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  1. Jacob Perry

    Attn Ron: LOST IN SPACE up for preorder, & 10 other Fox season sets!

    Anyone know how many Episodes will be presented in the Futurama second volume? I notice the first volume was more then just the first season. JP
  2. Jacob Perry

    Farewell To Farscape

    Friday, March 21, 2003. The day Farscape dies. Of course Im bitter about no resolution, but 88 Episodes is alot of Farscape. Alot of great Farscape. Hopefully, and I know it will, it goes out with a bang tonight. Don't forget to watch. What a ride its been! JP
  3. Jacob Perry

    Farscape 2/28/03

    Paul the entire first and second season are out on Dvd, and the third season has all ready been announced. It was great seeing Harvey again. Did anyone else think that Chiana was gonna end up carrying Aeryns baby at the end? Nothing would surprise me on Farscape. Previews for next...
  4. Jacob Perry

    Frelling hell, they screwed up Farscape 2.5!!!

    Being a long time fan of Farscape this doesnt bother me as I know the order of episodes, but I can see how someone would be pissed if they watched it out of order. Then again I like having the complete Liars, Guns Trilogy on one disc. JP
  5. Jacob Perry

    Farscape 2/21: Prayer

    These last few episodes have really been great. Its all building towards an unresolved ending, which grates at me, but Farscape is damn good TV.
  6. Jacob Perry

    Farscape - 1/10/03

    I thought that was hilarious that John lost his virginity to Chiana. As for the crew speaking English, Umm how? Aeryn was learning but Chiana and Grandma should have been clueless and they seemed to have no trouble at all, which doesnt make sense. They should have all been like Dargo. A...
  7. Jacob Perry

    Farscape Canceled

    I liked Kempers line about "you wouldn't read a book with the last 100 pages ripped out." God we are getting hosed. 0 closure.
  8. Jacob Perry

    Farscape Canceled

    What a pisser. Im really upset about the timing. At least give everyone a chance to give the show a resolution. Well... (raises a glass). To my favorite SciFi show ever! JP
  9. Jacob Perry

    Emmy Noms

    Scrubs got completely shut out! Noooooo! Dr. Cox at least deserved a supporting nod. "Dr. Cox have you been there the whole time?" "No, I just came in through the couch door." JP
  10. Jacob Perry

    *** Official "MEN IN BLACK 2" Discussion Thread

    Ya I thought the bubble wrap scene was pretty funny also. The best way to wrap up my feelings on MIB 2 would be "eh" Not a great movie, not a horrible movie. Just a movie. :)
  11. Jacob Perry

    Trailers Before Star Wars?

    No Matrix trailer for me either. UnderCover Brother MIB 2 Austin 3 Like Mike Minority Report
  12. Jacob Perry

    X-Files Series Finale - 5/19/02

    Well it has been a hell of a run! The past nine years (!) have all been great, yes I even enjoyed seasons 6 and 7. In my opinion it is one of the greatest shows ever. Thanks Chris Carter and company!
  13. Jacob Perry

    *** Official "JASON X" Discussion Thread

    Totally off topic but you need to see the Dark Crystal ASAP!
  14. Jacob Perry

    Commercials in Theatres

    Fandango will haunt me forever! I go to 2 or 3 movies a week, so guess what I see 2 or 3 times a week. Death to Mr Fandango!
  15. Jacob Perry

    Farscape Question?....

    Hey Todd, check out Farscape Undressed Friday at 8 on the SCiFi channel. It's hosted by Ben Browder and Claudie Black and is a one hour show designed to get people caught up on Farscapes multiple storylines.
  16. Jacob Perry

    *** Official "JASON X" Discussion Thread

    Well I saw the trailer with Blade, that has to be the worst trailer Ive ever seen. I wasnt expecting Shakespeare but YEESH.
  17. Jacob Perry

    *** Official "STAR WARS & EPISODE II" Discussion Thread

    Ya I was a little surprised to see Artoo flying also Brady. Artoo has always been my favorite StarWars character, loved his intro in Menace. The trailer defenitly has me excited. Jedi Royal Rumble looks bad ass. I still think the Phantom Menace trailer was better, only because the classic...
  18. Jacob Perry

    Oh no! It's time to "Pick Your Survivor"!

    Put me down for Sean Rector please.
  19. Jacob Perry

    News about Farscape Season 2 (R1)

    Farscape world has the final episode layout. Check it out at I love that ADV will try to get the entire season out this year.
  20. Jacob Perry

    News about Farscape Season 2 (R1)

    Oh "Crackers Don't Matter", you are so almost mine!
  21. Jacob Perry

    News about Farscape Season 2 (R1)

  22. Jacob Perry

    Farscape Season Box sets

    I would just like to tell ADV that they have done well with handling Farscape. :emoji_thumbsup: I knocked them when I first started collecting them but have come to realize that there are many variables and conditions they have gone through with these DVDs. The picture quality is reference...
  23. Jacob Perry

    Farscape - Into the Lion's Den

    Well I finally saw the finale tonight (my friend was having serious technical difficulties) I would have to say that it delivered. I feel a little let down but I think thats because 3-21 was so good, it was really a tough act to follow. The John - Aeryn talk at the end was incredible. Ben...
  24. Jacob Perry

    NFL Playoffs

  25. Jacob Perry

    Farscape - Into the Lion's Den

    I could not agree more with you on dragging out the villian in most series. Besides we still have Harvey. Still Scorpy did tell Braca to "come with me," so maybe he had something in mind. Another thing I loved was D'Argo finding out the location of Makton. I can't wait for that...
  26. Jacob Perry

    X-Files Season 5 P&Scam

    I've never seen X-files in widescreen. I'm not so sure I want to. It's just always been full screen. The sides are not getting chopped off or it is not getting panned and scanned. It's a TV show for cripes sake!
  27. Jacob Perry

    Farscape - Into the Lion's Den

    Well heres my short and spoiler free review of episode 3-21. Best Episode Ever! I'm not one that touts that after every episode either. To Simon and others that have seen it: Do you think Crais, Talyn or Scorpy will be back? These damn scifi shows you never know. I think it was a great...
  28. Jacob Perry

    NFL Playoffs

    It's days like this I wish I didn't bet on football.
  29. Jacob Perry

    NFL Playoffs

    I'm thinking the Raiders by 20 tonight. They have some serious pent up aggression they are gonna unleash on N.Y. The Black Hole is gonna be rockin.
  30. Jacob Perry

    The Ultimate X-Files case

    Wow, these are perfect. :emoji_thumbsup: