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  1. GerardC

    The reduction of my optical disc collection has started today!

    Interesting read. I totally understand the impulse to purge and keep the digital disc collection on the shelf tidy and essential. When I made the step towards blu-ray in 2008 I had a collection of around 900 dvd's. As soon as I got my first 1080p plasma it was clear that upgrading from dvd to...
  2. GerardC

    Most Disappointing Transfer ?

    Die Hard on blu-ray stomps all over the Five Star dvd release. Way more detail and colour fidelity while the added resolution makes sure this movie finally has a pleasing movie like image in your home theater; on my calibrated full hd 1080p 46" plasma at least!
  3. GerardC

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The French Connection -- in Blu-ray

    This movie has long been one of my favorites, and when the Five Star Collection dvd was released in 2001 I was hugely impressed and very happy with the presentation of the movie. Having lived with the European blu-ray for the last 2 months I can say it's been hard to take this new director...
  4. GerardC

    Flashpoint ever to be re-released anamorphic?

    If you have a region free dvd player you may order the Australian dvd version of Flashpoint. It is an anamorphic 1.78:1 transfer and of excellent quality. The audio is basic clear mono and adequate, no extras and no subtitles. You can order it from Devoted DVD (that's where mine came from)...
  5. GerardC

    Top 100 DVD Census (2005 Edition) - Vote Now For Your Top 10

    01. ALIEN QUADRILOGY 02. THE GODFATHER Collection 03. THE FRENCH CONNECTION Five Star Collection 04. TAXI DRIVER Collector’s Edition 05. THIS IS SPINAL TAP Special Edition (MGM) 06. BRAZIL The Criterion Collection 07. CITIZEN KANE 08. THREE COLOURS: BLUE /WHITE /RED Box Set 09. THE...
  6. GerardC

    The Thing remastered dvd: any reviews?

    Oh, I came across the disc at Digital Eyes: they had 10/05/04 as a street date.
  7. GerardC

    The Thing remastered dvd: any reviews?

    This is supposed to be available next week: anybody seen any reviews or had a close encounter with the new dvd release ? :)
  8. GerardC

    Warner titles not yet on DVD we'd like to see

    Night Moves
  9. GerardC

    Warner Brothers 2-disc DVD Survey + complete 3/8/04 Live Chat Transcript

    1. Badlands 2. All The President's Men 3. Night Moves 4. Goodfellas 5. LA Confidential
  10. GerardC

    Top 100 DVD Census 2004 - Vote Now For Your Top 10

    1. ALIEN QUADRILOGY 2. THE GODFATHER Collection 3. THE FRENCH CONNECTION Five Star Collection 4. TAXI DRIVER Collector’s Edition 5. MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL Special Edition 6. BRAZIL (Criterion) 7. THIS IS SPINAL TAP Special Edition 8. THE EXORCIST 25th Anniversary Special...
  11. GerardC

    Alliance release of Songs From The Second Floor?

    It's out this week :) And thanks for the info Jean Paul!
  12. GerardC

    Alliance release of Songs From The Second Floor?

    Anybody have any info on the forthcoming Alliance release of the Songs From The Second Floor dvd? Particularly interested in whether it's an anamorphic transfer.
  13. GerardC

    Top 100 DVDs of All-Time - *RESULTS*

    A terrific list with something for everyone: this is the kind of thing I like to show to people who just don't get it when it comes to collecting dvd's:) The graphics, screen caps and write ups are all great: thanks for your hard work!
  14. GerardC

    NEW Top 100 DVD Census - Vote Now For Your Top 10

    1. ALIEN 20th Anniversary Edition 2. THE FRENCH CONNECTION Five Star Collection 3. THE GODFATHER Collection 4. CITIZEN KANE 5. MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL Special Edition 6. T2: JUDGEMENT DAY The Ultimate Edition 7. THIS IS SPINAL TAP Special Edition 8. THE EXORCIST 25th Anniversary...
  15. GerardC

    Glengarry Glen Ross - DVD 3/02

    The Reservoir Dogs 10th Anniversary SE (also Artisan) has the same setup in regards to extra features: the fullscreen disc 2 has different extras and commentaries than the widescreen disc 1 (like Reservoir Dogs the DTS track will only be on the widescreen disc I bet). I think it makes a lot of...
  16. GerardC

    Recent Eastwood Catalog Release Reviews.... Anyone?

    DVD File has a review for A Perfect World
  17. GerardC

    Did anyone else get their copy of DON'T LOOK NOW?

    Both spine and cover are bilingual.
  18. GerardC

    Pulp Fiction/Jackie Brown-Sept 3?

    My Alliance version of Jackie Brown does have the foldout movie poster as an insert, 2 sided and in english :D
  19. GerardC

    Did anyone else get their copy of DON'T LOOK NOW?

    Got my copy from a Canadian e-tailer (so it has the bilingual cover). Picture is sweet (on par with a Paramount transfer like The Conversation, but not quite the stellar quality of Marathon Man for example) but more important is the mono sound which is clear as a bell: no distortions, shrill...
  20. GerardC

    Trailers with Punch

    Although I wasn't a great fan of the movie, the trailer for BUFFALO 66 is amazing. It's on the dvd and although I watched it after the movie I guess you could watch it safely beforehand.
  21. GerardC

    Warner Bros. - How about Night Moves on DVD?

    Oh yes, this I absolutely need to have on dvd. As the other posters, being a fan of The French Connection and The Conversation this is surely part 3 of a most excellent Gene Hackman trilogy (oops, I left out The Poseidon Adventure :D )
  22. GerardC

    May 21: Costa-Garvas' "Z"-SE...

    Well, in keeping with the outburst of happiness on this forum following the announcement of this release :D I can now provide the cheapest price on the net. Go to DVDBoxoffice and search under Z: The Masterworks Edition. A price slightly over US $13, including worldwide free shipping. DVDBoxoffice
  23. GerardC

    May 21: Costa-Garvas' "Z"-SE...

    Ah, best news so far this month. Nice to see it will be a quality release, thanks for the info Mark!
  24. GerardC

    Donnie Darko Cover Problems Solved

    Bart, I performed the same sleight of hand! Problem solved indeed so we both can now move on to more importanrt things in life. Great minds think alike :D
  25. GerardC

    Nixon SE -- 3/19 or not???

    Well, according to DVD Pricesearch and DVD Planet it's slated for 3/26 and anamorphic (16x9) too. Could somebody confirm this?
  26. GerardC

    Am I the only person who thinks AI is a lousy transfer?

    I concur with Max Leung: having your TV properly calibrated does wonders for the grain control with dvd images. And on my setup I think A.I. is a stellar transfer of a very original looking movie. Grain is often supposed to be there (I like 70's movies so there you go) but like many in this...
  27. GerardC

    Miramax site has "A Hard Day's Night" as "Now Available"

    Well, an early release of A Hard Day's Night is now available on region 2 in The Netherlands: it's from the new print in anamorphic widescreen (1.66:1) and has a DD 5.1 and a DTS 5.1 mix, all of which are outstanding according to Link Removed
  28. GerardC

    Thin Red Line war classics + DTS?

    Thanks for the confirmation MattGuyOR! I'll get the Fox War Classic release asap.