema standard, while those that are rarely played will be fine in standard def.
  3. John DrakeLaw

    New Independence Day: Special Edition With DTS

    thanks Peter. Just read dvdbits again and they do say 'the set will definitely include a DTS soundtrack', so I've gone for it. Ezydvd have it for £7.89 to the UK, can't really go wrong.
  4. John DrakeLaw

    New Independence Day: Special Edition With DTS

    just looked at the R4 version at FBO and EZY, no mention of dts. Hope dvdbits is correct.
  5. John DrakeLaw

    Your top 10 "Fantasy" DVDs that will never come out (bootlegs don't count)

    Dune, the 4 hour version that some say played on Japanese planes Twice Upon A Time, the uncut version The Point, who knows, maybe this will be released one day
  6. John DrakeLaw

    The 5th Element 2 disc november 3

    Aaaahhh, the diva. Brilliant voice. A scene I regularly used as a demo. Superb choreography, cutting betwen Leelu's fight with the 'deep voices' and the diva's operatic performance.
  7. John DrakeLaw

    Lake Placid - Full Rate DTS - Japanese Region 2 Review

    Thanks Chris for pointing this version out. Love it. Excellent tongue in cheek humour. Copy just arrived, R1 already up for sale. Makes a change to find a Japanese copy to be a sensible price, even with CDJapan's extra handling and registered post costs. Beautifully packed, and arrived in 5...
  8. John DrakeLaw

    Spielberg's Taken - Specs, Cover & Disc Art

    Thanks James. If the R2 includes a DD 5.1 Ex track then I think I'll forgo the additional extras and go for it.
  9. John DrakeLaw

    Anyone have any info on any of these titles?

    Futureworld is fullframe, don't think p&s, perfectly reasonable picture. Sound DD stereo. Always discounted at Play, but not sure about which sites both stock it and export to US.
  10. John DrakeLaw

    28 Days Later

    If you're thinking of the R2 of 28 Days Later then CD-Wow have excellent service, free postage and their Honk Kong site has it for 31.16 Aus$ at here . All their sites are top rate but the HK is usually the cheapest. They don't have a wide range stuff but some of the latest and loads of...
  11. John DrakeLaw


    Thanks Richard, just got my R2 version from CD-WOW
  12. John DrakeLaw

    Flash Gordon?

    Being interesting to know what the 5.1 track is like, especially if going on the R1 release.
  13. John DrakeLaw

    Futureworld (R2)

    Thanks for that Malcolm. It's £5.99 at the moment so gone for it. Not seen it for yonks.
  14. John DrakeLaw

    Futureworld (R2)

    Play list it as 'Full screen 4:3 and DD 2.0 stereo' but haven't seen it yet and don't what the original specs of the film were.
  15. John DrakeLaw

    Flash Gordon?

    Matt, don't know if any use to you, but the German version has an excellent anamorphic picture with no fixed subs.
  16. John DrakeLaw

    Annoyingly situated Matrix glitch. (Region 4)

    OK Darren, I've gone through that scene in slomo and yes you're right. One frame is splodgy, at normal speed looks like a bit of damage on one cell. Would never have noticed it normally, even when I was looking out for it. I'm usually fussy and do get annoyed when films are badly encoded with...
  17. John DrakeLaw

    Annoyingly situated Matrix glitch. (Region 4)

    Hi Darren, I've got the R4 version, as supposed to be the best transfer. Bought it at the end of 2000. I've just checked out the scene and it plays perfectly on my Pioneer 747A. So although you've already tried different discs and different players, it's still probably a disc/player...
  18. John DrakeLaw

    [email protected] Part 3 (Take 2)

    Seem to be getting more damaged units over the last couple of months, maybe one or two a week. When I go to transmit the completed unit I get fd=64 n=0 errno=2. Occasionally if I keep transmitting it gets accepted eventually, but usually not and I end up having to delete all the queued data...
  19. John DrakeLaw

    THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD...on DVD? How's the transfer?

    Thanks for that Damin. It actually says both 4:3 and 16x9, so there should be a full screen choice. But don't know how accurate this site is. Have to wait and see.
  20. John DrakeLaw

    THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD...on DVD? How's the transfer?

    Thanks for that Sean, also been looking for a copy. Dvdgo says temporary out of stock but I've placed an order anyway. Looks like it's anamorphic, just hope the subs aren't fixed. Postage a bit pricey for only one item. The site has an English version when you enter - very helpful.
  21. John DrakeLaw

    Lathe of Heaven, any more re-issue info?

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, didn't realise this was a remake. Anyone seen both versions and like to compare? Or give an opinion on the new one?
  22. John DrakeLaw

    Lathe of Heaven, any more re-issue info?

    Digital Bits has mentioned the re-issued by A&E of Lathe of Heaven. At Image Entertainment it looks like it will be widesccreen, no mention of anamorphic. Newvideo's release was full frame, presumably as it was made as a tv movie. Definitely classic sci-fi, IMO. Wonder if they've found any way...
  23. John DrakeLaw

    Another "Films I'd Like To See On DVD"

    A few more, not sure on aspect ratios, although I presume the tv movies will be 4:3. Andromeda Strain Below (Twohy) Day the Earth Stood Still Demon Seed Dolls (Stuart Gordon) 1986 Don’t Look Now 1973 Dragonslayer Earth Star Voyager, tv movie 1988 Fire in the Sky Flesh and Blood...
  24. John DrakeLaw

    HTF & DVD ETC. MAGAZINE POLL: "The Top 10 Videos you can't get on DVD"

    1. The Point 2. 12.01 3. The Keep 4. Hardware 5. Fire in the Sky 6. Dragonslayer 7. The Omega Man 8. Andromeda Strain 9. Day the Earth Stood Still 10. Quiet Earth
  25. John DrakeLaw

    Dvd Etc. Magazine Poll: All Members Please Respond

    First and foremost love these movies and always enjoy re-watching them. Additionally superb sound and pic. Terminator 1 and 2 Dark City Green Mile
  26. John DrakeLaw

    Good science fiction DVDs?

    A few here that may not have been mentioned that I enjoy re-visiting: A Boy And His Dog Brainstorm Cube Enemy mine Habitat Handmaid's Tale Lifeforce The Man Who Fell To Earth Millenium Philadelphia Experiment Strange Days When Worlds Collide
  27. John DrakeLaw

    DVD Profiler Problems? 2002

    Seems to be working ok now. Just downloaded all the images it missed out earlier.
  28. John DrakeLaw

    Best version of Rapa-Nui

    Anyone seen this? Anyone got any feedback?
  29. John DrakeLaw

    Best version of: 1492 - Conquest of Paradise?

    Steve, I used just because it was easy. Would have brought the postage down if I'd ordered more. I'm now giving a try with Flash Gordon - works out a little cheaper. I've used before and they were no problem when I needed a replacement on a bad pressing.