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  1. Bill Mullin

    "Masters of Horror" thread

    Season 2 has broadcast 7 of their 13 episodes, but the remaining 6 shows are not scheduled during the remainder of 2006, nor is the schedule being shown on Does anyone know when the last 6 will start running?
  2. Bill Mullin

    Axiom QS8 vs. M2i

    I've been using the Axiom QS8 speakers as side surrounds and M2i speakers as rear surrounds for a couple of years now. The QS8 speakers at the side are outstanding, I love them! BUT - I think the M2i speakers at the rear leave something to be desired. I was wondering if there would be a...
  3. Bill Mullin

    SVS PB12-Ultra/2 in a small bedroom?

    I once had a 16-46PC+ in a 9x12 bedroom. After calibrating the sound with a Radio Shack SPL and Avia, it sounded sensational!
  4. Bill Mullin


    I had a pair that I was using as my "B Speakers" for stereo music only - they were awful! I ended up replacing them with JBL S36II's which sounded great.
  5. Bill Mullin

    So whats the deal with the new JBL Studio L series (link):

    Ditto . . . how about a link Jon_ad?
  6. Bill Mullin

    So whats the deal with the new JBL Studio L series (link):

    I checked the JBL page and found nothing about the Studio L series or the Project Array. So then I checked Onecall.Com (which used to have an extensive line of JBL products) and again found nothing on these new lines. Does anyone know who sells the new Studio L series (hopefully at competitive...
  7. Bill Mullin

    Small room and THX ultra speaker package - bad combination?

    I once had both an SVS 16-46PC+ and a Velo HGS-12II in a 9' x 12' room, it sounded fantastic! Actually, I got better overall sound in that little room than in my current 20' x 20' home theater. - Bill
  8. Bill Mullin

    SVS Subwoofer pics?

    Dual PC-Ultra's.
  9. Bill Mullin

    Here Goes.. Denon 5805

    Speaking about the 5805, its little brother (the 4806) is supposed to go on sale just about now . . . does anyone know when this receiver will arrive at the stores?
  10. Bill Mullin

    Pro Logic IIX

    Try this link for everything you ever wanted to know about DPL2X.
  11. Bill Mullin

    pics of your setup

    Everyone asks that, echo is not a problem at all! I'm not completely sure why not but it's probably because the HT is in a corner of a home built around a "great room". Any echos are either directed away from the HT or too weak to interfere with the sound. - Bill
  12. Bill Mullin

    pics of your setup

    Here's mine.
  13. Bill Mullin

    B&K 507 users thread

    I just ordered one from an authorized dealer, the bottom line was $2,475. I expect I might have been able to do better than that if I looked around, but I don't think I could do better from an authorized dealer! I'm not sure dealer referrals are allowed here, so E-mail me if you want information...
  14. Bill Mullin

    SVS PC-Ultra for sale

    I have 2 PC-Ultras, but I find that they sound much better than one alone! But then my HT is in a BIG room and yours may be in a 10x12 bedroom for all I know. Hummm, I once had my HT in a 10x12 bedroom, and my subs were a 16-46PC+ and a Velo HGS-12ii. I tried them individually and together, and...
  15. Bill Mullin

    B&K 507 users thread

    I had done that before posting my question. The manual did mention that all channel volumes could be changed independently, but it did not say how much . . . at least not that I could find. I then downloaded the BkSuite and ran it - this showed me that the speakers could all be independently...
  16. Bill Mullin

    B&K 507 users thread

    OK, that was an absolute requirement - it has to have IIx! Last question . . . Using the front L & R speakers as the reference, how much louder can the volume in the center, surrounds, and rear surrounds be turned up? 10dB? 12dB? 20dB? What? That is one question, isn't it? :) - Bill
  17. Bill Mullin

    B&K 507 users thread

    I've been searching and can't find a good answer to this question: Does the B&K AVR-507 S2 include DPL IIx?
  18. Bill Mullin

    DA4ES Sony Problem - No Sound Fields????

    Shiu - it wasn't clear from your post if you like the 3805 more or less than the 4ES, so which is your favorite? Of course I already know you miss the blue light . . . I would! :D BTW - you don't happen to know if that new DA7000ES will include Dolby IIx or not? Thanks, Bill
  19. Bill Mullin

    DA4ES Sony Problem - No Sound Fields????

    Actually, it will probably take 10 minutes to fix and will spend the rest of the time on a shelf. Good luck with it! BTW - I notice you live in St. Pete. I lived in Cape Coral (up until 10 months ago), which is about 2 hours south of St. Pete. I moved to AZ because I never could get used to...
  20. Bill Mullin

    DA4ES Sony Problem - No Sound Fields????

    There's a button on the front of the DA4ES labeled "2-ch Stereo", somebody may have accidentally bumped it. To the right is another button labeled "Normal Surr", press that button and things should return to normal. It couldn't be that simple, could it? - Bill
  21. Bill Mullin

    DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1 - what is is the best??

    One real difference, in my receiver at least, is that there is no dynamic compression offered when watching DTS movies. This usually means that I end up watching a DTS movie with the remote in my hand so that I can quickly change the volume when the sound becomes too loud or too soft...
  22. Bill Mullin

    Fixing a JBL PB12

    Replace it with the same value but at a higher voltage. For instance, if you have a .01 uf @ 50V that has become defective, replace it with a .01 uf @ 500V or a .01 uf @ 1KV. The new cap will operate just like the old, but be much less likely to overheat. Good luck, Bill
  23. Bill Mullin

    Sony DA9000ES Is it digital?

    I believe that Sony comes out with a new line of ES receivers periodically - does anyone know when this will happen again?
  24. Bill Mullin

    Sony DA9000ES Is it digital?

    I've been looking for a receiver like this. On this topic, I've heard so many good things about Dolby Surround IIx that I've decided that my next receiver must have this mode. Since the 9000 does not have IIx, I'll have to pass. BUT - could there be a way for the owner to update the receiver's...
  25. Bill Mullin

    Beneficial to cut off the ends and restrip both ends of speaker wire every so often??

    It would be far more beneficial to twist the ends, tin them with 60/40 rosin core solder, let them cool, then scrape off the excess rosin. You would have a connection which would never need maintanance, as well as never accidentally shorting out to neighboring connectors.
  26. Bill Mullin

    What Subwoofer Does Everybody Have?

    A pair of SVS PC-Ultras: My Home Theater
  27. Bill Mullin

    My sub blew... AGAIN !!

    If the problem is only a capacitor, it needs to be replaced with one of a higher voltage rating. For instance, if it is a .01 mfd @ 50V, replace it with a .01 @ 1000V. I've had similar problems with other electronic devices and this has always fixed the problem forever! Good luck, Bill
  28. Bill Mullin

    svs good choice?>

    The only thing better than a PC-Ultra is two PC-Ultra's! My home theater room is big, so after tinkering around with lesser subs I ended up with a pair! - Bill
  29. Bill Mullin

    is 5.1 better than 6.1?

    A quadpolar speaker such as this one might do a great job as the rear channel in a conventional 6.1 environment, since it sends out sound in four directions!
  30. Bill Mullin

    is 5.1 better than 6.1?

    Interesting! I have 7.1, but I find all the additional information coming in from the rear speakers to be exciting, not distracting! Different strokes . . . - Bill