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  1. George_Pro

    *** Official "JASON X" Discussion Thread

    I will absolutely be there on opening day for Jason X (provided I haven't died of old age by the time it is actually released). However, the April 12 release date in not official and has been debunked by New Line. I've seen plenty of positive reviews for this flick. Will it be scary? Of course...
  2. George_Pro

    MGM: Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins please!

    Ah, yes. I remember those scenes as well. It has been a while. I'd like to see a Remo Williams DVD, too.
  3. George_Pro

    Friday The 13th...the saga for unrated versions continues

    First, I understand that certain people have responded to an earlier post on this subject in an inappropriate and unconstructive manner. I hope that Mr. Blythe does not judge the Friday the 13th fans based on this small number of misguided individuals. I have been a member of the...