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  1. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Bryston 5BST

    Reduced to S1100 plus shipping. Can't go lower, this is my final price. Somebody grab this great amp.
  2. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Bryston 5BST

    Bryston 5BST for sale. 19 inch, black front faceplate. Very good condition, spec sheet shows 150 WPC. Have original box and remaining 17 years of fully transferrable warranty. Asking $1200 plus shipping. I will accept Paypal (adds 3 percent), money order or personal check (will ship after it...
  3. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Monster Cable For Sale

    Phil, Would you be interested in selling center cable seperately. I agree with you that these are excellent cables but I already own front L+R M1.2s. Thanks, Mariusz
  4. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Anyone running video thru the receiver?

    I'm using Denon 4802 for component video switching on my progressive scan Denon 2800 DVD player and Dish 6000 HD SAT receiver with no noticable video degradation. However, Denon has 50 MHz video bandwidth. Most lower priced receiver have 37 MHz and below.
  5. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Anyone buy a Denon 1802 or 2802 from

    I've purchased Denon 4802, 3802 and Klipsch reference speakers from them. Service was excellent and what great prices. Some people had mixed experiences but they were mostly connected with tracking numbers of shipments. I would give them a try.
  6. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Denon 4802 plus Lexicon NT512 experience

    Thank you all for the replies. As to the power of Lexicon amp it is officially rated only at 120 W per channel but factory tests that came with an amp show 156 W per channel, so the difference should be significant and I assume that quality of Lexicon amplification is far superior to Denon 4802...
  7. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Denon 4802 plus Lexicon NT512 experience

    Hi all, I'm little curious what you guys think about my experiences. My system consists of Denon 4802 as pre/pro connected to Lexicon NT512, Denon 2800 as DVD and CD transport, Diva Swans 6.1, 4.1 and C3 center channel plus SVS 20-39 PC subwoofer. Before purchasing an amp I was very happy with...
  8. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Anthem AVM-20 Owners, What did you pay??

    Hi all, Anyone knows any Anthem dealer in Chicago area willing to sell AVM-20 at around $2700-$2800? Thanks,
  9. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Denon 4802 Question

    Holadem, I'm considering a purchase of Anthem AVM-20 pre/pro; just waiting for upgraded versions to hit the dealers (DPL II and upgraded circuit board) and I'll be selling my Denon 4802. I'm currently bypassing Denon's internal amps and using 5 channel Bryston 9BST amp. Let me know if you're...
  10. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Anthem AVM-20 for $2595!

    I've used them several times. Equipment purchased included Denon 3802, 4802 receivers and a whole Klipsch surrond reference package. They got one of the best prices on the web. Items were double boxed and delivered on time. I'm happy with their service but seems like other buyers have had some...
  11. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Interconnect cables between Denon 4802 and ATI 1505

    Hi, I'm new to seperates world. However I've auditioned local dealer's system who had Denon 3802 connected to ATI 1505 and I think it sounded much better than my Denon 4802 alone. So I decided to purchase ATI 1505 through private sale from of the forum members. Like I stated I'm new to...
  12. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Balanced output ?

    Thank you Ling
  13. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Balanced output ?

    I'm pretty new to seperates world and I noticed in some equipment specs mentioning balanced vs. unbalanced versions. What does it mean? Is it the same as balanced outputs on multichannels processors and if not what's the difference between these two. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Do high end CD players actually make a difference?

    Thank you John, amp is already on my "must buy" list for the near future, however I haven't decided which one to get. I posted thread earlier in this forum asking for advice and I got some good responses. And for now I'll stick with Denon 2800 as my source of music.
  15. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Do high end CD players actually make a difference?

    I wondered if in my case when I have Denon 4802 receiver and Denon 2800 as DVD player with Diva 6.1 as main speakers I would see a substantial difference in sound if I'll upgrade to higher end CD player. Are my components a weak link and upgrading would not bring any musical benefits and I...
  16. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Suggestions for 3 or 5 channel amp for Denon 4802

    Thank you all for the replies. They are very helpful. I'm sorry I didn't show my appreciation before but I ran into some family problems and was off the forum since.
  17. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Suggestions for 3 or 5 channel amp for Denon 4802

    What is a good amp match for Denon 4802. I haven't decided if I'm going to get 3 or 5 channel amp, yet. I would like to stay within $1200 limit but if there is something little above that price I would also consider it. Thank you,
  18. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Line conditioners-any significant improvement in quality?

    I'm considering purchasing of line conditioner. I currently own Monster Cable surge protector and in my understanding it only protects the equipment against power surges, but it does not improve picture or sound. Manufacturers of expensive line conditioners like Monster Cable or Panamax claim...
  19. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Features vs. cost of Denon 4802

    I currently own 3802, but everybody is really describing 4802 as a significant step up. How's the features-to-cost comparison between these two models. I can afford 4802 and if it's worth it, I'm going to upgrade to 4802 model. Is there that much difference. I'm 30% music/70% movies. Thank you.
  20. Mariusz Filonowicz

    DAC's question

    I'm pretty new in Home Theater forum and I don't understand how you can choose weather receiver's or DVD player's DACs are used. How do I determine which DACs are better and how do I choose between them. I always thought that players decode the signals and receiver amplifies them. Sorry, if...
  21. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Why have the sub volume control at halfway?

    I own Denon 3802 receiver and SVS 20-39PC sub. I calibrated my set up using Video Essentials, setting sub level to 81-82 db, which is equvalant to a level on a receiver of 0. The rest of the speakers is set to 75 db, with the receiver setting of -3, -4. If I follow some of your advices then I...
  22. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Pioneer DV 37 - Should I buy it again?

    What do you guys think about Denon DVM 4800, Sony DVPNS900V and Onkyo DV S939. Which one would you pick. And what about DVD Audio vs. SACD. Which one is more popular? Mariusz
  23. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Pioneer DV 37 - Should I buy it again?

    What about Denon 2800 or Onkyo DV-S939? How do they compare to DV-37. I'm also big on music and I'm not sure Panasonic or JVC is up to par with the big boys.
  24. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Pioneer DV 37 - Should I buy it again?

    I purchased DV 37 progressive scan player on March this year. After I had to send it back for service and UPS damaged it, I'm getting a refund and in the market for a new player. DV 37 seemed like the only option for me six months ago, but this time I'm not so sure. Denon 2800, Panasonic (don't...
  25. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Denon 3802 channel level set-up

    Bryan, Thank you for a response. I think I know what's going on now. According to what you said DLP will have the same channel level as DTS and DD. What about DLP Cinema and DLP Music. Sub level for DLP Music is way too high if it takes the same value as DTS and DD. Thank you, Mariusz
  26. Mariusz Filonowicz

    Denon 3802 channel level set-up

    Recently I purchased 3802 model and I think that it is a great receiver. The only thing that really sucks is a manual. I was able to figure out most of the features on my own and the only thing that I can’t break is channel level customization according to the source played. I use different...