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  1. Jon_Gregory

    convergence problems with JVC I'Art Pro AV-48P575 RPTV

    If it's under warranty, have a tech come out. That's what those things are there for.
  2. Jon_Gregory

    convergence problems with JVC I'Art Pro AV-48P575 RPTV

    My Panny RPTV does something simular, but it has to due with the set warming up. I will get my convergence good and then when I turn off my TV for a bit and turn it back on the convergence will seem a bit off. But about 10-15 minutes later, things clear up. I guess my set needs to warm up before...
  3. Jon_Gregory

    Having fun in the snow?

    Yep, here in the panhandle of FL (Pensacola, FL), it got down to roughly 25 the other night and last night was right below freezing. It's been cold here recently, at least for Florida. We wear long sleeves for 60 degrees though.:D
  4. Jon_Gregory

    This time tomorrow, I should be a Daddy

    Well, her birthday will not be on V-day. We have the appointment at the hospital at 12:30am tonight (they're smoking crack) so it will be tomorrow before she is born. And this is my daughter, so I would not want her to get the short end of the stick anyway and get jipped with only one gift...
  5. Jon_Gregory

    I gurantee no hurricanes this year because..

    Well I went and bought one before the 2005 hurricane season and Dennis came and hit us dead on. Ivan hit us hard in 2004 and I told myself that I would have a generator for the 2005 season. Well Dennis came and went and was bad, but our underground utility system in our neighboorhood actually...
  6. Jon_Gregory

    This time tomorrow, I should be a Daddy

    We have a scheduled induction for tonight. I am so nervous, it's unreal. It's been a long 9 months to wait for this day to finally come. We planned this pregnancy and is our first. We will hopefully welcome our little girl, Kylie Ann, into this world by tomorrow morining. I can't wait to hold...
  7. Jon_Gregory

    Amazon ships to Prisons

    Read some of the reviews on that tank, some of them are hilarious. Here's a link:
  8. Jon_Gregory

    Onkyo HT-760 HTiB speaker issues

    Sounds like something to do with the receiver and not the speakers. I have had my Onkyo system for about 2.5 years also, without any problems.
  9. Jon_Gregory

    Nissan Murano

    A freind of mine has one and has had a few problems with it. He had to get a new transmission put in about one year of ownership. He has also had a few electrical type problems with it. But all of this has been under warranty and has not had to pay out of his pocket. But overall, he likes the...
  10. Jon_Gregory

    How many hours do you work a day?

    Man after reading all of this, I love my do nothing civil service job. For me it's 7am - 3:30pm Monday thru Friday, 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week and no more. Overtime is not even usually allowed here at my job. I love being able to go home and leave my work at work and not have to worry about...
  11. Jon_Gregory

    CRT or Rear Projection - Your opinion please?

    Yep, I have enjoyed my 53" Panny RPTV for two years now and can not find a better picture quality anywhere on the new technology televisions. I can't stand looking at a gray black. If size and depth is not an issue for you, CRT RPTV is the best bang for your buck hands down right now.
  12. Jon_Gregory

    Any car mechanics in the house?

    Replace the belt, it's not that expensive or hard to do yourself. If the noise continues, I would suspect the idle/tension pulley. From there I would move to other pulleys in the system and listen with a automotive stethascope.
  13. Jon_Gregory

    online banks - anyone use them?

    Yep, ING is what I have also. Easy, no catch system. Put money in and earn a better interest rate, simple as that. The transactions can be slow taking sometimes 2 days, but it's a savings account, not a checking.
  14. Jon_Gregory

    Budget 5.1 speaker package for girlfriend

    I agree with Bobby_K. Take a look at Onkyo box sets. They are the best HT in a box deals out there I think. I started off with their 6.1 system a few years ago and built up my system from their reciever. The reciever is very good for a box system. Here is an onkyo 7.1 system that Circuit...
  15. Jon_Gregory

    Mortgage rates..

    I would try to lock in now with a one time step down option if they offer it. That is what Wells Fargo did with me. I was able to lock my rate up to 6 months in advance with the option to step down one time if the rates went lower. The only thing was if the rates went even lower than when you...
  16. Jon_Gregory

    Lawnmower: buy cheap or feature laden?

    Here's my opinion. If you get a self propelled mower, get one that is rear wheel drive. Those front wheel self propelled mowers are crap. When the bag begins to fill up and the weight is on the back wheels, the front wheels loose traction. If the self propel is on the back wheels, it keeps...
  17. Jon_Gregory

    Bored at work....

    I am in the same boat for now. I have had a job for about 1 year now that I may do 15 minutes of actual work in a day. And what's worse is that it is yours and my tax dollars paying my salary. I work in civil service. There are even some days that I do absolutely nothing work related. I get paid...
  18. Jon_Gregory

    It's Official!!! I'm a Daddy!

    Congrats, I too will be a daddy soon. I sort of know what it feels like. Mine is still baking in the oven right now. Our little one is due Feb. 15, 2006. I want my little one to be here already. I wish it was instabake and he or she was already here. I can't wait to be a daddy. Congrats on...
  19. Jon_Gregory

    MS Money vs Quicken ?

    They must have changed quite a bit from MS Money 2003 to the newer versions. I can transfer cash between accounts no problem without it including it as income etc... with Money 2003. I can also create all the categories I want. I guess I won't be upgrading. And if I do I will get Quicken instead.
  20. Jon_Gregory

    good 42" TV under $2000

    I was just in my local Sam's club the other day and I saw a consumer 42" Panasonic Plasma for $2200.00. I didn't pay too much attention to it or get the model number, but I thought that was a pretty decent deal for the brand and size of the plasma tv.
  21. Jon_Gregory

    MS Money vs Quicken ?

    I haved used my MS Money 2003 since it was new. I don't think I will upgrade any time soon either. I have learned to use it and have always liked it. I really don't use it to it's capabilities though. I mainly use it to just keep track of daily transactions and will run the occasional report. I...
  22. Jon_Gregory

    Any opinions on Leatherman tools?

    I love my leatherman. Just make sure the knife blades are on the outside and you don't have to open the tool to get at the knives. This was a big plus for the leatherman I have. I have the leatherman wave. It will not be a tool for everything, but will get the quick jobs done when you need a...
  23. Jon_Gregory

    Ads in front of movies..... (MERGED THREAD)

    Our theaters actually start the commercials at the scheduled movie time. This can delay the start of the movie by up to 15 minutes sometimes. This really pisses me off.
  24. Jon_Gregory

    *** Official THE WEDDING CRASHERS Review Thread

    This was the first movie in a while that made me laugh out loud. Great movie if you ask me.
  25. Jon_Gregory

    Any pet-peeves with your spouse?

    My wife will ask me the same question 3 times. It bugs the hell out of me. She will ask me something and then follow that with, "are you sure?" Then sometimes she will ask me again. I get mad with her sometimes and say, I was sure the first time you asked me. Another is she will argue with a...
  26. Jon_Gregory

    Here we go again, Florida! Trop Depession FIVE

    Well, Dennis spared us here in Pensacola for the most part. It got rough for a while though. We got the western part of the eye wall. Surprisingly, while most of Pensacola is without power right now, I did not even loose power durring the entire storm. There is a bit of damage here in Pensacola...
  27. Jon_Gregory

    When will it stop?

    Man, the first hurricane of the season is a doozy and is headed at me again . It has been less than a year since Ivan crushed Pensacola, and now this. Dennis looks like it is going to be a something to tear us up again. And all of the damage is still not fixed from Ivan yet. People still have...
  28. Jon_Gregory

    Baby's first home movie

    Well, we went to get our first ultrasound for our first child. I posted a week or two ago that I was going to be a dad. It's great. We got them to record it for us. You can actually see the heart beating, even as small as he/she is right now. If you look closely at the white spot in the black...
  29. Jon_Gregory

    HELP--Outdoor Ant Control?

    One word, TALSTAR. I get it at my local do-it-yourself pest control store and it works wonders for all insects including ants. I spray my lawn once a year and get no ants or any other bugs for that matter. It is expensive, but it is a concentrate and one bottle has lasted me a while.
  30. Jon_Gregory

    You had me at bored

    Here's my take on all things media. The media shows what people want to see and hear about and what brings in the ratings. While most people will say that they are tired of hearing about a story, they are still talking about it. For some reason whether your talking about how much you hate...