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  1. Shane Burton

    - Receiver Features vs....Power? -

    Thank you, I appreciate your input,,,which is very sound advice. On the 4k front, I would only have an Xbox One S to use as a transport...not going to buy another unit. So, basically: screen, speakers, xbox....atmos and 4k ready. Receiver and PJ, no. Can't afford 4k projector, anyway, right...
  2. Shane Burton

    What annoys you?

    I hope this has been mentioned before, many times....if not...THAT annoys me. People who go to the fast food drive-in with an order for 20, or look at the Taco Bell menu with wonderment, while I's their "new" experience. I am there to get in, and get out...quickly. If you are looking...
  3. Shane Burton

    - Receiver Features vs....Power? -

    I have plenty of speakers for Atmos, would need to get a new PJ for 4K. Screen is compatible. I mean, I don't have a "need"'s just more a wondering of what you are missing out on, I guess.
  4. Shane Burton

    - Receiver Features vs....Power? -

    I should say, that my gut tells me to use the DTR 70.4, and keep the 807 as a backup. Both are stout, but both seem to have a history of issues with the HDMI board. My current display equipment is 1080; 120 screen, Epson 8350 LCD, I also have a Viewsonic 8200 DLP I could use a backup. I am kinda...
  5. Shane Burton

    - Receiver Features vs....Power? -

    Hey, all. Been a long time since I posted. Anyway, I am cobbling together yet another HT setup, from some older parts. I have RF7-II's, an RC7, SVS subs, etc... I am kinda wondering what to do, receiver-wise. I purchased a refurb DTR 70.4 a little while back. I also have a new Onkyo 807. I was...
  6. Shane Burton

    How Close is Too Close To Sit To a 65 Inch CRT-RPTV?

    >>>>everyone has different vision, therefore "perfect" distance is different to everyone.
  7. Shane Burton

    How Close is Too Close To Sit To a 65 Inch CRT-RPTV?

    Well, this is really the point...everyone has different vision, therefore "perfect" distance is different to everyone.
  8. Shane Burton

    How Close is Too Close To Sit To a 65 Inch CRT-RPTV?

    Well, I think it just adds up to....what do you like? I sat 11 feet away from a 120" screen and loved it. A lot of people would say that is way too close. Personal preference, in my opinion....
  9. Shane Burton

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Bride & Prejudice... Very Recommended...

    This is a great, very detailed review. But the lavender and yellow scorches my eyes out, and is hard to read. Other than that, great job!
  10. Shane Burton

    Projector distance vs screen size That will allow you to compare individual lcd/dlp units to your current setup.
  11. Shane Burton

    Receiver Turns Off

    Try disconnecting the infinity's first. If that solves the problem, try an alternative surround speaker. If that fails, return it (if possible) for an exchange. Also, verify that the impedance of your speakers match.
  12. Shane Burton

    In your opinion, which movies should've had a sequel & which shouldn't have?

    I'd love to see a sequel to Big Trouble in Little China. Or even Remo Willaims. Those were fun movies.
  13. Shane Burton

    Projector Mount and Drywall Question

    Drywall is more than sufficient, as long as you use a mounting plate that spreads the load out. Shane
  14. Shane Burton

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" w/ tons of screenshots! HR!

    I know the critics panned the hell out of this movie. I really loved it. This is a popcorn movie....I thought it was a lot of fun. Can't wait to get the DVD. Shane
  15. Shane Burton

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Bad Boys II - Special Edition

    I thought this movie was lousy. If your idea of funny is a gun being pointed at the head of a child, or corpses getting run to the video store and BUY it now! Otherwise, wait until it is on cable one night. Shane
  16. Shane Burton

    The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

    I'd just like to say that I thought the movie wasn't bad at all. A lot of people seem to be panning it just based on the evolution of the story. Well, wake up people, it wasn't OUR vision to create this series. Nothing in the series was as bad as, say, Ewoks. I believe that as time...
  17. Shane Burton

    HTF REVIEW: Junior/Rodentz

    I've been looking for some good demo material for my 119" screen and 6.1 system...these two sound perfect. There was no mention of the LFE track..will these movies stress my SVS too much? Shane
  18. Shane Burton

    DA4ES Volume Control

    I just got a 4es. I noticed that on some tracks I will get a clicking when raising the volume. It is only on certain tracks/passages. I am using a digital coax out of a pc. It's very odd. When the unit has no input you can fluctuate the volume rapidly and it is dead silent. I wonder...
  19. Shane Burton

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "Predator 2" (with screenshots)

    I also really enjoyed this movie and will be picking it up. To me, movies like Predator 1&2 are not "high cinema". They are just for fun, and I think this movie delivers. A great trans- fer and 5.1 are icing on the cake! Shane
  20. Shane Burton

    Sony HS10 projector dealer needed....

    I found the problem. The site requires Java Virtual Machine. That file is no longer linked at Microsoft, so you have to download and install it from the Sun Java site. Works fine now! Shane
  21. Shane Burton

    Sony HS10 projector dealer needed....

    The page isn't working for me either. It won't load the "buttons" on the left, and there are no links in the area. Shane
  22. Shane Burton

    HTF REVIEW: "Spider-Man" (with screenshots)

    Can't we just stick to reviewing the DVD, and not comparing two obviously quite different movies? That being said, AOTC was better. :D Shane
  23. Shane Burton

    HTF REVIEW: "Spider-Man" (with screenshots)

    Ok, let me expand a little... I wasn't impressed by any of the acting performances. When you watch Blade you say. "That role was made for Snipes." When you watch Spiderman you say, "Anyone could have played this role equally as well." As good as Dafoe is, how many times do we have to...
  24. Shane Burton

    HTF REVIEW: "Spider-Man" (with screenshots)

    If you are saying that movie itself was soft and grainy with poor CGI...well, ok, I won't fault the DVD transfer. It must have been equally as poor in the theater. As for sound, well I guess it is just a matter of preference. I like my action movies exciting, edge of the
  25. Shane Burton

    HTF REVIEW: "Spider-Man" (with screenshots)

    Well, I just got done watching this on my 84" rig. The video quality was very unim- pressive. Very soft and grainy. Poor CGI. The sound was average. Well below what I expect out of a "blockbuster" these days. See Blade 2 for an action/comic with A+ sound. And, as for the...
  26. Shane Burton

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "A.I. Artificial Intelligence"

    I haven't been so moved since The Beastmaster. :-) I really didn't think the movie was that great. The effects were pretty nice. I like the character of Gi- golo Joe. The biggest problem was that, in the end, I didn't care whether the mecha was happy or not. And for this movie to work...