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  1. BrianDD

    Looking for a nice DVD changer for under $300, found two, Onyko 701 and Denon 1815.

    I'd lean towards the Denon. has it refurbished for under $170 right now. I just picked up the Kenwood Sovereign DV-5700 from there for $265. Its a 5 disc changer with Faroudja DCDi and a seperate Faroudja video enhancer chip. It also plays DVD audio although this may not be important...
  2. BrianDD

    LD Player Hookup?

    Actually, this Denon is re-branded Pioneer and only has an RF output in addition to the L + R. I didn't realize the demodulators would be so hard to find and so expensive. I think I might just stick to PLII and forget the DD. Thanks for...
  3. BrianDD

    LD Player Hookup?

    I have just stumbled into a free Denon laserdisc player that has an AC-3 RF digital output. Does anyone know if there is any adaptors available that will let me convert this into a straight digital coaxial output so I can connect it to my Sony STR-DA5ES reciever? This reciever has no RF input.
  4. BrianDD

    Klipsch: Love/Hate

    I feel the same way. For theater applications (which is what I am most concerned about) they are great. For music they can leave a little to be desired. I have found a pretty good balance with my setup though. I have RP-5s up front, an RC-3 center and RS-3 side surrounds and Quintet rear...
  5. BrianDD

    3802 Denon and Mitz 55859 and X box config ???

    Your DVD player does have an svideo output. You can connect that to the DVD svideo input on your receiver. I did think of a possible problem though. When your player is in proggresive mode, it may not send a video signal through the svideo output. You might have to toggle the player's output to...
  6. BrianDD

    3802 Denon and Mitz 55859 and X box config ???

    If you want to be able to see the on-screen display over your movie you can run an s-video cable from the dvd player to your receiver's DVD input. Then when you switch your tv to input1 to make the changes you will have a picture as well. Of course this will be s-video quality so you'll want to...
  7. BrianDD

    anyone else have trouble getting DolbyDigital EX with LOTR on their processor?

    It does carry the format. You just have to engage it manually on your reciever. My Sony DA5ES did not pick it up when in auto mode but it worked fine when I manually switched the EX decoder on. Is there no way to do this on your receiver? I'm not familiar with that model.
  8. BrianDD

    Remanufactured Receivers

    I can tell you firsthand that refurbished HK products are top quality with the full warranty. I wouldn't hesitate to buy them. Refurbished HK models usually have a Z in the part number (AVR 320-Z). I don't have any experience with refurbished products from other makers.
  9. BrianDD

    Best Towers in $1300 range

    If you really like it loud and clear then stop reading this and go get the Klipsch RF-7s. If they aren't in your price range check out the RF-5s. Klipsch speakers are great for rock music. You may also want to check for some KLF-30s.
  10. BrianDD

    Amp advice needed - 5 Harman Kardon PA-2000's or 2 Parasound HCA855A's?

    I have both of these amps so I'll tell you what I found. For one, I can't tell that either of them is any more powerful than the other. They both can take my Klipsch speakers to ear-bleed levels. I will say that the HK is a little warmer than the Parasound. They make the Klipsch a little...
  11. BrianDD

    Opinions of Harman Kardon 520?

    That seems like a pretty good price for this reciever. I have been able to spend a lot of time with it and do like it. It supports DTS ES matrix and discrete, PLII, has 192Khz/24bit DACS and the EZ-Set remote which contains a mic to adjust channel levels. The only downside for me was that is...
  12. BrianDD

    Sony STR-DA5ES

    Just a little info I found in the manual about the DA5ES 6.1 decoding: DD EX decoding is always handled by Sony's own DCMD matrix 6.1 decoder. DTS ES Matrix and Discrete are handled by a DTS brand decoder but only when the 6.1 function is set to auto. If hard set to on, DCMD will always be...
  13. BrianDD

    Sony STR-DA5ES

    Martin, don't be afraid to connect two speakers to the single surround back terminal. Just wire them together in series. This will give you a 16 ohm load. The power will be divided equaly to both speakers and will do no harm to the amp. I am doing this with my 5ES without any trouble.
  14. BrianDD

    Denon or H/K for two channel music

    "It doesn't have Dolby Digital 6.1," "Dolby Digital is 5.1 not 6.1" "although it does handle DTS-EX." "When you say DTS-"EX", i believe you mean DTS-"ES" matrix. Even with DTS-ES matrix you'd still need a sixth speaker hooked up. DTS-ES Discrete would be 6 discrete channels powered...
  15. BrianDD

    Which Component should I get first?

    I would probably get the reciever last. In a year's time the 3804 will probably be out. I always prefer to have the latest as far as the electronics go. Good speakers will make the biggest over all improvement.
  16. BrianDD

    DD-EX, DTS-ES - discrete or not

    Yes, DD EX and DTS ES Matrix are not discrete 6.1. Only DTS ES discrete is. There isn't much software out that is true 6.1. T2 Ultimate Edition is a prime example. On the back of the case it says DTS ES 5.1. The surround back is matrixed.
  17. BrianDD

    FS: Pioneer Elite VSX-24TX

    Thanks for the offer, but I am really looking for the cash on this. I'm trying to fuel the next upgrade.
  18. BrianDD

    Yamaha Warranty

    If Yamaha won't cover you about the only thing you can do is hope that nothing ever goes wrong with your reciever. If it does you will be on your own as far as paying for repairs. There is a very good chance that you will never have a problem with it though. Yamaha has a reputation for building...
  19. BrianDD

    FS: Pioneer Elite VSX-24TX

    Here are the specs from Pioneer's site: THX Select Certified A/V Receiver with Dolby Digital & dts Processing Processing Dolby Digital and dts Decoding THX Select Certified 24-bit Digital Processing Chain for absolute accuracy Crystal 24-bit A/D Converters Motorola 24-bit Digital...
  20. BrianDD

    Yamaha Warranty

    SERVICE DEPARTMENT YAMAHA ELECTRONICS CORPORATION, USA 6660 Orangethorpe Avenue, Buena Park, California 90620-1345 Telephone (714) 522-9105 or email: Give them the serial number and see if they will give you warranty coverage.
  21. BrianDD

    Yamaha Warranty

    Cathy, I hate to say it, but you probably have no warranty even if the package has never been opened. Yamaha is one of those companies that has become very strict about honoring warranties only if they are purchased from authorized dealers. I doubt the Ebay seller was authorized to sell Yamaha...
  22. BrianDD

    No new formats?

    I think one of the next things we'll see is a direct (and probably copy-protected) digital connection from DVD-A and SACD players to our recievers/preamps to replace analog. As far as surround formats go, yeah it has probably died down for a while. EX and ES still haven't really taken off as far...
  23. BrianDD

    Sony STR-DA5ES

    I thought I would pass on a little info about this reciever to you all. I was informed today by Oade Bros. that they do not have any of these in stock and will not be getting any more as it has been discontinued. If that is true I guess we will be seeing new models soon. I ended up ordering one...
  24. BrianDD

    Receiver Opinions Wanted

    I am looking for some opinions on receivers to be used basically as a preamp. I am using a Pioneer VSX-24TX now along with a Parasound 855 5 channel amp and an HK PA2000 bridged to two channels. The receiver itself is only running a second set of Polk side surrounds I had left over before my...
  25. BrianDD

    Problems with Pioneer Elite VSX-24TX

    I have been using my 24TX for over 2 years now without a single problem. Your problems are definately not normal and I would return it.
  26. BrianDD

    Sony STR-D3ES vs. Yamaha RX-V1200

    That is basically what I meant. I liked the features of the Denon better. The new surround modes are important to me. I have to admit, I was never a fan of Sony as far as receicers go. This one really impressed me. If 6.1 and PLII are not all that important to you them by all means get the Sony...
  27. BrianDD

    Sony STR-D3ES vs. Yamaha RX-V1200

    I listened to both of them at a local dealer along with the Denon 2802. I rated them this way: 1.Sony 2.Denon (close second) 3.Yamaha This was with movies and not music. To me the Yamaha sounded a little flat. It had the most neutral sound of the bunch. The Denon was much more lively...
  28. BrianDD

    ? about Yamaha RX-V1000

    Thanks for the quick reply.
  29. BrianDD

    ? about Yamaha RX-V1000

    Can anyone tell me if this reciever suports DTS ES discrete and matrix. That manual only says ES without specifically mentioning either.
  30. BrianDD

    Grabbed a brand new Parasound 1205A for $609!

    It looks like the secret of Ubid is getting out. I wonder if we are going to be able to keep getting these great deals after all of us home theater junkies start flocking to it. If only that shipping wasn't so high...