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  1. Justin_M

    How will Blu-Ray DVD compare...

    to HD-DVD feature/menu programming wise? We have all seen how the HD-DVD titles auto-play and the menus appear on-screen with that stupid "whoosh" sound. The thing that bothers me is when you press the Subtitle button while the feature is playing, it will put that blue box in the middle of...
  2. Justin_M

    Help with Brady Bunch Skipping Problem

    JonathanBB and Ethan Riley, Have either of you tried the disc on a different DVD player? You can't call it a bad disc unless you know for sure. What is the make and model of your player(s)? Try unplugging the power cord for about 30 minutes and then try the disc again. Try the disc on a...
  3. Justin_M

    Home Improvement: subtitles?

    Wesley, I have an inside source that "tests" the DVDs. All four seasons of Home Improvement do have English was not listed on Season 1 or 2, but SDH is listed on the back of Season 3. OXonce
  4. Justin_M

    Home Improvement: subtitles?

    Season 4 of Home Improvement DOES have English SDH. OXonce
  5. Justin_M

    Ever fallen in love with a place?

    Hello everyone, I will also jump on the Pacific Northwest bandwagon. I have lived in central Wisconsin my entire life, but my 3 weeks staying on the San Juan Islands in Washington were the best of my life. It is so beautiful and peaceful there. I was there with my Animal Psychology class...
  6. Justin_M

    HTF REVIEW: The Life Aquatic... Fan Recommended

    Did anybody notice the bluish-purple line across the screen in a few shots? One example would be at timecode 01:00:26. This continues for a couple seconds and then reappears about 5 seconds later. It appears across the bottom 1/3 of the video. I have tried it on a few different set-ups, so I...
  7. Justin_M

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Bad Santa (The Unrated Version)...

    So, did anybody get the disc from Alliance? Is it actually Full frame instead of Widescreen? oxonce
  8. Justin_M

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Bad Santa (The Unrated Version)...

    So, did anybody get the disc from Alliance? Is it actually Full frame instead of Widescreen? oxonce
  9. Justin_M

    Any hot sauce fan here?

    I'll chime in with my favorite, since I haven't seen it mentioned. My meals live for Arizona Gunslinger Habanero Hot Sauce. It has an incredible flavor and is thick, unlike Tabasco. Makes those microwave burritos taste incredible after bar time. I order it right off the website...
  10. Justin_M

    Buena Vista Reports That Disposable DVD Test Successful

    And how is that different then the 2 "Try AOL" discs that I get every week? Do those just evaporate after I throw them in the trash or are they magically turned into a natural resource? oxonce
  11. Justin_M

    How far can you hit the penguin (game)

    593.5 I took a screen shot for proof...I can't get any higher then that. oxonce
  12. Justin_M

    Just found four 20+ year old bottles of scotch and want to figure out true age...

    True, but I would think that the means of production or quality of ingredients could have changed over the years, so chances are that there could be a taste difference in a bottle of liquor bought last week and a bottle that has been sitting around for 20+ years. oxonce
  13. Justin_M

    Red Bull!!!

    Red Bull makes great additions to shots, like Eve said. Up here in Wisconsin, Jeagerbombs are stil pretty popular, but some friends and I substitute Southern Comfort for the Jaeger...much smoother. You can also use Bacardi O, 151, or some Tiddey (?) liquer from Canada. The best thing is that we...
  14. Justin_M

    Recommendation for Horror/Scary DVD for 13yr old

    Idle Hands or Brainscan
  15. Justin_M

    Disney's disposable DVD to hit test markets Sept 8

    OK, now that everyone is done complaining about this new format, has anyone out there actually tried it yet? With so many members on this forum, it's hard to believe that nobody lives in one of the trial locations. oxonce
  16. Justin_M

    HTF Fantasy Football Thread (semi-official)

    Hi everyone, Does anybody know about how long it takes for a player to be added to Yahoo's list of available players from when they get signed? Packers just signed A. Freeman and I want to help out a friend and let him know when he is available to be picked up. Thanks, oxonce
  17. Justin_M

    HTF Fantasy Football Thread (semi-official)

    Hi all, Finally had my draft last night...10 people, 15 picks per person going from 1-10 and then back from 10-1. I had the 3rd pick overall. What'cha think? QB - R. Gannon, D. Bledsoe RB - C. Portis, S. Mack, M. Alstott, R. Anderson WR - P. Burress, P. Price, T. Streets, W. Chrebet TE -...
  18. Justin_M

    Age of parenthood?

    Holadem, Did you read my post or just try to find a sentence to make a dumb remark about? Clarification: To ME, it is the most incredible feeling to know that someone depends on ME so much. oxonce
  19. Justin_M

    Age of parenthood?

    My parents were in their early 30's when they had only child. They were married for 11 years before I came. My son, Kaeden, was born when I was 23 (I'm 24 now) and he will be 10 months old on Sunday, the 27th. We got married when she was 6 months pregnant and now we are separated. She...
  20. Justin_M

    What are you doing for the 4th?

    Jon, Thanks for all the tips. I'm definitely going to try some of those spots. Just need to get away from the family for a night. I'm going to be staying with my cousin and his wife in Fenton (?) far is that from the Riverfront? He just recently bought a house there and I'm not sure how...
  21. Justin_M

    What are you doing for the 4th?

    Anybody have any plans for the weekend? I'm heading down to St. Louis from Friday through Monday. Anybody have any suggestions of some good bars to hit for a recently separated 24 year old? I haven't been down to the Riverfront since I turned 21. Thanks, oxonce
  22. Justin_M

    40 days and 40 nights?

    Richard, Deane, The DVD is going to be 1.85:1, enhanced for 16x9. Kinda bare bones, though. oxonce
  23. Justin_M

    Wanna talk Tequila?

    I LOVE TEQUILA!!! Used to drink 1800, but I can't stand it anymore after drinking Cabo Wabo. On my 10th bottle. Holy crap...I've spent over $600 on it!!! About $60 a bottle up here. What are the prices that everyone else gets it at? Oxonce
  24. Justin_M

    What to do in St. Louis?

    What about Schafley's (sp?) Brewery? I was there two years ago and they have a nice bar and eatery right there. Is that place still open? Very good beer, also. OXonce
  25. Justin_M

    Alternative wedding ideas

    Hey everyone. Thanks for the well wishes. Everything turned out ok regarding the response card debacle. Turns out the my future wifey isn't a math major...she counted the "declines" with the "attends". I counted them Friday after work and came up with 170. Whew!!! Anyway, 5 days
  26. Justin_M

    MERGED: Lion King DVD discussion thread

    Ok, maybe this is a ways off yet, but the way I see it, that's even better! We have already seen that the House of Mouse listens to consumers who voice their opinions, hence the full frame releases of late. Maybe this is our chance. It seems we still have time to help make this set great, if we...