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  1. Mike Likens

    Win a copy of Jupiter Ascending on Blu-ray!

    The one and only ... Neo.
  2. Mike Likens

    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

    By adding Atmos in my basement theater, I'm hoping the in ceiing speakers will drown out the noise from my 4 kids upstairs.
  3. Mike Likens

    DVD Review HTF Review: Van Helsing

    I'm a little surprised at the all the negative feedback on this film. Am I the only one who enjoyed it? The story line held my interest. Outstanding CG effects with dynamic audio. Wonderful soundtrack. Humor. And Kate Beckinsale. What else could a guy with a home theater ask for?
  4. Mike Likens

    Yamaha RX-V1400

    Jarett, check your PM's. Eric: $475 if you are interested.
  5. Mike Likens

    Yamaha RX-V1400

    Gently broken-in Yamaha RX-V1400 Digital Receiver. All the latest surround formats including PLIIx. Shoot me a message for more details.
  6. Mike Likens

    Question about demo-ing a surround sound system

    I also use music to test speakers. For me if they do well with music they will do well with movies. I am finicky about high frequencies. If a speaker is bright or "sizzles" then it is not for me. I test using two female vocalist that test the tweeter and crossover transitions. They are Sarah...
  7. Mike Likens

    Monopoles vs Dipoles for Surround

    You don't have to deside on one type or another these days. There are several manufactures producing switchable surrounds. They can go from direct to dipole with a toggle switch. I don't know of any that B&K make though. I do know that M&K produces a tripole surround. If you plan to use these...
  8. Mike Likens

    Dilemma, objective opinions please

    If you can hold off a few months definately go with the Rotel. YOu will not regret it. It sounds like your weak point is your amplification. If you have preouts on the 1601, buy a multichannel amp.
  9. Mike Likens

    M&K Subwoofers

    Something else to consider. M&K subs are all SEALED designs if i'm not mistaken. In general, this design will sound tighter and more musical with less "oomph" than a ported sub. They also roll off the lower frequencies slower than a ported one. If you listen to a lot of music, M&K would be a...
  10. Mike Likens

    DVD Sound problem............

    What does "pitches out" mean? I understand quieter. Perhaps you have the Dynamic Range control activated. Turn off all Dynamic Range compression. Are you sure you are processing a DD 5.1 signal?
  11. Mike Likens

    Need Advice On My Speaker Set-Up

    Your descriptions are a little confusing to me. When I hear the word "forward" in describing a a speakers sound I think of the sound being pushed into the middle of the room. When I hear warm, I think of tamed highs and sound that seems to eminated from all around the speaker. If it is truly...
  12. Mike Likens

    I, Robot (2004)

    I just returned from seeing this flick. I quite enjoyed the movie on several levels. First, the production values and CG effects were top notch. Second, the story line made sense to me. Granted I have not read Asimov's book, but I did like the premise of the movie. Viki basically learns that a...
  13. Mike Likens

    Anybody set up Yamaha Receiver for SACD?

    Are you sure the Aerosmith SACD has a .1 channel? Some SACDs do not use the bass channel. If it does not, then the only bass you receive will be in your front three channel since they are set to large. Change all speaker setting to small and see if things improve.
  14. Mike Likens

    Norah Jones "Feels Like Home" SACD?

    Does anyone have information on a SACD release for this title? It sure would be great for a day and date release with the CD.
  15. Mike Likens

    Best DLP Projector On the Market Today?

    That's a very broad question to answer. But most of the "best" DLP projectors use the HD2 Mustang 16:9 chip. I believe this to be native 720P. All incoming signals will be converted to this native resolution. Now you need to look at which projector has the best processor for this chip. I have...
  16. Mike Likens

    What are YOUR favorite Super Audio Discs?

    Diana Krall and Norah Jones
  17. Mike Likens

    Help needed: connecting component cable to projector

    Yes you can use your component progressive output to connect to your your VGA projector. All you need is an adapter. I purchased one from for $8 including shipping. There are other adapters and methods that will perform the same function but this adapter is specifically designed...
  18. Mike Likens

    Buying Advice <$1500 (US) Please?

    I also own an X1. It is a native 4:3 display with a 16:9 mode. It would be perfect for your viewing habits. Buy the X1 for $999 and take the extra cash for a STB and never look back.
  19. Mike Likens

    Sharp Z10000U Best DLP FP < $8K?

    Steve, just a couple suggestions for DLP's in your price range. Since you are only interested in DVD viewing the new Mattahorn chip may be your best choice. It's a native 16:9 chip I think 1024x576 (not 100% on this) Never-the-less perfect for DVD's. Infocus 5700 lists for appr. $5000 and has...
  20. Mike Likens

    Prince live at the Aladdin Las Vegas DVD drops Tues 8/19/2003

    Do you know what audio format the disc is in? What songs does he perform? I've always wanted to see him live maybe this will be the next best thing.
  21. Mike Likens

    Video Essentials and progressive problem

    Let me try to clarify some information. I've used VE on the 45A in the past but only in interlaced mode. That's why I believe it has something to do with the progressive output. In the menu there is a setting for progressive video output in which I set to "Auto". There is also a front panel...
  22. Mike Likens

    Video Essentials and progressive problem

    I have an Elite 45A DVD player and recently upgraded to the X1 projector. This is my first opportunity to use the 45A in progressive mode. I viewed several movies before deciding to do some fine tuning with VE. I popped the disc into the player and nothing happens. I check and recheck my...
  23. Mike Likens

    Used InFocus 7200 FP for < $5000 - good deal?

    Sounds like a great deal but I would definately be interested in the number of hours on the lamp. If DVD viewing is your primary source you may want to consider the Infocus 5700. This is a native 16:9 projector with the new TI Matterhorn DLP chip. It retails for $5g maybe streets for less new.
  24. Mike Likens

    Need Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pioneer VSX - 912K

    Glen, make sure all of your speakers are securly connected. If using bare wire make sure no stray wires are making any kind of contact with the wrong terminal. This would be one thing that would cause your receiver to shut down. What type of speakers are you using? Do they dip low in the ohm...
  25. Mike Likens

    Sharpen Infocus X-1 image?

    You may want to try a different hookup to see if you get the same results. Try using the component-to-s adapter and set your player for interlaced output. This setup will allow you to use the sharpness function on the X1 in the setup menu. If you can obtain the sharpness level you desire with...
  26. Mike Likens

    About to decide on Plus Piano...

    If your budget is at all flexible take a look at the Infocus 5700. It's getting great reviews for list $4999.
  27. Mike Likens

    Infocus X1 or Sanyo PLV-Z1 in the DC Area ?

    I live in the Roanoke VA area a few hours south of you. But, if you are ever in the area I will be happy to demo my X1. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.
  28. Mike Likens

    Help on Receiver Choice

    The Elite receiver uses Mosfet output stages in its amp. It is my experiece with this type of amp that the sound has a little warmth to it. Not so much that the sound becomes muddy but just enough to take the edge off. I love the sound of mosfets. I believe the 912 does not use this type of amp...
  29. Mike Likens

    Toshiba 50" Cinema Series

    Approximately 5 years old. SW Virginia area. Excellent condition. 4:3 aspect ratio with component inputs. Still produces a wonderful picture. Problem free. $600. If intersted please email me at [email protected]