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  1. TomCW

    Chris Botti collaborations

    Did you try searching the respective websites and/or discographies of Roger Daltrey, Carly Simon and Bob Dylan? How about a short, respectful e-mail to Mr. Botti himself, direct or thru his record company? Best of luck, let us know what you find, He's quite gifted. Tom
  2. TomCW

    Chris Botti collaborations

    Sorry I tried to help. Tom
  3. TomCW

    Summer 2007 Concerts

    John Prine a few weeks ago, He was AWSOME!!! Lucinda Williams in a few weeks, can't wait! Tom
  4. TomCW

    Chris Botti collaborations is your friend. There are two pages of albums and collaborations. Tom
  5. TomCW

    Female Singer with the Most Beautiful Voice?

    Eric, CD Universe has both 'Bridge' and 'Lake Of Fire' Both are very good, IMO. Tom
  6. TomCW

    Songs That Deal With The Human Condition

    If I may add a couple, Rosanne Cash - September When It Comes Rodney Crowell - Riding Out the Storm Tom
  7. TomCW

    Need software to track music collection

    What Jeff said.
  8. TomCW

    Jonatha Brooke "Live in New York" Concert DVD/CD Available for Pre-Order

    Great news. There is no such thing as too much JBro. Steady Pull is a masterpiece IMHO. Tom
  9. TomCW

    Any Neko Case fans out there ?

    Been listening to Fox Confessor the last few days. You need Neko. Tom
  10. TomCW

    Any Neko Case fans out there ?

    I've got Fox on pre-order, and I've heard a couple of cuts on the radio. Great stuff! Tom
  11. TomCW

    Interesting radio station that uses music's DNA to recommend songs...

    Most of the time, Pandora is spooky amazing at picking music you'll like, at other times it's way off the mark. Be sure to tell it that you 'like' or 'don't like' each song it plays so it gets (alledgedly) smarter. Tom
  12. TomCW

    Too Early for Best of 2005?

    In alphabetical order: Big Blue Hearts- Here Come Those Dreams Again Tracy Bonham- Blink The Brightest Brandi Carlile- S/T Pieta Brown- In The Cool Laura Cantrell- Humming by the Flowered Vine Rodney Crowell- The Outsider The Duhks- S/T Kathleen Edwards- Back to Me David Elias- Crossing...
  13. TomCW

    HELP !! What are your favorite romantic songs?

    Hackensaw Boys - Kiss You Down There :) Tom
  14. TomCW

    HELP !! What are your favorite romantic songs?

    I never miss a chance to recommend Jonatha Brooke's New Dress off of her Steady Pull CD or DVD-A. Tom
  15. TomCW

    So how is Sheryl Crow's "Wildflower"

    Anyone have the DVD? If so, are the bonus tracks in surround? TIA Tom
  16. TomCW

    MISSY HIGGINS - Australian female artist

    She was on NPR (World Cafe) last week, sounded pretty good, just her on piano, and someone on guitar. Stream the show here. Tom
  17. TomCW

    Info needed on country band "Little Big Town"

    Googled this in about 3 seconds... Also CMT seems to think they are the next big thing. Too slick for me, tho, YMMV. Tom
  18. TomCW

    New Dar Williams - "My Better Self"

    Guo, I ordered it from Amazon, which allowed me to stream the entire album, with Dar's commentary between songs. I've not received the CD yet, but just finished listening to the stream. I think this is a little more introspective than her last album. Cool covers of Neil Young and Pink Floyd...
  19. TomCW

    Who for you, have been the the best new music acts of 2005 ?

    The Duhks - Cool Folk/Americana. Doc Watson loves 'em! Shannon McNally - Soulful singer. A mix of roots & pop, with a little R&B for good measure. Produced by Charlie Sexton Brandi Carlile - Powerful, country flavored roots/rock. The...
  20. TomCW

    Night at the Family Dog / Sept. 13th

    Extrapolated to 5.1 From MONO???? Ya gotta be hosin' me. I'll be sure to wait for someone else to check this out. Tom
  21. TomCW

    What are you listening to?

    Oops! Dupe post, sorry! Tom
  22. TomCW

    What are you listening to?

    I've long been an admirer of Mary Lee's Corvette. Mary Lee has a new album out in January, but there's an EP available on her website to make the waiting a little easier. Sound samples are available, please check them out. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Tom
  23. TomCW

    What are you listening to?

    I agree with Guo (and others) Brandi Carlile - S/T Aimee Mann - The Forgotten Arm Also: Shooter Jennings - Put The O Back In Country Shannon McNally - Geronimo Anne McCue - Roll Harper - Down To The Rhythm I'm not so patiently waiting for Big Blue Heart's and James McMurtry's new...
  24. TomCW

    Any Ideas? Need to replace a GYBR SACD

    Might as well run a Skip Doctor cddvd resurfacer on it, you've nothing to lose, I've had fairly good success with it. Tom
  25. TomCW

    What Hirez Discs Have You Purchased Recently?

    David Elias - Crossing. This is a great recording of great music. Very nice surround mix, you are IN the studio on this one. On order: John Hiatt - Master Of Disaster release 6/21 Jeff...
  26. TomCW

    The White Stripes: Get Behind Me Satan. First single: "blue orchid"

    I heard Jack and Meg on NPR yesterday. Jack did most of the talking, and it was very interesting to hear him comment on the new CD and also about producing Van Lear Rose. He appears to be sincere and intelligent. He seems to know his way around any musical instrument he picks up, and does some...
  27. TomCW

    Does Ryan Adam's COLD ROSES sound Dead or unDead?

    Rachael, The Thorns covered 'Blue', and nicely I might add. Maybe that's why it's familiar to ya, but the Jayhawks have been all over college radio, so it could be that too. Tom
  28. TomCW

    Best SACD So far

    Submitted for your approval (or not): David Elias - The Window Mark Knopfler - Shangri-La John Hiatt - Bring The Family and of course Jorma and anything by AK+US. Tom
  29. TomCW

    Toby Keith - Honky Tonk University

    I asked the record dept droid at Wal*Mart why they only had THREE HUNDRED Toby Keith CD's in the rack. He said they didn't want to run out. Then I did. Tom
  30. TomCW

    Does Ryan Adam's COLD ROSES sound Dead or unDead?

    Rachael, I had the oportunity to listen to disc 2 a bunch today, (I was working in the garage, getting ready for a river trip). I think you've got ol' Ryan figgered out. To me, disc 1 sounds like the Jayhawks, most of disc 2 sounds like Jerry Garcia. I still like Gold the best. Who was he...